A Map Making System?

So I accidentally stumbled across this when making an adjacency generator for the Rulers and Realms thing to work out which realms were next to which, and I think it might actually be pretty good for all sorts, dungeons most notably. Here's the system.

The Method
Start with room 1.

Roll a decaying exploding d4.

Okay, okay. That's a weird word jumble there. Here's how it works. Normal exploding dice (as I'm sure at least some of you know) when they roll the maximum, roll again and add it to the total. So if you rolled an exploding d4, and got 4, then 4, then 2, your total is 10. Simple stuff. Decaying it means that each dice you roll past the first has a cumulative -1 modifier, with the catch that the modifier only applies to its personal dice. If you roll a 2 on the fourth dice which has a -3 penalty, its really a 0. So for our earlier example, it would go 4, then 4(-1), then 2(-2) for a total of 7. Doing the rough maths gives it a sort of pleasing jaggedy curve that I kind of like, the numbers are (roughly):

Chance of:
1 - 25%
2 - 25%
3 - 25%
4 - 6.25%
5 - 6.25%
6 - 6.25%
7 - 3.125%
8 - 1.5625%
9 - 1.02...%
10 - 0.3...%

Point is, it decays much more rapidly than regular exploding dice, and lets you actually roll a 4 for example, and has a hard limit. It would be kind of really irritating if you just rolled really well and got 33 connections for one kingdom (though not without historical precedent I have no doubt). And it weights the numbers much lower than usual, which I like, and the needless complexity tickles me somewhat. So, that method then.

Once More, With Feeling
Start with room 1.

Roll a decaying exploding d4 and give it that many connections to new rooms. Try to keep the rooms spread out radially as evenly as possible. We want a sort of grid so that we can easily tell which rooms are "adjacent" to each other (ie. if you have 6 rooms spreading out from room 1, room 3 is "adjacent" to rooms 2 and 4 given they spread from room 1, I'll try to include some pictures to show you roughly what I mean).

Move on to room 2 and give it the results of a decaying exploding d4 connections, connecting the room to "adjacent" rooms before spreading out and adding new rooms.

Move on to room 3, and continue ad infinitum, until you reach a room and roll equal to or less than the number of connections it already had, and there are no other rooms you can roll for.

Note: If you roll a room's connections and roll less than the number of connections it already had attached to it, those connections become "tenuous". For example, if it is for a dungeon map, they could be secret connections, unorthodox connections, or dangerous ones. If it was for a world map they could be difficult crossings, such as an almighty river, or a desert. They could represent characters that have only heard of each other and never met before, or one way connections in an area map, or secret connections between city wards, which leads me on to the next point.

These maps could be a lot of different things. I've already listed political maps, showing geographical connectivity, or relationship webs between countries, people, or a dungeon map, or a city map, or many other things. It just depends what you decide to call each "room". It could be a country, a person, a room in a dungeon, a step in some arcane ritual, a molecule to synthesise...

I think it pretty cool, and I'll see about showing some pictures of maps I've generated this way.

Other Note: Tbh, if just normal exploding dice (or even just a d8 or whatever) work out for you, then I'd say just go with that. No need to overcomplicate the rolls beyond what you find acceptable.

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