Owl-Bears, Half by Half

So, these variants are for all our favourite chimeric, avian and ursine combo beasts. I find it funny that as long as Owlbears have existed, there's never been anything like this [that I've seen at least].
The stats are somewhat tailored for 5th ed D&D, don't tell anyone, there's also nothing stopping you using the principles for abilities in other systems. Its not like I've statted them out robustly anyway!
[Note to self: Maybe I should.]

Bear Halves
Panda - 8 Wisdom, 5 Cha, 5 HD, 16 str, 11 dex (and AC 13) -1 CR
Sloth - Makes a DC 11 wis save each turn or acts as if slowed. -1 combat CR
Brown/Grizzly - If surprised/in contact with 2 or more hostile creatures it rages for reckless, physical resistance and +2 damage, if not raging, it has adv on int, wis and cha saves and checks +1 CR
Black - Most boring and most common, regular Owl Bear
Polar - Big, +2d8+6 hp, and str 24, resistant to cold and has a swim speed. +1 CR
Cave - +4d8+12 hit points, +damage die on attacks +2 CR
Sun - has sun powers, climbs, has prehensile tongue +0 CR
Spectacled - Super sight, particularly intelligent, can wield weapons +1 CR
Owl Halves
Horned/Eagle Owl - Largest Owlbears, charges for +2d8 bludgeon, auto hits when it has a creature grappled (+1 combat cr)
Screech - Stun on failed con save - supersonic screech, raptor claws for d4 bleeding at the end of their next turn, adv on hide (+1 combat cr)
White-Faces - Can manipulate its size - casts enlarge/reduce on itself with recharge 5 (+1 combat cr)
Snowy - Snow powers/breath weapon, swim speed - 4d8 cold damage ½ on dex save (recharge 5). Full swim speed. (+1 combat cr)
Burrowing - Has a burrow speed, and can dash as a bonus action (+2 damage p/r) (+1 Combat CR)

Elf - Small but have some measure of magic, hiding spells and misdirection spells +0 CR

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