Curses on a 6d6

6d6 Curses for Bestow Curse

Flip a coin to decide if the effect is real or only imagined. (Effects in brackets could potentially replace the d8 necrotic damage on a hit on the cursed target. These effects would normally last until the end of the target’s next turn if the caster hits them with a weapon or a spell. These are permanent effects for more powerful curses, such as those cast using 8th or 9th level spells slots.)
A Bestow Curse cast at 5th level or above can apply the following alteration to the Curse they apply to the target:
  • The curse cannot be dispelled or removed by any means, except by one that is declared by the caster. This must be literally and physically possible for the target to accomplish within the duration of the spell, or the spell fails. Once the conditions are met, the spell ends immediately.

1 - You are wading through: (d4 roll) 1 - muck, 2 - brambles, 3 - bones, 4 gravel (The target treats all terrain as difficult terrain.)
2 - Your muscles waste away as if you had never eaten. (The target has half their normal carry capacity.)
3 - Your bones become: (d4 roll) 1 - hollow, 2 - brittle, 3 - spongy, 4 - fused (The target has vulnerability to bludgeoning damage.)
4 - Your joints dislocate suspiciously easily. (The target is knocked prone by the attack/attacks.)
5 - A devil is assigned to act against you, weighing you down, holding you back, etc. (The target must make a strength save or have their movement speed reduced to 0 that turn.)
6 - You feel as if everything you carry is unbearably heavy. (The target doubles the weight of all items carried.)

1 - You are bound by ethereal chains. (The target has disadvantage on their next attack roll/attack rolls.)
2 - Your joints are filled with: (d4 roll) 1 - tiny stones, 2 - biting insects, 3 - nails, 4 - ice (The target must make a dexterity check at the start of each of their turns or have movement speed reduced to 0 for that turn.)
3 - Whatever you wear grows thorns on the inside to scratch and hook at you. (The target takes d4 piercing damage for each 10 feet they move.)
4 - Your nerves stop working properly, everything is numb. (When the target takes damage because they
touched an object or creature, the damage is rolled with advantage.)
5 - You bones are made of: (d4 roll) 1 - wood, 2 - ceramic, 3 - glass, 4 - slate (If the target moves more than 5 feet on any creature’s turn, it falls prone.)
6 - Your nerves become quantum tunnels. Sometimes you feel them at the wrong time. (The target’s next
action must be declared when the target is hit/at the start of each round, and takes place at a random
initiative next round.)

1 - Everyone you see looks as if: (d4 roll) 1 - their flesh is moldy and rotten, 2 - they are bleeding maggots,
3 - they are on fire, 4 - they have something crawling around underneath their skin (The target has disadvantage on attack rolls for targets within 5 feet.)
2 - A demon has stolen your heart away. (The target can end the curse whenever they like, by bargaining with the devil, or reclaiming it from that devil. This curse can’t be dispelled or removed except by that method.)
3 - You are surrounded by a cloud of flies that are: (d4 roll) 1 - demonic, 2 - undead, 3 - oozes, 4 - abstract
(The target must make a constitution save at the start of their turn, or be poisoned until the end of their
4 - Your flesh softens, and is malleable like clay. (When hit, the target’s closest ally must make a wisdom
saving throw or be frightened of the target until the end of their next turn.)
5 - You are afflicted by an insatiable hunger that can only be satisfied by: (d4 roll) 1 - the flesh of your species, 2 - rotten food, 3 - soil, 4 - leather (The next hit die the target rolls counts as having rolled a 1. This effect stacks over multiple hits, for that many rolled hit die.)
6 - It feels as if you are breathing: (d4 roll) 1 - water, 2 - really thin air, 3 - smoke, 4 - dust (The target takes a level of exhaustion if they use both an action and a bonus action in a round.)

1 - You are unable to remember things like you used to… somedays you even forget how to speak. (The
target loses d4 random proficiencies at the end of each rest they take, and regains them at the end of
their next rest.)
2 - Occasionally all you can think about is: (d4 roll) 1 - death, 2 - fire, 3 - torture, 4 - a void (At the start of the
target’s turn, they must roll a d12. If the result is equal to or less than their intelligence modifier, they
are stunned until the end of their turn. This effect stacks for multiple hits, for a check at the start of that
many rounds.)
3 - You feel like your mind is in an object you hold, and that you must work your body like a puppet. (The target must make all dexterity checks and saves as if they were intelligence checks or saves.)
4 - You have a mind-share plan with nearby animals, often when you least wish it. (At the start of the target’s
turn, roll a d6. On the roll of a 1, the DM controls the target as if they had animal intelligence this turn.)
5 - A demon sits on your shoulders and whispers convincing falsities to you. (The target must randomly
determine each time if they think something they are told is true or false.)
6 - Your brain desiccates slightly, such that you are permanently hungover. (The target is affected as if by

1 - All liquids intoxicate you like alcohol. (The target is poisoned for 1 minute after they drink anything.)
2 - Your mind twists, and you can only think: (d4 roll) 1 - logically, 2 - literally, 3 - overly emotionally, 4 -
animalistically (The target must roleplay this change, or take 2d8 psychic damage.)
3 - You are compelled to lie when you wish to be truthful, and to be truthful when you wish to lie. (When the
target tries to tell a truth or a lie of consequence, they must make a wisdom save. If they fail, they must say the opposite of what they intended.)
4 - Sometimes, you feel needles being pushed into your skin. (The target has disadvantage on concentration checks.)
5 - You are totally aware of your entire body, all the time, and must perform all bodily functions consciously.
(Whenever the target moves, takes an action, or a bonus action, they must make a constitution save. If
they fail, they can take no other actions, and their turn ends immediately.)
6 - You feel utterly safe, and totally content. Always. No matter the situation. (The target always acts last in
initiative, but they also can’t be frightened.)

1 - You can’t see anyone’s face anymore. (The target has disadvantage on insight checks, and when they end their turn within 5 feet of a humanoid, they must make a wisdom saving throw or be frightened of them
until the end of their next turn.)
2 - You voice sounds as if it is: (d4 roll) 1 - demonic whispering, 2 - hollow wind, 3 - bubbling muck, 4 - chittering bugs. (The target must make a concentration check when they cast a spell with verbal components. If they fail, the spell fails and the spell slot is wasted.)
3 - You feel like your face is: (d4 roll) 1 - wax, melting, 2 - wood, carven, 3 - a mass of teeth, 4 - you have a
snake for a tongue (At the start of the target’s turn, they must make a constitution save or be poisoned
until the end of their turn.)
4 - You develop an overwhelming: (d4 roll) 1 - inferiority complex, 2 - superiority complex, 3 - loss of empathy, 4 - abundance of empathy (The target must roleplay this change, or take 2d8 psychic damage.)
5 - Sometimes a demon speaks for you, whether you want to or not. (6 times per long rest/once per times you are hit, the DM can force the target to make a wisdom saving throw when they try to speak, or wish to
stay silent. If they fail, The DM speaks for them as the Demon instead.)
6 - Your face twists into the shape of: (d4 roll) 1 - a demon, 2 - an insect, 3 - a fish, 4 - a year-old corpse (At

the start of the target’s turn, they must make a constitution save or be poisoned until the end of their turn.)

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