"Entourage" of the Mad Wizard

All good Mad Wizards will inevitably (sometimes indelibly) have a train of wretches and creatures bounds and dragged along behind them. Some will be fuel for the next magical ritual the Wizard attempts, some  are the results of said rituals. They are inevitably terribly mistreated, but for now, have no power to fight back. They follow wearily, begging for release that shall never be granted.

Here are some lists for you to generate such unethical menageries:

To determine how many members of the entourage to generate, roll a d4 for up to 5th level Mad Wizards, d6 for up to 10th, d8 for up to 15th, d10 for up to 20th. When on the cusp of the next tier (i.e. 4th, 9th, 14th levels), roll this dice with advantage.

For each component of the entourage, roll a d10 (roll with advantage if the wizard is 10th level or higher:
1 - 3d6 Enslaved Wretches:
(d4 roll) 1 - Fish-men, 2 - Ratfolk, 3 - Goblins, 4 - Orphans

2 - 3d4 Dominated People:
(d4 roll) 1 - Men, 2 - Orcs, 3 - Dwarves, 4 - Lizard Men

3 - 2d6 Animated Objects:
(d4 roll) 1 - Domestic Items, 2 - Clothes, 3 - Suites of Armour, 4 - Corpses

4 - 3d4 Animated Scarecrows:
(d4 roll) 1 - Regular, 2 - Meaty, 3 - Rusted Iron, 4 - Vine-clad

5 - 2d4 Elementals:
(d4 roll) 1 - Earth, 2 - Air, 3 - Fire, 4 - Water

6 - 2d4 Creatures of Anthropomorhphised:
(d4 roll) 1 - Sand, 2 - Mud, 3 - Paper, 4 - Plant Matter

7 - d4 Golems:
(d4 roll) 1 - Flesh, 2 - Clay, 3 - Wood, 4 - Gravel

8 - d4 Bound Beings:
(d4 roll) 1 - Angels, 2 - Demons, 3 - Fey, 4 - Djinn

9 or 10 - Roll on the Specials List

Specials List (d12)
1 - Motes of light, potentially the souls of the departed, potentially super hot dust particles
2 - A Sentient Wind, that burns on command, and strong enough to pick up men like toys
3 - An alchemical humonculi Clone of the Mad Wizard, dormant until he dies, fawned over daily
4 - A Child made of Teeth, that the Mad Wizards dotes over, the child never seems to notice
5 - A "civilised" Ogre, wearing d4 of the following: a top hat, a cravat, a cane, a monocle
6 - A pair of pallid and docile men who vomit swarms of snakes, which are the creature's true form
7 - The animated skeleton of some prehistoric beast, hollowed out into a mobile home
8 - The embodiement of a non-standard element (i.e. 1-Surprise, 2-Secrecy, 3-Radiation, etc)
9 - A group of domestic items or appliances on dainty little naked legs, a spell-book leads the pack
10 - A statue of the Mad Wizard on wheels, dragged by a slave-team of miserable flagellants
11 - A caged... thing?  Its too dark to see... it could be big, or maybe not... I don't know.
12 - The Corpse of a God, wrapped in linen, dragged by a misshapen beast whilst in its stone coffin

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