Bounty Hunters

You know the type, Boba Fett except half-plate, a crossbow and a pair of shortswords. They are scary, ruthless, efficient, and will do anything for money. They are personalities in and of themselves, their lackies only serving to set up the Bounty Hunter for the glorious completion of the Bounty.

Each Bounty Hunter has an Archetype, some traits, equipment, and a set of Lackies.


The main thing you would take away from them after seeing them fight a little bit, the core of their battle-tactics.

1 - Hunter: No matter what, you can't run, and you can't hide
3 - Tactician: They have this whole thing Planned Out
4 - Spell-Sword: A Blade wreathed in Magics
5 - Assassin: Death strikes from the shadows
6 - Pit - Fighter: However it goes, you will certainly be entertained
7 - Arcane Archer: Blasts of Magic rain from the sky
8 - Swashbuckler: Violence with Panache and Style
9 - Brute: A Big ol' Slab of Muscles
10 - Beastmaster: With armour-plated hounds at both sides

Traits of the Bounty Hunter

The Bounty Hunter should have 1 trait per 3 Hit Die they have (rounding up), rerolling doubles. Alternatively, choose traits that seem to match their Archetype.

1 - Armoured: Their AC is 2 higher than it would appear based on their equipment.
2 - 1000 Weapons: Even if disarmed multiple times, there is a 5 in 6 chance they have another light weapon hidden somewhere on their person.
3 - Poisoner: Most every weapon they have is poisoned to the pummel.
4 - Potioneer: Will have d4+1 potions of various sorts on a bandoleer.
5 - Trapper: Will set d4+1 traps in any combat arena they anticipate potential violence in.
6 - Charms and Wards: Will have d4+1 beneficial charms or wards cast on them if they anticipate violence.
7 - Weapon Master: Scarily skilled with their weapon; they have +2 to hit and on damage rolls, and can't be disarmed of their main weapon.
8 - Improviser: Improvised weapons have a damage dice two sizes up from what you might expect, and they have a +4 bonus  to improvised tactics that probably really shouldn't work.
9 - Researcher: They know everything there is (reasonably at least) to know about their targets, and even other famous people in the area, just in case.
10 - Twins: Oh, there's actually two of them, each has half the Hit Die (+1 each if the original Bounty Hunter had 4 or more HD) of the original Bounty Hunter (i.e. a 4 HD Bounty Hunter would now be two 3 HD Bounty Hunters)
11 - Unstoppable: Even if you kill them, you probably haven't. When killed, the Bounty Hunter has a 2 in 6 chance of coming back to life within 24 hours in some manner or another. There is a cumulative -1 penalty to this chance for each time this has happened in the last year. 
12 - Stealthy: Has a +4 bonus to stealth checks against their target, or those affiliated with them.
13 - Prepared: Always has what they need hidden on their person. Can be used 3 times per day.
14 - Ambusher: Always gets surprise on the first round of combat.
15 - Hordes of Henchmen: Has two more sets of Lackies than normal.
16 - Disengager: Never triggers attacks of opportunity from movement.
17 - Arcanist: Can cast a few useful spells, total spell levels not to exceed their HD.
18 - Blessed: Has someone upstairs looking out for them. When reduced to half hit points, and each time they are hit there after if they aren't blessed, they have a 3 in 6 chance to be the target of a Bless spell.
19 - Animist: A friend of the earth and the spirits that dwell there-in. Sometimes they will do favours for the Bounty Hunter, particularly if asked well before hand.
20 - Exotic Stylings: Woah, what is that? And that? Well, I've never seen anything like it. What do you even do against something like tha-


The main equipment of the Bounty-Hunter, their trademark and ultimate set of tools.

1 - Two-handed Weapon
2 - Sword and Shield
3 - Duel-Wielder
4 - Blade and Dagger
5 - A whole load of Knives
6 - A Bow of some description
7 - Spear and Shield
8 - A Polearm
10 - Exotic Weapon

Secondary Equipment

This is just the stuff the Bounty Hunter carries around to make their job that bit easier, and allow them to go up against potentially groups of enemies. The Bounty Hunter should have twice as many bits of Secondary Equipment as they have Traits, but only carry as many bits as they have Traits at any one time. The rest are in their packs or stored elsewhere.

1 - Nets
2 - Mancatcher: Essentially allows grappling from a distance
3 - Obscuring Smoke
4 - Choking Smoke
5 - Combat Handcuffs: Binds a target's hands together on a successful grapple
6 - Spined Armour: Deals damage to grapplers and unarmed attacks
7 - Bolas: Used to tangle and trip the target at range
8 - Thrown Weapons: Probably poisoned 
9 - Choke-Gloves: Easily removed gloves that can 'lock' into position, used for hands-free strangling
10 - Weighted Whip: Looped around weapons to make them useless unless untangled
11 - Poisoned Blowdarts: Well, probably poisoned 
12 - Stun-crackers: Can be thrown, forcing target to save or be stunned
13 - Electrified Weapon: Main weapon deals additional lightning damage and knock-back on a hit
14 - Flame-wreathed Weapon: Main weapon deals additional and on-going fire damage on a hit
15 - Knife-boots: A knife, on a boot, probably poisoned
16 - Wrist-Crossbow: A one use crossbow that requires no hands to wield, probably poisoned
17 - Knuckle-Dusters: unarmed attacks stun when max damage is rolled
18 - Ceramic Armour Plates: absorbs up to [4 times HD] damage before breaking
19 - Caltrops: Could well be poisoned
20 - Hooked Ropes: hooks opponents together


What the Bounty Hunter is know for, and informs their behavior up until the fighting breaks out and after the dust settles.

1 - Implacable, they will never give up
2 - Adaptable, they will always find a way
3 - Improviser, they can always make do with what they have
4 - Guerrilla, they will strike from the shadows and fade away without trace
5 - Honourable, they will meet the battle head-on
6 - Backstabber, they will meet the battle back-on
7 - Infiltrator, the target will never even know they were there
8 - Stalker, they will follow the target until they know all there is to know
9 - One Perfect Strike, they only ever need one attack
10 - Brutish, they will beat the problem until it falls to the dirt begging for mercy

Current Mission

What are they currently up to?

1 - Slay a target
2 - Send the target a message they won't soon forget
3 - Kidnapp a target, leave them alive and unspoiled
4 - Steal something from the target
5 - Arrange an "accident" for the target
6 - Maim the target, leave them incapable of anything much


They won't advertise this, but its the reason you wouldn't hire them. These are here for the Party to discover, and potentially exploit.

1 - Itchy Trigger Finger
2 - Easily Bribed
3 - Strong Sense of Self-Preservation
4 - Known Thief
5 - Supremely Paranoid
6 - A Double Agent
7 - Hides a Dark Secret
8 - Trailed by a Nemesis

Lackies of the Bounty Hunter

Every good Bounty Hunter needs a good set of Lackies. Most are non-combat support personnel, who provide services and knowledge to the Bounty-Hunter. The Bounty Hunter should have as many groups of Lackies as they have Traits. Only those marked as Combat Ready will join the Bounty Hunter in a fight.

1 - A Junior Bounty Hunter (roll an archetype, weapon, and trait only) (combat ready)
2 - A Small Baggage Train 
3 - A Somewhat Talented Enchanter 
4 - A Sharp-Eyed Sniper (combat ready)
5 - An Alchemist 
6 - A Man-Mountain (combat ready)
7 - A Silent Spy 
8 - An Expert Tracker 
9 - A Few Good Swordsmen (combat ready)
10 - A Pair of Shield Bearers
11 - Someone to Watch their Back in a Fight (combat ready)
12 - A Well-Educated Healer 
13 - A Talented Herbalist 
14 - An Expert Poisoner 
15 - A Discerning Manager 
16 - A Hound-master and 2d4 hounds (combat ready)
17 - A Travelling Smith 
18 - A well-bred Mount and retainer (combat ready)
19 - A Shivering Diviner 
20 - A Caged Demon, for when things go really, really wrong (combat ready)

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