6d6 Modular Dungeon Tiles

Here is a selection of Geo-morph, modular dungeon map tiles! You can use these as they are and by themselves just to make a map, but you'll have a few odd doors that you either need to stick rooms on the ends of, or just round off into dead ends.

We've also made a small table for each one to provide a little bit of inspiration/flavour personalised to each tile. There's only light (and accidental) themes linking them, so you should probably have an idea already of what roughly is going in the dungeon, and then you can fit any further flavour around that.

1 - 1. What's the point of interest?
1. A mausoleum of a fallen hero.
2. A house of one of the dungeon's denizens.
3. A statue to some lost god.
4. A vault, sunken into the earth.
5. A portal to some far-off place.
6. A golem, buried up to the chest.

1 - 2. What dwells in these caves?
1. An almighty and bloated Gelatinous Cube... well, blob.
2. A talking crocodile that believes itself to be a dragon.
3. A swarm of vermin that share one mind.
4. A tribe of invisible people.
5. A worm, still digging.
6. A Demon, bound in jewelled chains.

1 - 3.Who's camped in these caves?
1. A hobgoblin warband.
2. A group of secluded monks.
3. A tribe of lizardfolk.
4. A rival adventuring band.
5. Just a little old man, no-one special...
6. An alchemist, gathering rare mosses.
1 - 4. What lurks in the tunnels?
1. Ratmen and their Muck-Idols.
2. Goblins with their strange Contraptions.
3. Kobolds jealously guarding mysterious eggs.
4. Giant-Worms and their writhing Grubs.
5. Snivelling Troglodytes in their cave-hovels.
6. Industrious Mole-men mining for gems.

1 - 5. How do you open the Shrine's secret door?
1. An offering of Blood.
2. By crushing gemstones into the offering bowl.
3. A lever, two dungeon levels above you.
4. By brute strength alone.
5. By solving the shrines riddle.
6. By proving your mettle.

1 - 6. The Isle in the lake bears...
1. A well, dark and deep.
2. A silvered shrine to some nameless spirit.
3. A sword buried to the hilt in the rock.
4. An ambush!
5. A tiny house for a tiny God.
6. A book, nailed through to the stone beneath.

2 - 1. The five shrines are for...
1. The oldest Gods, names long forgotten in the winds of time.
2. Five cavorting Demons.
3. A family of Guardian Spirits.
4. Those buried beneath the statues.
5. You and your Deeds, some deeds as of yet undone...
6. The Five greatest Virtues!
 2 - 2. What's hidden beneath the Grand Statue?
1. A Saint's bones.
2. A magical artefact.
3. A holy relic.
4. A way down to the next level.
5. A lever, for some unknown contraption.
6. Much, much Gold

2 - 3. What's in the Central room?
1. A chained Angel.
2. A Necromancer's Magnum Opus.
3. A Portal to another realm.
4. A way down to the next level.
5. A Monster protecting its master while he works.
6. The tomb of a forgotten Heroine.

2 - 4. What hides the secret tunnel?
1. A rug depicting a famous battle of legend.
2. A suspiciously clean flag-stone.
3. A simple illusion.
4. A hollow statue.
5. A well-placed corpse.
6. The Arcosolium of some local Saint.

2 - 5. What's special about the long corridor?
1. Unless you know what is at the other end, you can never reach it.
2. It is trapped up to the brim.
3. It is the dwelling of a territorial worm-beast.
4. It is just chock-full of Goblins.
5. It bears murals of the history of the depicted by the statues at either end, one on each wall.
6. There is always danger around the corner.

2 - 6. Who needs such a grand statue?
1. A wain and pompous King.
2. A bright and glorious Angel.
3. A Warrior, unconquered in battle.
4. A Demon, beheld in reverent fear.
5. A Dragon, of course...
6. A Prophet, martyred for the cause.
3 - 1. What is that in the centre of the room?
1. A pit, deep and dark.
2. A summoning circle.
3. A pool of blessed water.
4. An arena for pit-fights.
5. A theatre-stand.
6. A monster's cage.

3 - 2. What's in the tent?
1. A wandering Magic Item Salesman.
2. A fortune teller, shrouded in smoke.
3. A hermit, fleeing something on the surface.
4. An archaeologist trying to uncover the secret passage.
5. A Ranger, following some trail.
6. A mad-man who has been here for far too long.

3 - 3. What dwell's here now?
1. A tribe of Orcs.
2. A uniquely hideous Beast.
3. A Dryad and her fae 'family'.
4. Shadow-men and their Whisper-hounds.
6. The children of a Rakshasa.

3 - 4. What was this area used for?
1. A necromancer's laboratory.
2. Prison cells for the unworthy.
3. Preparation rooms for the dead.
4. Storage, it is full of junk and broken bottles.
5. A high-priest's chambers.
6. A thieves' guild's hide-out.

3 - 5. Who lay in these cells?
1. Captives of the local monster faction.
2. Half-breeds and other blood-traitors.
3. A lost adventuring party.
4. The last disciples of the Old Faith.
5. Those a changeling has kidnapped and now impersonates.
6. The waking dead, left locked away to await the uttermost oblivion of the world.

3 - 6. Where do those hidden stairs go?
1. Different floors of the dungeon.
2. A complex maze of tunnels just below the floor.
3. A series of secret sickly shrines.
4. Cellars full of arcane scrolls.
5. The ventilation system up above.
6. To the deep tombs of Saints, down many steps.

4 - 1. What's in all of these secret rooms?
1. An ambush, waiting to happen.
2. Hundreds of Phylacteries, though only one of them is real.
3. Stairs to a hidden section of the dungeon.
4. The Family heirlooms of a house long since fallen.
5. Stockpiles of weapons for the revolution.
6. A Doomsday Prepper's stash of all things practical.

4 - 2. Who used these barracks?
1. An order of Knights, in days now since long gone.
2. A deplorable Cult.
3. A desperate Rebellion.
4. An order of ascetic Monks.
5. A Monstrous Militia.
6. Vile Inquisitors hunting so called "heretics".

4 - 3. Who takes the stage?
1. A secretive theatre company that performs forbidden or taboo plays once a month.
2. A church who meets for prayer on the eleventh day of each month.
3. A local rebellion, who hold meetings every new moon.
4. No one, not for a long time. But occasionally, you can hear their whispers and applause.
5. A ghostly bard who still hasn't quite figured out he's dead.
6. An illegal fight club.

4 - 4. What's in the secret annex?
1. A chest, loaded with loot and lucre.
2. Hundreds of pickled, alchemically treated eyeballs.
3. The skeleton of one once trapped.
4. Its a trap!
5. Trevor the cupboard goblin.
6. A stash of spell-books.

4- 5. What is in the secret room?
1. A liche's laboratory.
2. A hobgoblin weapon stash.
3. The remains of 5 crushed skeletons.
4. A golem-maker's workshop.
5. A thief's hide-out/loot stash.
6. Some chained beast.

4 - 6. What is carved on the Grand Hall's pillars?
1. The thesis of some grand apostasy.
2. The "lesser" races being ground beneath some tyrant's palanquin.
3. The history of an ancient and dignified race.
4. It doesn't matter! They're starting to collapse!
5. The arcane symbols of some mighty spell.
6. Each pillar bears a map of a different land or range of the night sky.

5 - 1. What lurks in the pits?
1. The secret entrance to a Dwarven Stronghold.
2. A family of Grell.
3. The still smoking remains of a vanquished demon.
4. A dragon, half dead, yet still scheming.
5. Tunnels down to the depths of the world.
6. A Giant Tree feeding off of the blood of the earth.

5 - 2. What does this machine do?
1. It constructs golems from flesh and corpses.
2. Nothing, it is merely a distraction.
3. It counterfeits coinage.
4. It brews highly intoxicating, and highly illegal beverages.
5. It calculates teleportation circle sigils.
6. Who knows? It is far too advanced for the likes of you.

5 - 3. What lair's 'neath the grate?
1. A Divine Serpent.
2. A twisted old Crone.
3. A Sewer-Oracle.
4. Smoke-Demons.
5. A Garden, mysteriously verdant.
6. Sewage, plain and simple.

5 - 4. What blessing will the Statue impart?
1. Strength to crush your foes in battle.
2. Luck to change your fortunes.
3. A gift of magic, for a time at least...
4. Purity from curses and other uncleanlinessess.
5. A wish, for a price.
6. Guidance in your quest.

5 - 5. What can be found in the cavern?
1. Precious Metals.
2. Magically resonant crystals.
3. A young sage, searching for truth.
4. A battered owl-bear, licking its wounds.
5. A mysterious and unknown egg.
6. The remnants of demon summoning; scattered and scorched bodies.

5 - 6. What's hidden away out of view?
1. A stolen painting.
2. The bones of a murderer's victims.
3. An illicit potion distillery.
4. A monster's nest.
5. A shrine to a god of secrets.
6. A man, old, crippled, chained, blinded.

6 - 1. The secret room is hidden behind...
1. A fire place in an old, worn study.
2. A painting of a strange woman who seems to always be watching you...
3. A seemingly ordinary wall.
4. A series of shelves, overflowing with strange potions and pickled body parts.
5. A wardrobe stuffed with coats.
6. A large, sigiled mirror.

6 - 2. What lies in the waters?
1. Filth and sewage.
2. A gigantic alligator.
3. A swarm of electric eels.
4. An old and rusting contraption.
5. A body, lying face down in the water.
6. Nothing, in all likelihood.

6 - 3. Who came to worship in these halls?
1. A dark and secretive Cult.
2. A bright and glorious Paladin Order.
3. Adherents of the God-Under-Stone.
4. The shunned, unclean, and broken; who are unwanted anywhere else.
5. A lonely hermit, seeking privacy.
6. A monstrous war-band at a dark and twisted idol.

6 - 4. What's hidden in the crack in the flagstones?
1. Bugs, and lots of them!
2. A lurking Shadow-Beast.
3. A Bundle of Bones.
4. A peak of a buried carving, down below.
5. A nest of snakes.
6. A small stash of corroding coins.

6 - 5. Why was this hall abandoned?
1. It was ravaged by fire.
2. It was ransacked by crusaders.
3. It was cursed by a witch.
4. There were just too many traps.
5. There was a mass-murder.
6. The occupants merely ran out of resources.


6 - 6. Who has crossed paths here?
1. A pair of rival Orc War-bands.
2. Two male cave-bears.
3. A Necromancer's minions, and a pair of Carrion Crawlers.
4. A Dwarven patrol, and a pack of Gnolls.
5. A gaggle of Goblins, and a march of Myconids.
6. A Medusa and a Minotaur.


In some small manner of explanation; about Trevor the cupboard Goblin:

Once you open a cupboard containing Trevor the cupboard Goblin, each and every cupboard you open from now on has a 25% chance to contain Trevor the cupboard Goblin. Each time you uncover Trevor the cupboard Goblin, it is the same Trevor the cupboard Goblin as you found last time, the links and events of causality have merely slipped into place to allow him to now be in this cupboard as well.

The only exception, is if you kill Trevor the cupboard Goblin. If you do, the curse is not lifted, it merely develops. If you have killed Trevor the cupboard Goblin, and you open a cupboard that the dice determine contains Trevor the cupboard Goblin, you will find Trevor the cupboard Goblin, alive, and a dead version of Trevor the cupboard Goblin, much to Trevor the cupboard Goblin's dismay. Indeed, each time you kill Trevor the cupboard Goblin, there will be an additional corpse to go along with the previous corpses, and the current Trevor the cupboard Goblin.

Eventually, if you kill enough Trevor the cupboard Goblins, then the mere act of opening the cupboard to reveal Trevor the cupboard Goblin, will generate enough Trevor the cupboard Goblins that the living Trevor the cupboard Goblin will be killed under the weight of all the dead Trevor the cupboard Goblins. Thus, from now on, each cupboard that you open has a 25% chance to contain a increasingly large pile of dead Trevor the cupboard Goblins. From this point on, each time you discover such a pile, there is a cumulative 1% chance that the act of opening the cupboard releases such a pressurised release of Trevor the cupboard Goblins that the impact buries and suffocates you under a karma-fuelled tide of green goblin flesh.

And you would deserve it. Dick.

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