Bandits and Outlaws

Out in the Hills and the Woods and other such fringes of society, lurk the mean, the cruel, and the illegal. In the dark corners of settlements, shaded figures mutter and scheme, and the common folk cover their ears, that they won't be the next targets.
Bandits and Outlaws are some of the best kinds of low-level villains out there, they can be extremely varied, and present an interesting challenge to a group of PCs in how to approach breaking them up. Here's my take on tables to generate a Band of No-Good Rapscallions and Nerf-Herders.


Such is the make-up of any group of Outlaws:
1 Outlaw Leader with their own loyal unit of followers
d4 Lieutenants each with their own unit of followers
1 Asset for each Lieutenant
A Scheme
A Lair
And a Defence

Outlaw Classes

Each of the Outlaw Leader and their Lieutenants have a class from the following list. In general, Lieutenants have Hit Dice equal to 6 - the number of Lieutenants, and the Outlaw Leader has Hit Dice equal to 2 + the Hit Dice of their Lieutenants. Alternatively, you can match the Class of the Lieutenant to the unit that follows them, but the Outlaw Leader always rolls their class.

1 - Berserker
2 - Duelist
3 - Tactician
4 - Sniper
5 - Poisoner
6 - Tank
7 - Personality
8 - Martial Artist
9 - Pugilist
10 - Ranger
11 - Assassin
12 - Sorcerer


Each of the Outlaw Leader and their Lieutenants have traits from their respective tables. Lieutenants always have 1 trait. Outlaw Leaders have one trait, or two if they have 5 Hit Die or more.

Traits of the Outlaw Leader
1 - Consummate Coward: The Outlaw Leader never suffers any penalties or attacks of opportunity when moving away from enemies. All the Outlaw Leader's unit's Morale scores are reduced by 1.
2 - Always Prepared:The Outlaw Leader is always prepared for everything and anything. Always, and anything.
3 - Fights Dirty: The Outlaw Leader gains a bonus of +1 on to hit and damage rolls for each friendly creature within 5 feet of them.
4 - A Few Tricks up the Sleeves: On a 4 in 6 chance, the Outlaw Leader can produce whatever they need as an action. Once it has succeeded 3 times, they can't use it again for a week.
5 - Always a Surprise: Once per day, the Outlaw Leader can reveal a surprise that is appropriate for their current situation, it has always been there, waiting for this situation. This can't be used to contradict already established facts.
6 - A Body Double: If you reduce the Outlaw Leader to 0 Hit Points, secretly roll a dice, and on an even number, it was only the Outlaw Leader's body double! The Outlaw Leader can never replenish their body double, except by some magical means, and the body double can be identified as such by someone with some reasonable knowledge of the Outlaw Leader.
7 - Animal Companion: The Outlaw Leader has an Animal Companion as a Ranger of level equal to the Outlaw Leader's HD.
8 - Inhumanly Strong: The Outlaw Leader's Strength Modifier is increased by 2.
9 - Inhumanly Fast: The Outlaw Leader's Dexterity Modifier is increased by 2.
10 - Inhumanly Tough: The Outlaw Leader's Constitution Modifier is increased by 2.
11 - Inhumanly Skilled: The Outlaw Leader's Proficiency Modifier is increased by 2.
12 - Sharp-Eyed: The Outlaw Leader suffers no penalties for obscured targets, or when making ranged attacks at long range.
13 - Blood-Thirsty: The Outlaw Leader can enter a Rage as a Barbarian of level equal to the Outlaw Leader's Hit Die.
14 - Pact-Maker: The Outlaw Leader can cast spells as a Warlock of level equal to half the Outlaw Leader's Hit Die.
15 - Alchemist: The Outlaw Leader has d4 vials each of Alchemist's Fire, Acid, and Potion of Healing, which he can replenish at a rate of d4 per day when in his Lair.
16 - Robber-Baron: Has the protection of being a Minor Lord of the Land.
17 - Well Equipped: Has d3 extra assets.
18 - Occultist: Once per day, the Outlaw Leader can summon 2d4 Hit Dice of demons as a 10 minute long ritual costing them Hit Points equal to the Hit Die of demons summoned. None of the Demons can have more Hit Die than the Outlaw Leader does.
19 - Lucky: The Outlaw Leader has the Lucky feat.
20 - Secretly a Lich: Oops, they're a Lich now. Uh oh.

Traits of the Outlaw Lieutenants
1 - Haven't realised how much they don't need the Lord
2 - Addicted to some vice, gambling, drink, drugs, or the like
3 - Not above taking bribes, large bribes
4 - Harbour some small sympathies for the blighted people of the land
5 - Have some significant person they would do anything for
6 - Have a dark secret they can't afford to have exposed
7 - Plotting their own coup against the Lord, missing a few crucial pieces...
8 - In deep with some other party, using the Lord for protection
9 - Obsessed with honour, and will serve whoever can best them at their own game
10 - A coward at heart, will flee when the fight turns against them

Units of Followers

These are the groups that follow the Lieutenants and the Outlaw leader. Each group of followers is loyal to their Commander. In general, each individual follower has Hit Die equal to 3 - the number of dice of followers in the unit.

1 - 2d6 Skirmishers
2 - 3d6 Swordsmen
3 - 2d4 Horsemen
4 - 2d3 Hounds and Equal numbers of Handlers
5 - 2d4 Bruisers
6 - 2d4 Archers
7 - d4 Occultists
8 - d4 Battle-Alchemists
9 - 2d4 Berserkers
10 - d4 Unlicensed Sorcerers


How it is that the Outlaws earn their loot. This determines their favoured hunting grounds, prey, all sorts.

1 - Highway Men
2 - Blackmail
3 - Protection Racket
4 - Robery
5 - Kidnapping
6 - Smuggling
7 - Raids
8 - Rigged Casinos
9 - Boot Legging
10 - Confidence Tricks


The Lair is where the majority of decisions regarding the direction of the Outlaw's activity is done, adn where they will fall back to when times get tough. Depending on their Scheme and where in the world the group is based, there are two tables, one for Wilderness Groups, one for Urban Gangs.

Wilderness Group Lairs
1 - Old Castle/Tower
2 - Cave
3 - A Hidden Vale
4 - Grove
5 - Mountain Ledge
6 - Old Mine
7 - A Decrepit Temple
8 - Swamp
9 - Lost Tomb
10 - A Ruined Inn/Homestead

Urban Gang Lairs
1 - A Converted Town-House
2 - A Disused Warehouse
3 - The Basement of a Public House
4 - The Catacombs beneath a Decrepit Church
5 - A Whole Street of Houses
6 - The Ruins of Old Homes
7 - Dark Back Alleys where no-one goes
8 - The Manor of a Noble that the Gang Bully
9 - An Extensive Catacomb
10 - In a Secret Underground Lair


Special funds and equipments and connections for when the going gets tough. Determine beforehand what kind of circumstances the Outlaws would crack into these reserves.

1 - An Escape Route
2 - A Friend in High Places
3 - A Magic Item
4 - A Few Suits of Plate-Mail
5 - A Good Few Horses
6 - A Friend in Arcane Places
7 - A Friend in Low Places
8 - A Safe-Houses
9 - Some Good Hounds
10 - A Well-placed Fall Guy
11 - Superior Fortifications
12 - Some Good Quality Weapons
13 - An Extra Lieutenants with A Unit of Followers
14 - A Seasoned Captain
15 - Some Hidden Funds
16 - A Valuable Hostage
17 - A Spy Network
18 - Superior Technology
19 - A Stash of Equipment
20 - A Stash of Esoteric Equipment


The main trait of the Outlaw's Lair which they can rely on to defend themselves from more-than-cursory invasion.

1 - A Nearby Monster Lair
2 - Altogether Too Many Traps
3 - A Tunnel Network
4 - An Illusion
5 - The Lair is Hard to Access
6 - A Well Defended Choke Point
7 - The Lair is Hard to Find
8 - They Have Access to Magical Healing
9 - A Scorched Earth Policy
10 - Human Shields
11 - A Monstrous Lieutenant
12 - The Lair is Dangerous to Access

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