What's Up With That Thing?

Magic items are cool right? We like magic items? Good, coz here's like, a load of stuff you could use to generate magic items, flesh out magic items, just add some flavour to a mundane item, I don't know, you do you. Just be a bit careful with some of them if you apply multiple rolls to the same item.
WHAT IS THAT THING?! Where is it from? Why is it down here in this cold dark dungeons? ...

Hope you enjoy

View the complete table here:

d20 Result
1 It brings its finder the attention of (d6):
1: a powerful demon, intent on claiming the finder’s soul
2: a zealous angel, determined to cleanse the artefact (and its wielder) in fire
3: an ancient archmage, the item’s creator
4: a dying kingdom, obsessed with prophecy
5: a dragon, interested in acquiring the item for its hoard by any means
6: a selfish tyrant, desperate for more power
2 It is cursed (d6):
1: by an ancient and vengeful god, now dead
2: by its creator, distraught at its form
3: by its last user, who was overcome by it
4: by one who desires it, but can never have it
5: by a well-meaning priest, who wishes for it never to be recovered
6: by the evil of those that once wielded it in the name of slaughter
3 It is from another realm, where (d6):
1: magic is untameable, and thus neither is the item
2: the ruin of its peoples now follows the item
3: rot and sickness pervade all, which clings as well to the item
4: where chaos is subdued, and all is as is decreed
5: a strange suns light the sky, strange lights follow the item too
6: betrayal is all that can be expected, and as such the item knows no better either
4 It is incomplete, and the other parts are (d6):
1: lost in an inconvenient location
2: hoarded by powerful monsters
3: in the hands of those wicked enough to use it
4: lost in the past
5: unmade
6: bound into other powerful artefacts
5 It never (d6):
1: forgets what it has seen
2: harms a certain race
3: functions at night
4: attunes to those it deems unworthy
5: draws blood
6: reveals its purpose
6 It has a purpose, to (d6):
1: destroy a race, or faction
2: right an ancient wrong
3: uncover a lost and forgotten secret
4: return to its maker or original wielder
5: to preserve an old conflict
6: elevate its wielder to their greatest potential
7 It is made of a special material, that means it (d12):
1: can never be broken or destroyed
2: can speak with the dead
3: act as a conduit, or lightning rod, for magical energy
4: always returns to its wielder, eventually
5: is precious beyond compare
6: is the only one of its kind that can ever be
7: can never be affected by magic
8: can harm a type of being that is normally invulnerable to weapons
9: is lighter/heavier that it appears to be
10: glows in the presence of:
  (d4): [1 - magical darkness, 2 - a certain creature, 3 - other items of its material, 4 - a specific faith or religion]
11: can only originate from one place
12: it was grown, not made
8 It bears the markings of (d12):
1: an ancient and dead race
2: a defunct deity
3: a secret society
4: a kingdom thought no longer to exist
5: a mighty hero of legend
6: a renowned magic item smith
7: a magical catastrophe
8: long years of decay
9: dragon fire
10: many battles
11: an unsuccessful attempt to destroy it
12: the touch of a:
  (d4) [1: fey lord, 2: demon prince, 3: great old one, 4: a powerful undead]
9 It was created using (d12):
1: a fey lord’s power
2: a demon-pact
3: the blood of thousand’s
4: magic, soaked into the object over long centuries
5: an anvil of ice and a hammer of snow
6: a core made from refined dragon bone
7: foul magics, long despised
8: the favour of a god, though the god was unaware of this
9: arcane instruments that secretly make up half a city block
10: sacred plants, cultivated by elves into the shape of the desired item
11: the power of Runes, now long since lost to time
12: the convergence of many stars
10 It draws its power from (d10):
1: an elemental plane
2: a bright shining god
3: a mass sacrifice, long ago
4: its wielder
5: the people around its wielder
6: death
7: a hidden cult
8: the crystals embedded in it
9: a dragon, that surrendered half it’s heart to the object
10: a demon, who uses the item to draw more to its clutches
11 It can only be used by (d12):
1: a destined hero
2: one of the same alignment as the item’s maker
3: a follower of a certain god
4: someone with royal blood
5: someone of a specific race
6: someone versed in magic
7: someone with the reputation to match the item’s
8: someone under the control of the item’s maker
9: someone who swears an oath to fulfil the item’s purpose
10: someone unaware of its true power
11: someone who has completed a mighty quest
12: one who has seen death.
12 It has a special power, it can (d20):
1: reverse death
2: produce and control flames
3: influence the thoughts of others
4: undo magics and curses
5: slay the invincible
6: protect its bearer from harm
7: call forth creatures and peoples from other lands and dimensions
8: shape the very earth itself
9: manipulate light
10: boost its wielder’s abilities
11: seal something away
12: open any lock
13: dampen the effects of the elements
14: avert a catastrophe
15: grant the ability to rule justly
16: dominate mindless beasts
17: change the form of its wielder
18: reveal the hidden and unseen
19: create other magic items
20: give its wielder immortality.
13 It has a destiny, it is said it will (d10):
1: be the downfall of:
  (d4) [1: a mighty kingdom, 2: an entire race, 3: an ancient establishment, 4: a vicious tyrant]
2: be a sign of a promised one
3: return order to a lawless realm
4: release ancient prisoners
5: unlock powerful magics
6: reveal a long-lost secret
7: be destroyed in the final battle of a cataclysmic war
8: be lost for a thousand generations: (roll an inconvenient location)
9: seal away a great evil
10: be wielded by one of great evil.
14 It has a mind of its own, and it is (d10):
1: angry at:
  (d6) [1: its maker, 2: it's last wielder, 3: its enemy, 4: the state of the world, 5: its destiny, 6: you.]
2: insane
3: scared of:
  (d4) [1: change, 2: being powerless, 3: not fulfilling its destiny, 4: a specific monster.]
4: constantly:
  (d4) [1: scheming, 2: lying, 3: paranoid, 4: oblivious.]
5: righteous
6: knowledgable in secret things
7: intent on dominating its wielder
8: desperate to be useful
9: the mind of a beast
10: a mind stolen from its body
15 It has been used to (d12):
1: open the way to other worlds
2: win a thousand battles
3: spread an awful lie
4: knight a mighty hero
5: serve as a symbol of the king
6: bring prosperity to the land
7: bring belief to the faithless
8: seal away an ancient power
9: discover a way to:
  (d4) [1: heaven, 2: immortality, 3: the lands of the dead, 4: fame and fortune]
10: lead the lost home again
11: uncover lost knowledge
12: secure an uneasy peace
16 It can only be destroyed by (d20):
1: dragonfire
2: throwing it into the heart of a volcano
3: being ground beneath the heel of a vengeful god
4: the will the will of its maker
5: the mightiest magics
6: crushing it in the deepest depths of the sea
7: smashing it between two continents
8: cutting it with silk
9: losing it in a dream
10: fulfilling its purpose
11: taking it far from the light of the sun
12: leaving it in the gossamer-tomb of a fey lord
13: casting it into a demon’s forge
14: using a djinni-granted wish
15: smothering it in the roots of a colossal tree
16: the efforts of four elemental lords, acting in tandem
17: eroding it under the long, slow march of time
18: a verdict of guilty in an Angel-Court
19: being swallowed whole by a terrible monster
20: casting it into the heart of chaos itself.
17 It is the key to (d10):
1: long lost magic
2: the prison of a god
3: a demon lord’s tomb
4: a fey’s castle, choked in thorns
5: waking an unstoppable apocalypse
6: a far and distant realm
7: changing the fate of men
8: breaking the slumber of the Old Ones
9: life, invincible
10: an unavoidable prophecy.
18 It is believed to be (d20):
1: lost forever
2: in the hands of evil
3: cast out from heaven
4: in the bowels of hell
5: the last hope of a desperate kingdom
6: the symbol of a king, long dead
7: buried in the roots of the world
8: dug into the flank of a dragon
9: wielded by a mighty hero
10: far off, at the edge of the world
11: suspended high above the earth
12: at the bottom of the sea
13: in the hands of a god
14: in the dwarves’ deepest vault
15: beneath an arch of stars
16: lost to orcish hordes
17: destroyed long ago
18: unholy beyond imagining
19: created by:
  (d4) [1: the fey lords, 2: a demon king, 3: a desperate kingdom, 4: one hungry for power],
20: nothing interesting at all.
19 It is numbered as being (d6):
1: part of a set, or a piece of
2: one of many
3: unique in all the world
4: the original
5: a forgery
6: the most powerful of its kind
20 It was wielded by (d20):
1: the first king
2: a mighty paladin
3: a wicked demon
4: an agent of chaos
5: an unparalleled spellcaster
6: something now forgotten
7: the last of an ancient race
8: the mightiest warrior of their age
9: one faithful in dark times
10: one touched by things unknown and unknowable
11: someone of no true consequence
12: a god in their time
13: one cursed by fate
14: one from a world beyond our own
15: the last scion of a destroyed home
16: one seeking revenge
17: a saviour or conqueror, depending on who you ask
18: a pioneer, always seeking new horizons
19: an adventurer, heedless of danger
20: none other than you

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