NPCs of the Old Frontier - Probably Part 1

Much like before, but now a brainstorm of people.

The Bombastic Knight
Hereby named Sicacio. Here are his rolls:
His Quest: Avenge a great wrong from his past.
His Hallmark: Has a mysteriously exotic origin.
Traits: Always is prepared for anything and everything, and has particularly cutting words.
Flaw: Unobservant and thus, easily surprised.
His Followers:
- 2 Swords men lead by The Slice'n'Dice, a sword for hire.
- 5 Swordsmen lead by a lieutenant of The Slice'n'Dice
- 4 Skirmishers lead by The Knife Boy.
So, they wield lots of knives and shorter blades for duel-wielding, and some ancient wrong has brought him to an exotic land. Cool, might make him an ex-knight of the Holy Covenant from the Crimson Sea in the East. Not quite asia-land, probably go for more of a Italian flavour (though that's mostly from the name tbh).

The Mad Wizard
As of yet unnamed, they do have a Tower and an Entourage however. They are going to be mostly absent to start with. 11HD I think, potent but not godlike.
His Entourage: Only three members, as declared by the dice gods.
- 10 animated scarecrows clad in vines and plant-flesh
- A pair of pallid and docile men who vomit swarms of snakes, which are the creature's true form
- 4 athropomorphised sand-men
His Lair: Has a standard entrance
Form of the Lair: An Inverse Tower, diving deep into the earth, rooms radiating out like branches on a tree
Aspect of the Lair: Embers (presumably on the inside)
Purpose of the Lair: It was a monument to the Wizard's glory
Difficulty of Access: It is surrounded (covered methinks) by an impenetrable barrier
Cool Bit: Cosmolarium - Like an observatory, but instead of the stars, the alignments and motions of realities and planes.
Denizens: Of which there are 4
- An Alchemical Homunculus (70% quality, i.e. 7 HD)
- Fungus forms (1 Over-mind, 5 servitors)
- A Bound Deity
- A Fellow Wizard of HD 10
- An Anti-flesh field (presumably an extension of the difficulty

The Corrupt Lord - Hereby named Don Hattori
He is to be the first overarcing villain. He shall be in command of a few groups of Bandits and Outlaws.
Vice: Envy
- The Corrupt Lord just keeps stealing the weapons and abilities of those they fight and fight with.
- They have just about everything they could possibly need or want in every place they could conceivably have it
- The Corrupt Lord just takes everything that's precious to anyone they can, even if they don't want it at all, they just can't help it.
- They and their guards have plenty of human shields; the people the Lord has kidnapped over the years
- And has a body double to defend them
The Lords Lair Traits:
- Positive: The Lair rises up high into he air
- Positive: It is run about with mystic wards and sigils
- Negative: Guards are forbidden in parts of the lair for some reason
The Lord's Fighting Style: Throne-Bound
The Body Guards: 7 Iron-Clad Warriors (the Iron Banner, 2HD each)
The Agent: A Brutal Sword's Master
The Agent's Trait: Not above taking Bribes

The Forest God
Aspect: Leaves [Plant Aspect then]
Form: An Owl [Leaves for feathers then]
Feature: Emits mist and fog [From between its feather-leaves]
Sacred Space: A Flower-blanketed Field [Deep within the Woods]
Followers: I think we'll go with 3, since its not massively high-level, but not a pushover.
- 9 Dryads
- 2 Shambling Mounds
- A Flowering Colossus
Powers: Again, I we'll go with 3
- Shape Wood
- Sudden Decay
- Devolve (went with this because I rolled Sudden decay twice, might be a good way to randomly determine if a Forest God has an off-aspect power tbh)
Sweet, a giant, leafy owl monster thing. I think it'll be 8HD or so, not a juggernaut, but respectable, especially with its buddies around.

Many Barrow Kings
As many as necessary, and one High-King of the Barrow Fields to form a potential over-arcing villain.
A couple of Barrow Kings:

Mode of War: Hexblade
Guardians: A Plant Ally
Minions: Skeletons [Probably vine-clad to carry on a plant theme if it works out]
How Shall Ye Know It?: By the howling of spirits at the witching hour [Plant spirits duh]
Aspect: Slowly collapsing within [choked by plant roots no doubt]
Where is the body?: Suspended in a pillar of Amber
Form: A Long passage into the Earth
Mundane Treasures:
- Ceramic Arts
- Tapestries
Magical Treasures:
- Rune Stone Spire [The Lonely Dolmen?]
- A Bloody Altar [Where the Plant Spirits received their blessings]
So he's a plant-based curse-wielding warrior, and the Plant Spirits are angry because they haven't had any offerings in a long, long time. Cool.

Mode of War: Weapon Master [Harpoon right?]
Guardians: Ancestor Spirits [His old whaling crew?]
- 4 Guardian Statues
- An Animated Mural [Of a whale-hunting party I think]
How Shall Ye Know It?: By the shrine to the spirits of the dead at its peak
Aspect: Haunted by ancient and extinct [sea?] beasts
Where is the Body?: Laid out in a rotten and ragged boat
Form: A Maze-like hive of tunnels and chambers
Mundane Treasures:
- Shaped Amber and Shells
- Finely-wrought Weapons
Magical Treasures:
- Blood of the Earth Blade [Harpoon more like]
- Char-Brass Brazier [Where they made their weapons]
An ancient mariner who hunter old sea monsters. Nice.

The Judge, his jury, and the Executioner
A Low-level villain having 'taken over' one of the frontier villages.
As my post basically. Threatening and vaguely sympathetic until you see him brain someone.

The Shaman of the Old Ways
A low-level villain menacing a village.
Spirit Followers - Aspect: [Aspects rearranged a little for fitness]
- An Eagle - Cloud
- An Elk Stag and Doe [On whose antlers the birds perch] - Mud
- A Pair of Owls - Lake
- A Flock of Crows - Tree
Spirit Powers:
- Barkskin
- Wild-Shape
The Sacred Space: A Rock Bound Garden
The Totem: A Knotted, Carven Staff
How do they make contact?: In the coiling of Blood in Water [a pool in the garden]
What is their Relationship?: Friendly
Their Tasks (in order):
- Spread the trees of a Grove
- Sabotage a Hunt
- Feed a Person to the Wilds [the hunter?]

Some magic item smiths
Lets roll some shall we?
- A Magic Tattooist
- A Potion seller, who is known to cut his potions with other substances
- A Demon who sells the belongings of the Departed-for-Hell

Houndmaster Shawshanks
A skilled horse-archer with a pack of top-of-the-line hounds. Bounty-hunter and thief-taker extraordinaire. Wield's a sniper's crossbow, and has a variety of cool ammos:
- Molotov Bolts
- Hallucinogen Bolts
- Manacle Bolts
- Hound-Marker Bolts
Can move up to half speed and shoot with a penalty, or stay still and snipe at full capacity.
The Dogs are pretty scary too. 2:1 ratio of light to heavy dogs
- Lightly Armoured Dogs: Super fast and grapple/harass to keep the enemy pinned.
- Heavily Armoured Dogs: Super tough, and shove and pin and tear.

The Crowskin Witch
Was burned alive for witch-craft, but saw it coming and managed to arrange a way for her to survive by making a bargain with a particularly powerful Crow-Spirit. She's still covered in burns, and has been stealing other people's skins to replace the ruin parts.
Wields a staff topped with a snapping and pecking Crow's head and wings.
Has Crow-Skin minions that flap about and spy for her, but that have to also feed their original flayed bodies, which the Witch keeps safe mounted on her wall.
She makes feathery charms that she can throw which then transform into crow-minions to do tasks for her.
Has a cape of crow-feathers, which allows her to fly and disappear in a flurry of feathers.
Her final trump card is her spirit-ally, which is this huge, Crow based Owlbear beast, which lets be honest, is much spookier.

Sure-Blade Vermont Audeline
A Master Duelist, claims to have only been bested by his first teacher.
Of noble birth and countenance, but gets carried away with the bravado sometimes. Abandoned his birthright to follow his heart for adventure.
Supremely mobile, evades opportunity attacks especially with ease. Wields an Estoc w/ an ivy clad hilt, green and growing. Sometimes he has to brush the vines off his hand. Also wields a shield-breaker dirk, and elven crafted (no-one knows that little tid-bit) tuning fork-esque weapon that he uses as a parrying dagger, and that also shatters shields it hits.
Supremely confident.
Accompanied by a pair of veteran soldiers who stick around for violence and gold, a tracker who is in love with him but won't ever tell him, and a butler, because he needs a butler Godsdammit.

Troll-Skinner Druugan
Huge, like 8 feet tall. Wears curious (troll) skins which stick to him a little like soggy dough. His flesh regenerates when he's worked up, and thats when the skin molds into him a bit. It would be tough to remove them.
He carves runes into stones to imbue them with power. If he anticipates a fight and has the time, he will carve many runes into the battle field with all manner of effects to gain the advantage. Will carve gigantic runes for huge benefits if he can spare the time. If really desperate, he might even carve them into his flesh, but he hasn't yet, because he doesn't know what effects that may or may not have.
Has a reputation for being something of a legendary badass.
Strong enough that people that try to grapple him often end up getting grappled back in return and thrown about the place.
His axe is fitted with Life-Stones (a wound dealt by a weapon fitted with life-stones only heals when touched by that weapon's life stones).
Finally has a number of scrimshaw daggers, carven such that once they go in, they don't come out again for love nor money.

Old-Bones Hewarn

Lord Godfrey Brachenfells
The Vampire I think, maybe 5 HD.
Aspect: He is a Black Captain: He commands the powers of the night atop a black steed.
Lair: He hides in a Gallery.
Powers: I think my vamps start at 3HD or so, and Godfrey is a couple of hundred years old, so 3 powers.
- Physical: Regeneration
- Physical: Impossible Speed [It was strength, but I executively changed it to speed because I want him to dual-wield hand-crossbows.
- Necromantic: Call Souls
Weaknesses: Of which he has 4
- Weakened: Living Wood
- Weakened: Ink
- Immobilised: Hanging Ropes
- Deadly: Sunlight
Vice: Betrayal
Tell-Tale Sign: He casts no shadow nor reflection
Minions: The way I wrote it, he should have 1 set, but I'll give him 2. He is a Black Captain after all.
- 9 Sycophants
- 18 Ghouls [The numbers were the other way around, but I thought it made more sense to swap them.

Purifier Hazel
Armed with a Censer-Maul, and attended by many Men-at-Arms. The fumes of the censer embolden her men when she attacks. A Paladin-esque figure to her men, her touch heals them, though only them.
She is an aasimar, though she doesn't know it.
She also carries a pair of silvered hammers, 2 vials of blessed water, a Decree of Authenticity and Authority from the Cardinal himself, and the Tooth of St. Woldan, carved into a tiny skull which whispers wisdom and warnings at night.
Her men are more traditionally armed and armoured, some manifest minor miracles. She is proud of them. Perhaps too proud.
She is on a particular mission to hunt down a demon called the Dredge.

A Few Bounty Hunters
I think I'll do three, one with 3HD, one with 4, one with 6.
Name: The Breath-Taking Havand
Archetype: Pit Fighter
- Weapon Master
Weapons: Blade and Dagger
Secondary Equipment:
- Nets
- Knife-Boots
Reputation: Brutish
Current Mission: Steal Something
Drawback: A Double Agent [Didn't realise they were that subtle, that's probably why they make a good double agent though]
- A Talented Herbalist [to patch them up presumably]
Damn this dude fights dirty.

Name: Lucard Grisling
Archetype: Assassin
- Trapper
Weapons: An Exotic Weapon
Secondary Equipment:
- Hooked Ropes
- Choke-Gloves
Reputation: Implacable
Current Mission: Maiming
Drawback: Itchy Trigger Finger
- An expert poisoner
Damn, you don't want this one on your tail. That's brutal! Just hope they spring the trap too quickly I guess...

Name: Jeremiah Hunsun
Archetype: Hunter
- Charms and Wards (4 charms)
- Disengager
Weapons: Spear and Shield
Secondary Equipment:
- Spined Armour
- Electrified Weapon
- Knife-Boots
- Knuckle-Dusters
Reputation: Stalker
Current Mission: Kidnapping
Drawback: Super Paranoid
- An Alchemist
- A few good swordsmen (going with d4+2, so 3)
A consumate survivalist it seems. Probably how they made it this far.

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