Tables for Wizard Lairs

I'll be honest, this post will be a bit of a mess. Lots of tables that are spread a bit haphazardly. Much like Wizard Lairs I suppose.

For wizards of 1 to 7 hit dice, roll once on all tables, except Denizens, which you roll on d4 times.
For wizards of 8 to 14 hit dice, roll once on all tables, except Denizens, which you roll on d6 times, and Defences, which you roll on d3 times.
For wizards of 15+ hit dice, roll once on all tables, except Denizens, which you roll on d8 times, Defences, which you roll on d6 times, and Cool Things, which you roll on d3 times.

Oh, and only 1 in 4 Wizard Lairs have a Non-Standard Entrance.

Forms (d10)
1 -  A Tower, reaching up high into the sky, higher than it has any right to.
2 - A Non-Euclidean Space, winding and folding in and out on itself.
3 - A Cave System, twisting and coiling down into the earth and living rock.
4 - An opulent Manor, festooned with gargoyles, statues, wide windows.
5 - A smooth and featureless dome, arcing high up into the sky
6 - A small and quaint little cottage, thatched roof, wattle walls, the whole works
7 - Something like smoke, you can't quite make out the features of this one
8 - A vast and verdant garden. Flowers blossom into rooms, trees grow into spiral stairs
9 - A grand and opulent hall for feasting like lords of old, gold and wood
10 - An Inverse Tower, diving deep into the earth, rooms radiating out like branches on a tree

1 - Ice
2 - Wind
3 - Embers
4 - Flame
5 - Metal
6 - Rock
7 - Cloud
8 - Shadow
9 - Light
10 - Neurons
11 - Bone
12 - Living Wood
13 - Shell
14 - Crystal
15 - Flesh
16 - Smoke
17 - Ceramics
18 - Cloth
19 - Cogs and Mechanisms
20 - Roll Twice and Combine

Entry (only 1 in 4 Wizard Lairs have these)
1 - Through a Mirror
2 - Through a perfectly still Lake
3 - Whilst high off your head on psycho-actives
4 - Through the darkness at the heart of a flame
5 - Through your classical magical Portal
6 - A lonely door, standing somewhere it really shouldn't
7 - Between the pages of a book
8 - Climbing up a lightning bolt
9 - Through a mysterious and trembling briar bush
10 - In the deep dark depths of a crumbling sepulcher

1 - A Research Area
2 - A Ritual Space
3 - A Repository of Artifacts
4 - A Monument to the Owner
5 - A Peaceful Garden
6 - An Inescapable Prison
7 - A Domicile/Retreat for the Owner
8 - A School for lesser Wizards

1 - The Lair is actually incredibly Miniature
2 - It lies in an Inconvenient Location
3 - It bristles with Automatic Defences
4 - The local area is crawling with Monsters
5 - A leak of Magical Energy
6 - An Impenetrable Barrier surrounds it
7 - The Lair was Ruined long ago
8 - The Lair is overgrown and strangled in roots

1 - The Wizard's Relatives (d4d4)
2 - Humanoid Servants (d4 per HD of Main Wizard)
3 - Sentient Fungus (d12 fungus forms, one of them is the fungal overmind)
4 - Animated Objects (3d4)
5 - Undead Servitors (2d6)
6 - A Dominated Monstrosity
7 - Trapped Spirits (2d4)
8 - An Alchemical Homunculus
9 - Non-Humanoid Scholars (2d4)
10 - A Fellow Wizard (HD = Main Wizard's + d4 - 2)
11 - A Miniature Reality
12 - Unseen Servants (2d6)
13 - Bound Elementals (d6, roll each type seperately)
14 - A Disinterested Lich
15 - A Great Old One (50% its bonds are still in place, 50% chance that it still sleeps)
16 - Really Seriously Non-Human Scholars (d4)
17 - A Saint
18 - Beings from the Bizarro World (exploding d4)
19 - Bound Extra-Planar Beings (d4)
20 - A Bound Deity

Extra-Planar Beings Sub-table
1 - Angels
2 - Demons
3 - Fey
4 - Grimm
5 - Djinn
6 - Slaad
7 - Inevitable
8 - Dream Being

1 - Fleshfire - It grows as it burns, slowly coagulating into wild meat spires and bursts
2 - A Horrifying Curse - Insidious, and inescapable.
3 - Bound Arcane Guardians - Metal and Runes, Blades and Bludgeons.
4 - Magical Alerts - The Wizard shall know soon enough...
5 - Isolation Fields - Ray Shields. Hang on a minute, you're smarter than this.
6 - Instant Darkness - Not just regular Darkness. Magical Darkness.
7 - Maze-Maker Walls - The Walls unfurl and twist in strange ways when you aren't looking.
8 - Anti-Magic Field - No magics allowed.
9 - Anti-Flesh Field - No meat allowed.
10 - Slow/Fast Time - Stuck in place, or just slowed? Gone in a flash, or just sped up?
11 - Rust Inducers - You weren't using your armour or weapons were you?
12 - A Magical Plague - You won't even notice the flesh slopping off your bones
13 - Alchemical Hunters - Lab-grown wolves and bottled bears serving mad homunculi warriors
14 - Word Enforcers - Once you've said it, you cannot contradict it, no matter what
15 - Hired Goons - Just men, at least they were when they signed the eternal contracts...
16 - Mind-Jackers - Ride your neurons like horses, directing signals as they will
17 - Poisonous-Gas Elementals - Flowing speeding invisible winds of death
18 - Golems - Tall and sculpted, designed for one purpose only, death dealing.
19 - Bound Spirits - They are trapped, and the only person they can take it out on is you
20 - A Bound Deity - Hast thou felt the heat of his anger? Or the force of his wrist? Then kneel and repent.

Cool Bits
1 - The Wizard's Library - Containing all such manners of materials for spell research. Worth double if used to research the same school of magic as the owner's.
2 - The Wizard's Laboratory - Containing all such manners of materials for alchemical experimentation. As it is, worth some small amount, but could be used to create tremendous treasures.
3 - The Wizard's Garden - Containing all such manners of growths and living things for many kinds of magic. Useless on their own, the knowledgeable might unlock their potentials though.
4 - The Wizard's Cache of Supplies - Containing all such manners of arcane esoterica and magical knick-knacks. Useful for any wizard low on reagents and components, could last decades potentially.
5 - The Wizard's Repository of Artifacts - Containing a small hoard of the more common magical oddities, but also containing a few (d6) seriously powerful magical artifacts.
6 - Teleport Circle - A handy route in (and out) of the Wizard's lair that by-passes many of the lair's defences for those that know the rune-symbols for it. Also contains a book of circle-symbols for other linked circles.
7 - Ritual Space - A grand area steeped in residual magic, any costly rituals performed there would require a measure less of expensive components to complete.
8 - Binding Circle - Etched into stone and wrought from salted silver, all but the most temperamental creatures of the out nights might be brought forth and contained within this circle.
9 - Crystal Outcrop - A grand crag of bright shining crystal, easily worth a small fortune as it is. In the hands of a capable arcanist, all kinds might be wrought of it.
10 - Spellforge - For hammering and melting your spells into the shapes you wish, twist them into things they never were before.
11 - Cosmolarium - Like an observatory, but instead of the stars, the alignments and motions of realities and planes.
12 - Divinimatrix - Many many looms and spindles that the very wise and learned can use to spin apart the strands of fate to intuit the future.
13 - Simulated Reality - Very close to our own reality, only contained in one small little office, all of it.
14 - Elemental Core - It is very rare to be able to create a containment field that can handle a pure elemental core. This wizard appears to have mastered it.
15 - Timeless Vault - Within those rune-scarred walls, time will not pass when the gate in is sealed. Perfect for more organic reagents.
16 - Mage-Gaze Orb - Scrying Orbs have their limitations. Maze-Gaze Orbs do not. Except that they take up a whole room. There is still work to be done there admittedly.
17 - Spell-Sculpting Chamber - For the distinguished and discerning golem-carver and automaton-worker.
18 - Null Chamber - Within this room, there is no magic. Not even a tiny breeze. The ultimate prison for the arcanely-versed. This one might even hold something in it...
19 - Gate to Another Plane - As simple as it sounds, if you understand nothing of the recursive geometries that underlie cross-planar conduits.
20 - Recursium - Bounded about by seven mirrors. Shut the door behind you, and your infinite recursive reflections empower you, all your potential, infinitely magnified and concentrated back on yourself. Imagine what you could accomplish.

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