Oh geez, its dusty round here...

I have a good excuse! And a bad one... basically all my time recently has been taken up by things like moving house, starting a new job, and writing one of these!

I've written the Darkling Seas of Islesmere, a hexcrawl on a doom-swept isle, where the things in the dark corners of myth and memory are stalking back towards the light, and there is a better-than-zero chance the world will end. Check it out, and if you like it, back it!

I've also just been run a little ragged, with the above, and motivation is low but rebuilding! At the moment I'm kind of just sweeping up and tidying a few of the older, bigger posts I made, to at least repost them with far better organisation and hopefully better content. Who knows, I might even do something more substantial with them.

I'm not dead, just roughly animated!

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