The Candlemarsh

Well, I think its relatively finished.

Out on the edges of the Civilised World, lurks a rotten and stinking place, the Candlemarsh. It is a dark and mysterious place, swampy wetlands ringing a dank and overgrown bog-forest. Even from beyond the wetlands, you can see the tiny dancing lights of the swamp. Local legend tells you that Boggarts plant tiny candles in the swamp, why; no one can say for certain, though everyone is quick to offer their interpretation. People go missing near here every so often, but then again that happens in every frontier town. Perhaps a few times a year, bands of drunk and over-confident adventurers go in, and the lucky ones that come out return drenched in muck and pestilence, gibbering of haunting terrors and beasts. The locals know better than to go there; better to place a candle on the edges every now and again to placate whatever it is in the marshes that loves candles so much and hope it doesn't take you next.

No one knows the truth about the Trolls, and the slumbering God they worship.

The Hooks for Entering this Wretched Place

1 - The Troll-King is performing more and more raids. Stop him.
2 - The Land trembles, the God 'Neath the Marsh stirs.
3 - The Druids propitiate for someone, anyone to end the war in the Marsh.
4 - Rumours are spreading that the Trolls have stolen more and more loot. 
5 - Within the Swamp, is the tower of an ancient Archmage, never found.
6 - A Troll left the swamp, begging for someone to have mercy and slay the Troll-King.
7 - Dreams are leaking from the Swamp, of an almighty Candle flowing forth from screaming people.
8 - A Flame Demon has taken the Swamp for its home, the church would pay well for its exorcism.

Rumours of Candlemarsh

1 - Fire Demon has taken residence [P]
2 - A Candle marks the place of the dead [F]
3 - There are boggarts in the heart of the swamp or some such [P]
4 - You die there, your soul burns up into a little moth [F]
5 - A Powerful Moth-Clad Spirit lives in the swamp [T]
6 - The Swamp gators are stupidly hard to kill, don't bother [T]
7 - I've seen a two-headed demon in there... [P] 
8 - There's sunken treasure from an old hero who though he could conquer the marsh... [T]
9 - Those candles is made of people, a passing necromancer told me so [T]
10 - If you see a heron, run; its not a heron [T]
11 - If you hear creaking, run; its the guardian god of the marsh [P]
12 - A wizard used to live in the marsh, his tower fell down long long ago though [T]

Terrains of the Marsh

1 - Fenland - Much of the outer Candlemarsh consists of this. No effects other than movement is 3/4 of its regular speed.
2 - Foetid Lake - Not all that deep really, but just a little too deep, and the mud sucks at your feet to drag you down. Best to go around it. Impassable without proper methods or suicidal tendencies.
3 - Muck Isles - A rare bit of solid land amongst the muds and mucks. Always has an encounter on/in it. Normal movement speed whilst actually on the isle.
4 - Scum-Brush - Most common in the inner Candlemarsh, this is an area where the brush grows a little lower, all gristley bushes and pathetic shrub-stands. 1/2 normal movement speed here.
5 - Grime Groves - A part of the Swamp that contains a Druid-grove, Mangrove trees grow here commonly. 1/2 normal movement speed here.
6 - Troll-forest - The deepest part of the Marsh, where the trolls wade through the murk, and build their grovelling hovels. 1/2 normal movement speed here, and double chance of encounters.

Locations within the Candlemarsh

These are all marked on the map of the swamp. They are immediately obvious when their hex is entered, though you can enter their hex without entering the location.

Aside from these places of interest, there are a smattering of other hovel-homes, enough for the Trolls to lurk in when sleep comes for them.
1 - Fat-Renderers
These Trolls take the fat from the Meat Hangers and rendering it down in vats into wax-materials for the Candle-Makers. These Trolls are particularly chubby, even for Troll-kind, and they will tell you often and loudly that they have absolutely no idea why. Everyone knows, but its not worth the bother of bringing up. A few truly unlucky human-prizes have ended up in the vats without being "processed" first, not that the outcome is any different.
2 - Meat-Hangers
These Trolls hang the prey captured on hunts up in their vast abattoir-hall on rusty bog--iron hooks, drain the blood from them, skim off the fat, and butcher the meat roughly. No-one in Troll-home dares irritate a Meat-Hanger. For many reasons. 
3 - Candle-Makers
These Trolls are the most prestigious Trolls outside of the Troll King's inner circle and the Oni. It is they that fashion the wicks and waxes into the Candles that the Trolls distribute around the swamp. They are rarely allowed to risk themselves on hunts (which they don't grudge at all) and enjoy many other privileges of the Troll-King's favour. Of all Trolls, these are the few that actually like the Troll-King.
4 - 'Palace' of the Troll-King
More a Grand Feast-Hall in the style of the Saxons, it is here that the Troll-King holds his "court", and endlessly debates with himself where the next place to raid should be, and how to deal with the Moth-King once and for all. There are many Trolls here at all times, and occasionally all the Trolls in Troll-Home will gather here to feast beneath the watchful eye of the Troll-King. These events inevitably end with the Troll-King butchering one of his enemies in public though. He thinks he's being terribly clever and cunning by disguising his intentions so, though most have figured out the ploy at this point.
5 - Fight-Pit
Less of a conscious construction, and more of a happy accident. The Druids sent a bear imbued with much of their magic, twisted and augmented into a powerful spirit-host to slaughter the Trolls. However, it ended being caught in a sink-hole created by the magics of the Oni, and bound in place with foul spirit-contracts. A good portion of the Druid's power is still bound up in the bear, and can only be released by the bear's death at this point. As for the Trolls, the Troll-King has offered a great reward to which ever Troll can destroy the Bear in single-combat. Many have tried, all have failed, and the onlookers and observers find it all absolutely hilarious to watch. The reward remains unclaimed, and it grows with each failed hopeful.
6 - The Drowning Hut
The "temple" of the Trolls, where the Oni lurk, and conduct their Spirit-pacts and communions with the idle dreams of the God 'Neath the Marsh. Named so because their chief rite is to submerge themselves and drown themselves to the brink of death in the mud to experience the messages of their patron before being pulled free. It is near totally-covered in candles on the outside. 

The Old Tower of the Wizard
Use the generators here to discover what was once here, then ruin it systematically. Leave little left.
The guests and dwellers of the tower are probably all dead, or long gone. Perhaps some are left. They would probably disrupt the order of the Marsh, and that's a cool thing.

All that is left to discover is on this table, which requires a good hour of searching to roll on.
1 - A scrap of a spell, counts as being worth 10gp if used (and consumed) for spell research.
2 - A potion of recovery, somewhat gone off. Restores 2d4-2 HP when drunk.
3 - A ritual dagger, discoloured and twisted. Worthless.
4 - An enchanted arrow that prevents the target from talking on a hit. Wisdom save to negate.
5 - A wand, misshapen and malfunctioning. Shoots a bolt of d4 damage at a random target on use.
6 - A rope that snakes along at 2 inches per second (ie 5ft per round), can obey simple orders.
7 - Rotten plants in a shattered glass tube. Worthless.
8 - A mirror that only shows people lying about their identity.
9 - A vial of suspiciously smelling ooze. Deadly poisonous.
10 - An actual, honest to god, true, decent condition, magic item of the DM's choice.

The Stilt-born House of the Angler Hag
Home of Aunty Seepstitch. See later entry.

Terrors of the Marsh

Base-Beasts of the Marsh
These creatures are the closest thing you get to mundane animals in the Candlemarsh. They are basically non-hostile, and non-threatening except to total jerks and/or idiots. Assume 1HD for each.
1 - Stilt Elk - Like regular elk, only with long spindle legs, and long spindle anters.
2 - Filth-Eels - Long, rubbery eels that look like mud from a distance.
3 - Gurgle-Fish - Just, really, really ugly and bad-tasting fish.
4 - Bleakling Birds - Like ravens but fat and bloated with a mournful and crackling cry.
5 - Pyre-Flies - Fire-flies that feast on the dead and glow as they eat for other flies.
6 - Mange-Minx - Mottled and mangy felines that hunt Bleakling birds.

The True Terrors
1 - Marsh-Plague
Makes your flesh go all soft and waxy, and all orifices constantly spill forth watery humours. At the end of each day you have Marsh-Plague, reduce your highest ability score by 1, determining randomly between tied scores. If you die because of the effects of the plague, you have a 5 in 6 chance of coming back within d6 minutes as a Bloat-Dead. If you die due to other causes while you have Marsh-Plague, the chances are only 2 in 6 to return.

2 - The Trolls
There are many of them in the Marsh. At least a dozen, perhaps as many as forty. [The actual number is 10 + 5d6.] At any one time, there will be d3-1 hunting parties of 2d4 Trolls out seeking Flesh for feasting and fat for Candles out and about in the Marsh. Only rarely do they venture beyond the Marsh [1 in 8 chance]. In each hunting party, the lowest of the d4 results indicate Troll-Warriors, who wear layered leather armour and carry Bog-Iron Smashers. If encountered in Troll Home, 1 in 4 encountered will be warriors. d4 of the Village are the mysterious Oni of the Drowning Faith, the "religion" of the Trolls (in a very broad sense, its more like a ritualised version of leaving meat out for a lion in the hopes that it eats the meat, rather than you). The can call to insects and miasmas of the marsh to serve them for a time, and they carve potent charms from their own, regenerating bones. Their magic is highly transactional though, and they can rack up some seriously high debts... The Chieftan of the tribe is one mean mo' fo', he has two heads, four arms, and three legs. A true brute without a hint of empathy and half as tall again as the more mundane trolls, he has bullied his way to the top through violence and proclamations of the God 'Neath the Marsh's blessing upon him due to his prodigious size and gifts of limbs. The second head is somewhat subservient to the first, and seems to serve as much out of fear as the other trolls. He is in truth, part Hydra; somehow. If any of his limbs (though not including his heads) results in the growth of 2 replacement limbs growing out over the next few seconds.He courts disaster with his poor treatment of his people, but for now at least, disaster is yet afraid of him.
Subnote: Troll bites carry Troll-Blight, which causes cancerous growths around the bite-wound, but also bestows a measure of Troll-regeneration once the growths have matured sufficiently.   

3 - The Creakbeast
A crazy wooden golem built around the body of a dead magic-user whose body still reeks of magic. Creakbeast looks like the bastard child of a serpent and wolf that's been built out of  a shipwreck. It can still call on magic, and all trolls fear it flaming jaws and breath. It can call illusory copies of itself, and sweat fog. It can telekinetically move its shorn off pieces, which becomes only more deadly the more it is damaged. It can't be "killed" as such, as it slowly regenerates its wooden body over time, but it radiates a slightly random amount of magic each turn, which it uses to power itself, adn the excess to powers its magical effects. Damaging it reduces the amount of magic it can generate, and if damaged enough, it would collapse, effectively dead. It would also be destroyed by the removal of the Wizard's body, but getting at the body is basically the same thing anyway.

4 - The Candle Golem
An experiment between the Candle-maker trolls and the Oni, who bound a powerful spirit of the swamp at great cost into a body of wax, wick, and flame. This was all conducted under the greatest secrecy in the hope that the result might be strong enough to challenge the Troll King. It went mad though, and fled into the swamp where it lurks like a base beast, prompting rumours of the birth of a flame demon within the marsh. It terrifies the trolls. It fights with flaming fists, and though severing parts of its body is easy enough, it can 'regenerate' lost parts at a cost to its overall integrity. It has some command of water still from its spirit-animator, and it will attempt to trap foes in prisons of up-flowing water.

5 - Flicker-Flame Moths
Not really dangerous as such, they really aren't all that aggressive, but they do eat flame, which in turn creates new moths. The flesh-fat candles of the Trolls aren't just votives, the burning meat-smoke drives away the moths, who are a threat to the Trolls, who see them as embodiments of Divine Wrath. If attacked, they form a flowing, undulating swarm which is surprisingly hypnotic, before the swarm dives upon you in a swirling conflagration, burning and scorching indiscriminently.

6 - Troll-Eater Crocodiles
They feast on troll flesh, and have learned to maim, eat, and release prey as a more dependable food supply. They have long, spindly limbs so they move more like insects that they do crocodiles. Their flesh melts and mends like troll-flesh, though they don't share the troll's fear of flame. They can only be killed by the removal of their stomach, which always contains a small measure of troll-flesh, the source of the Crocodile's regeneration. However, the stomach does need to be burnt, or the flesh will grow out of control in an illogical, cancerous spreading.

7 - The Moth-King
A powerful spirit of the swamp, and Lord of the Local insect population, though this doesn't include the Flicker-Flame moths, which most disturbs the Moth-King. It can change its size at will, and always appears to be a couple of feet taller than those it converses with, the better to loom over them in the gloom. Its wings are ragged from battles with the trolls, with whom it passively wars for control of the swamp. If the moth king gets a hold of a troll skull, it cups it in its hands, whispers magic to it, and cause it to flake away into bone-winged moths the size of cats, which fight for it. It is surprisingly strong for its weight, and its favourite tactic is to carry its target high up into the air and drop it to dash it on rocks, or a piece of Rosecoal. It also likes drowning and strangling, which bypass troll-regeneration. It can create powerful gusts of wind, and has potent magics of illusion and confusion. It is so far preoccupied with the Trolls of the Marsh, and is quite indifferent to men for now.

8 - False-Herons
As tall as a man, on thin stilt legs, long curved necks, and wickedly sharp beaks. It seems to be a bird, but it is not. Its beak splits three ways, and when it attacks, the beak spreads out like a star, and set of three chameleon-esque tongues launch forth to snare prey and pull them into the Heron's beak, which is crocodile-strong, enough to snap through flesh and bone. They run devilishly fast with amazing surity of footing, due to their many eyes which ring their whole heads. Their wings aren't wings at all, merely useless, atrophied waste-limbs. These guys are just, total dick-heads to be honest.

9 - Bloat-Dead
Terrifying mottled, molten zombies filled with rot-gases contained barely within their bubbling wax-flesh. Not really all that different from regular zombies, except that they are more cunning, and burst once they have taken sufficient damage. They can set ambushes, and lurk in the mud to surprise their prey, and when destroyed, they burst forth in a shower of noxious filth, infecting those nearby with Marsh-Plague.

10 - Rosecoal
Black and pitted volcano-stone like sturdy, stocky pumice that's set in rough ringed petals like roses. Boulders of it can be found dotted around the swamp, solid clusters of charcoal-black stone flowers. They are stupendously hot, and even being in close vicinity to one can be devastating. Water nearby it steams incessantly, and scalds to the touch. If cooled sufficiently, (which is a devilishly hard task) the Rosecoal splits apart like an orange whose skin is too small for it, revealing within a white-hot spider-like beast. It thrashes about in the cold, cooling through raging red and angry yellow finally to a cool grey before finally itself splitting into brittle shreds with a terrible scream. The spiders were ancient servants of the God 'Neath the Marsh. Should the God awaken, so too shall the spiders, who will enjoy the protection of their patron once more to endure the cold of our otherwise-insufferable world.

Other Inhabitants of the Marsh

The Druids of the Swamp
There are d4+2 groves of Swamp Druids in the Candle-Marsh, in clustered Groves of trees in the wooded parts of the Marsh. Each consists of a small settlement of 8+3d8 individuals. 
Rarely do they walk the earth beyond their Groves, they swim through the muck, or crouch in the trees. 
Armed with crude bows and spears, a few wield stolen Troll Bog-Iron Smashers they have stolen, holding them in both hands. Their magics call forth the Water and Pestilence Spirits of the Marsh, and their beast forms and allies are fish and birds. Their Groves are Mangroves Trees, whose upturned roots support the platforms upon which homes are built.
One tree in particular is sacrosanct to them, a huge and twisted Oak tree, blasted and blooming out from the swamp-water. The bough has split, and the cracks that run up its bulbous sides have been stuffed the bodies of the oldest Druids, and their wisdom has diffused into the spirit of the tree itself. The druids ask many questions of the Tree.
Other treasures of the Druids include old, nearly wooden apples that they throw which then burst forth into wasp swarms. Some are equipped with blow-dart tubes that they use to shoot flesh-eating worms into your flesh. Some wield nets made of strung out mosses.

Potential leaders of the Druid Groves:
1 - Warlike and aggressive because of the Trolls, seeks their obliteration, arms like bears
2 - Has become slightly too in tune with the Marsh, and has begun their Naturalisation
3 - Highly attuned to the Water, swims as a fish to spy on the Trolls
4 - Slow to consider, they leave behind scraps of wood as their feet try to root to the earth
5 - Their hair is a mess of feathers, and the air is their domain along with the Moth-King
6 - Hair like moss, teeth like stones, they swim through the earth as though it were water
7 - A pair of great antlers sprout from their head, they are challenged for leadership often, they have never lost
8 -  Flesh like bark, and smouldering from within, they lead a crusade against the trolls with flame

Potential Central Totems of the Druid Groves:
1 - A Gnarled and Crooked Willow Tree, from which many Trolls have been hung.
2 - The posed and Roaring Skeleton of a Great Bear, embellished with many Troll bones.
3 - A Totem Pole carved from the Heart-wood of a mighty tree, depicting all the beasts of the Marsh
4 - A mighty standing stone, abstractly depicting the curvings and striations of the Marsh.
5 - Something like a shrine, only overflowing and blossoming with Fungus, sometimes fed meat.
6 - A Pile of the bones of old druids, a grand ossuary sculpture that is continuously added to.
7 - A hot-spring, within whose steaming waters dwells a Naiad of gentle and nurturing nature.
8 - A Grand Stone Brazier, ever burning, fed forever on the fat of Trolls.

Aunty Seepstitch
An Angler Hag has taken root in the Candlemarsh, an powerful being clad in the guise of an old woman, only twisted and wretched. She is thick-set, swaddled in lovingly sewn granny-garments, but her hands end in wicked goblin-claws, her jaw is too large for her head, and her mouth is full of thin, near-transparent needle-teeth. Beneath her matriarch-cap hides her lure, an arch of flesh ending in a tiny, strangely hypnotic candle-flame. She is a huntress through and through, beware her lights.
At heart, she is a predator. She can pretend to be kind and cheerful, she can play the role of a welcoming host, but she is always watching with the eyes of a tiger, waiting for the moment for her strike to sneak up and under your guard. She plays at fine dining, but keeps relapsing to her natural, brutal ways often without even realising or remembering. She will be delicately slicing fine shreds of meat to boil up into a broth, and then in an instant be stabbing the meat with the fury of a maniac, before returning to delicate slices. She will caress on of her many 'pets' gently, motherly, before bringing it up to her mouth, gorging herself with fury in her eyes, and then return to the petting. Don't try to confront her about it, it will only get you killed.
She can brew all kinds of lovely Teas, which she frequently brews for her terrified Troll 'guests'. The one thing she loves more than the hunt are guests, to the point where she will even take in those she would normally have not qualms slaughtering for meat if they knock at her door.
In her 'larder' there are a pair of gagged, drugged, terrified druids; bound and caked in mud and muck.
Swimming through the air as if it were water, are the Hag's familiar Spirits, a pair of electric Eels. The can cast bite, with the same effect as Shocking Grasp, and if both grapple the same person, the energy they create immobilises the target as if by a Hold Person spell. She loves both of them dearly, and feeds them little morsels every now and again, and will not let any harm befall them.
Sometimes, she gives the local Bloat-Dead little flower-crowns to make them seem... more cheerful.

The Angler Hag Out and About
When in a Hex adjacent to the Hag's home, any encounter will instead be with the Angler Hag in an 2 in 6 chance. When in the Hex containing the Hag's home, any encounter will instead be with the Angler Hag in a 4 in 6 chance.
1 - She wrestles hand to hand with a Troll-Eater Crocodile, in a couple of turns she will tear its throat out with her teeth and then drag it back to her home to cut up and cook.
2 - She runs full tilt, cackling maniacally, as she chases after a pack of False-Herons, who flee screeching before her. She will tear out the tongues of the ones she catches.
3 - She stalks a group of  Druids, they are unaware that one of them will end up in her pot. They will only notice when it is too late.
4 - She delicately pulls away scraps of fungus and moss and carefully lays them down on a tray. She will take them home to dry them.
5 - She has a Bloat-Dead pinned beneath her feet. She pulls out a huge, crude syringe and sucks out a great measure of pus from the Bloat-Dead, and tosses the empty husk away.
6 - She roughly guides a pair of obviously terrified trolls by the hands, telling them about the tea she will brew for them and how lucky they are they caught her when they did.
7 - She draws water from the swamp, reaches in and pulls out a wriggling writhing clutch of eels. She gulps them down one after the other.
8 - She is knelt on top of a squealing Stilt-Elk. With a wrench, she tears the antlers from its head, and leaves it there, bleeding.

Teas and Imbibements of the Angler Hag
Of course, these names are just names. Who knows what might actually end up in each of the recipes? The effects however, are predictable. The effects of each last for one day.
1 - Gristlewort Tea: This bitter, bitter tea inures you to the swamp air. You automatically pass any save to resist disease, but also automatically fail any save to disbelieve illusions as the tea numbs your mind.
2 - Cuttlemoss Tea: This flowery and fragrant tea causes your wounds seal much quicker than perhaps they should. Whenever you take damage from a mundane weapon, you take 1 damage less (to a minimum of 1). You also take one damage more from magical sources, as your flesh becomes a better conductor of eldritch energies.
3 - Thicket-bean Coffee: Surprisingly creamy, this brown-ish drink counts as a days worth of rations when drunk, though you do need to eat double the regular requirement of rations the following day.
4 - Bogberry Cordial: This sweet, cloying drink means that insects take no notice of you, though you also suffer a -1 modifier to your stealth saves.
5 - Gin and Trollic: Best not ask what goes into this thick, coppery drink. You regenerate 1 hit point each hour while this drink affects you. Trolls will know what you have down to earn this power, and will always attack you unless you have truly proved yourself a Troll-friend.
6 - THE THUNDERER: Make a constitution save versus poison when you imbibe this stormy-grey liquor. If you fail, your guts thunder within you, halving your constitution score for the day. If you pass, you contain the storm within, and can vomit a thunderclap once until the end of the day, as per a Thunderwave spell.

The Old Man of the Moss-Clumps
It is huge and hulking, rough-shapen from moss and mud. It is one of the many Geniis Loci of the swamp, and most certainly the most powerful and most often seen as well. It cares little for the politics and goings on of the swamp's inhabitants, and indeed if it can speak at all, it never has. It is content to wander the swamp, seemingly aimlessly, roaming and meandering. While it seems to never interact with anything that doesn't initiate some sort of violence upon it, it does have a curious disposition towards the Troll Fat-Candles, which it always snuffs out. Thus, it sometimes comes into conflict with the trolls, invariably ending with a few ground up Trolls and a little more ragged-round-the-edges Man of the Moss-Clumps. Probably the Troll-King will tire of it eventually, and order a great hunt to slay it. It will probably work too, though not without the loss of many Troll lives. 

Encounters in the Marsh

Whilst within the Outer edges of the marsh, roll a d12 to determine encounter, and add d6-1 each time you roll a maximum result on a dice, to a maximum result of 30.
Whilst within the Midway ranges of the marsh, roll a d20 to determine encounter, and add d6-1 each time you roll a maximum result on a dice, to a maximum result of 30, and removing d6-1 from the total for each minimum result of a dice, to a minimum result of 1
Whilst within the Inner heartland of the marsh, roll a d20+10 to determine encounter, removing d6-1 from the total for each minimum result of a dice, to a minimum result of 1.

1 - A clutch of Troll-Eater Crocodiles stares at you from the water. [2d4 crocodiles]
2 - A band of Druids tends to a wounded Mange-Minx. [d6 Druids of the Swamp]
3 - A scared troll curled up sobs to itself while surrounded by a swarm of otherwise indifferent Flicker-Flame Moths.
4 - A Troll smashes on the ground nearby, the Moth King circles lazily above.
5 - Creak-beast crashes out of the water and immolates a False-Heron instantly. The others run, Creak-beast chases after, flames licking from its mouth. [2d4 Stilt Herons]
6 - The ground gives way beneath the party's feet, slumping into a pool in which rests an outcrop of Rosecoal.
7 - A Troll skins the fat from a Stilt-Elk carcass while its companions keep watch over the other bodies they have caught. [2d4 Stilt-Elk corpses, 2d4 Trolls]
8 - False-Herons watch the waters and occasionally snatch up Filth-Eels. [d6 False-Herons, not initially aggressive]
9 - Druids sit in a circle in communion with a great Mud-Spirit in the crude form of a man, huge and hulking. [3d3 Druids of the Swamp]
10 - The water boils and steams up ahead, Rosecoal lurks in the steam, a blistering troll painfully drags itself free from the water.
11 - The Moth-King struggles with a troll far away, before finally tearing off the Troll's head, and flying off.
12 - A Troll hunting party chases a group of Stilt-Elk with spears. [2d4 Trolls, 3d6 Stilt-Elk]
13 - False-Herons chase a terrified troll through waist-high water. [2d4 False Herons]
14 - A band of Trolls plant Candles on the more sturdy outcrops of land and rock. [2d4 Trolls]
15 - Candle Golem paces around the swamp, lonely and insane.
16 - A group of Bloat-Dead erupt out the mud, screaming for meat. [d6d6 Bloat-Dead]
17 - A Maiden of mud, muck, and filth sits on a rock, wringing brown water from her reed-hair. She is a spirit of the Marsh, and has much to tell those who are polite, and offering appropriate gifts.
18 - Several leeches have attached themselves to vulnerable parts of the party. Removing them costs 1 hp, and is somewhat uncomfortable. While attached, leeches decrease the amount of healing from hit die by 1 hp per dice.
19 - A wandering ghost of a forlorn adventurer meanders through the murk, forever looking for its lost arm. It might know much about the trolls...
20 - A Troll makes an offering to the God 'Neath the Marsh, muck and filth flow up it and seeps into its flesh, bolstering its regeneration for a time. The Troll plans to enter the Fight-Pit.
21 - Creak-beast bursts through the reeds with a terrifying scream of flame.
22 - A band of Trolls chases after the Moth-King, who eventually launches into the sky and flees to the woods. [3d6 Trolls]
23 - A group of Troll-Eater Crocodiles tear at a pair of Trolls while any of their companions smash at them with claws and weapons. [2d4 Trolls, 2d4 Crocodiles]
24 - Candle-Golem smashes a Troll that is desperately trying to crawl away. It will not escape.
25 - Druids battle with a Band of Trolls, it could go either way. [2d4 Trolls, 3d6 Druids of the Swamp]
26 - Creak-Beast and Troll-Eater crocodiles struggle with each other, rolling hither and thither trying to tear each other apart [2d4 Troll-Eater Crocodiles]
27 - The Angler Hag lies in ambush here. She will kill one, devour it, then chase the others.
28 - The Old Man of the Moss-Clumps thumps its way through the murk. It stops to snuff a Troll-Candle, then wanders on.
29 - There is an old and rotten pallisade here. Within, there are the remains of old adventurers, gnawed by beasts of the swamp. There are a few Troll-Bone trophies here.
30 - The Troll-King and some of his closest courtiers are out on a Man-Hunt. Run.

The God 'Neath the Murk

What is the God 'Neath the Murk actually? And what of the Rosecoal Spiders?
1 - A Forest God, impure and corrupted by the muck and mucky thoughts of the Trolls. It is bloating on their horrid worship, and twisting into something else. The Rosecoal Spiders are manifestations of this corruption.
2 - A Great Old One, slumbering and dreaming beneath the waters. The Rosecoal Spiders are ancient, alien servitor machines that await the awakening of their ineffable master.
3 - The Spirit of the Old Wizard who lived here. They long sought the power of the spirits of the rotten places in a hope to discover what it is that made men rot. Eventually it found out, and the knowing of it ruined his mind. The Rosecoal Spiders are emanations of the Wizard's madness, whose spirit has now fused with the Spirit of the Swamp itself, which roils insanely in the spirit world.
4 - The Spirit of the First Druid who lived here, long before the others. It began its Naturlisation, but resisted, and became a Loam Lich. It has lain dormant from centuries now, and the Rosecoal Spiders are the first stirings of the Liches dreams of fire and stone.
5 - A Water God, whose form breaches into the Mortal World, forming this swamp. The Rosecoal Spiders are servants that keep the Water God subdued, for it wishes not to wander the Mortal Lands, but the distant and yet close ranges of Nevuah.
6 - A Mighty and Terrible Leviathan, buried for millenia beneath the Muck. The Rosecoal Spiders are parasites that fed from its ever-boiling blood.
7 - A GREEN God, overflowing with Phlegmatic Humours. It is dreaming of plants, creepers, vines; yet when these thoughts reach the mortal world, they are already feotid and rotting. Thus was born the Marsh. The Rosecoal Spiders are its cast off thoughts and emotions, cool on top, writhing beneath.
8 - Something else of your own creation.

Old King Carrow, Mortulant and Despondite

King Carrow is an old and mortulant man, feignly despondite in his interminious ruin. His green humours doth overgrace him, and such he hath a gregariate crowd of antidiluvinious Druids about him bringathered. Veins of vines grow up all about him, and his feet are terminuted unto the earth as if they were wood. Moulderine unto his throne as he is, still he wanders as he desires, his grand throne excurriated upon the back of an almighted beetle, his warpeneded throne growthling through its shell as a mycelliac web unto the earth. The King heself holds in one hand the reigns of the gigantical beetle, directioning it as he wills, and in the other he holdeth a grande rod, guilting and glitterous with glory. The rod is a symbolical of his rule, his undominatable will and his unwholy desires. Many a uprighteous and questerling enemy hath been sent a gurglous and overbrimmingly end at the zenith of the rod. Hith goal is underdeniably the untold and lostified power off the Hands of the Forest, withering which he might consolerate the might of his green humours into a focalled and directified format. He also wearforth upon his head a crown of serpentines, coiled and roiled upbout him, and upon his directiate, they grow and extremend unto a grandious sizing, and smashiate their bulkanious bodies abround their King until he foes remoil a pitiously regrettening paste. The Court of King Carrow festoonify themselfes with all ammanner of tree-grained clothicles, and wood and leaf adornify amany of them. They crawl on their bellies, with extranated limbs propelliting them forthward as unto a beetle, which pleasifies the King greatmoniously. At his commanditing, they transpartition themselves into a hugemungous cloud of flies and uthar such vermione, darkerating the sky with their uncountiable numeratenousnous. In other times, they fawnicate upon the knees of the king, beggining for royal favours, and squabblifling and scappaging amungst themselfs. They all eagerlise the day when the King's Humours doth overgrade him in totaliality, for the Hands of the Forest doth not existiate, and the liebrications of the Court have not their nature revealified untowardeth the kingling as of yet.

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The Barrow Kings

In the oldest days of man, we were in tune with the earth. We communed with spirits, and spoke to animals. We requested favours of the earth, and performed it favours in kind. The Barrow Kings are not from those most ancient of ages, yet were alive yet to see and remember the last few dying embers of it. Their spirit-magics were strong, their wills indefatigable. When death came to grasp them, they went no unscreaming, and the Barrows they leave have trapped their spirits with their old and mouldering bones. There they remain to these modern days, awaiting, awatching, disgusted at the weaknesses shown by their distant, distant descendants. Still they jealously clutch their treasures, powers, and glories, and dream in death of days when they may yet reclaim them.

The Barrow-King's Mode of War

The Barrow Kings do not all fight in the same manner, they do not all fight with the same weapons. These are the main categories of their armaments and tactics though, and they should be equipped appropriately for such, even in death.

1 - Weapon Master - Even then, the blade had been mastered, and in an art you will not know
2 - Hexblade - Many curses were wrought in their blade, in the flesh, on their heart
3 - Sorcerer King - Mightier Magics were wrought then by Mightier People
4 - Juggernaut - Armour of Stone, Shield of Bone, Blade of Iron, Might like the Lion
5 - Nightmare Master - Not even your blackest dreams match what he sees in sleep
6 - Necromancer - Bone and Flesh, Answer the Call of their Word!
7 - Animist - A Friend of the Earth becomes mighty indeed
8 - Ravager - Axes and War-cries, bloom of flame on the Horizon and a long, long Night.
9 - Proto-Paladin - The Blessings of Ancient Gods hold strong even now
10 - Shackled - Beaten, Battered, Broken, Chained; a mouthful of sand and sand and sand


The guardians of the Barrow King attend to them personally, or await close by their gates. They are the last line of defence between defilers and the sacred bones of Barrow King. Each Barrow King has one set of Guardians.

1 - Locus Genii
2 - Ancestor Spirits [An amorphous host]
3 - Grave-Guard [3d6]
4 - Black Knights [2d8]
5 - Guardian Familiar
6 - Animated Sentinel
7 - Curse-Bond Revenant
8 - Divine Figment
9 - Plant-Ally
10 - Avatar of the Earth

Locus Genii
The Spirit of a place, a guardian spirit against defilers and a watchful nurturer for honest seekers of truth. It cannot leave this place, but while here it has incredible power and influence. All the other spirits in the Barrow are its friends, and will serve it for a time in defence of the Barrow.
Ancestor Spirits
Not all the souls of the Departed truly depart. Some remain for any number of reasons. These ones remain in service to their lord. They will endure as long as the Lord does.
Armoured Bones and Wicked Weapons; they were the elite in their day, and though the sun has long since set on them, their skill is not diminished, and their blades still bite with power.
Black Knights
Old and Mouldering bones wrapped all about in the Black Thoughts of the Barrow King, become physical by the Strange Magicks of this place. They fight as furiously as the Barrow King imagines they should, but they are subtly shapeless and unformed, terrifying nightmare-figments given existance.
Guardian Familiar
In life, this spirit-beast never left the side of its master, and it remains here still. The long weight of ages has twisted it, and it has grown huge and fat on the energies of the place, a veritable beast fanatically determined to guard the body of its old, old friend.
Animated Sentinel
Made in semblance of man, once it might have been a mere statue, or suit of armour, but now it is an unfailing guardian, immune to the burdens of sleep and weariness.
Curse-Bond Revenent
Not all who rest dead in the Barrow do so of their own accord. These are the bodies of those slain upon the crest of the barrow, whose necks were slit open that their blood could flow down and inundate the earth of the Grave. These are those powerful in their wrath, unable to leave, unable to rest, their powerful rage granting power that can't be taken out on anyone anymore.
Divine Figment
Some say that Gods are nothing more than spirits of the World grown fat on faith and reverence. Perhaps its true of all Gods, but it is certainly true of this Spirit. It has been diminished by the march of ages and a lack of offerings, but it still blazes with power beyond a mere man.
In the elder days of man, many were closer friends of the earth and its peoples that they are in these modern days. Some of these friendships still hold strong, even after all these years, and this Plant-Person will not suffer desecration to befall the one that was its friend in elder days.
Avatar of the Earth
The mightiest of the Spirits of the World that can wander in bodies of stone and mud, some few have been bound into service, or sometimes are motivated to repay ancient debts. In either case, they are mighty guardians indeed, to whom the earth is a willing ally, and the plants a faithful soldiery.


Minions are the various beasts and terrors of the Barrow, induced to unconscious service by the undying will of the Barrow king. Each Barrow king has a set of Minions for every 2 HD they have.

1 - Votive Dead [5d6]
2 - Skeletons [3d8]
3 - Unclean Spirits [3d4]
4 - Guardian Statues [3d4]
5 - Animated Murals [d4]
6 - Earthen-Men [3d6]
7 - Spirits of Rites [2d4]
8 - Vengeful Beasts [3d6]
9 - Elemental Motelings [3d6]
10 - Dream Figments [d4]

Votive Dead
Much like the Curse-Bonded, the Votive Dead let their blood flow for the Honour of the Barrow King. Their anger was not as potent as the rage of the Curse-Bonded, and thus they remain as more docile and impotent beings, though the presence of defilers still rouses them to anger.
The soldiers of the Barrow King in life, they remain in devoted service in death as well, clad in tattered armour and wielded ruined weapons. Their forms hold together as their morale does, the more the battle turns against them, the quicker they crumble as their spirits abandon the battle; but should they find smaller victories in the struggle, they will surge through wounds and blows to deadlier and deadlier effect.
Unclean Spirits
Not all Spirits are the wholesome personages of stones and earth. These Spirits are rife with muck and rot, possessing deplorable hungers and loathsome forms. They lurk in the dark corners of the earth, out of sight; and thus many will congregate in the Barrows of the Ancient Kings. They are known to bring sickness and curses, and have a particular hatred of humans, who represent everything the spirits find hateful in the world.
Guardian Statues
Coming in all manner of shapes and forms, these animated idols are purpose-built to defend the sanctity of the tomb, and their durable forms and powerful blows for their size makes them ideal sentinels. Their relative slowness and the simplicity of the spirits animating them (or at least, their lack of effort) mean that they are often-times able to be outsmarted, or outmaneuvered. The long marches of years have not been kind to them.
Animated Murals
Many Barrows contain murals of the great deeds and feats of the Barrow Kings. A few even have them enchanted to come to life in defence of those they depict. Creatures of myth clamber down from the walls, armies of tiny men flood from the pictures, glowing blades and the warriors that hold them finding new life in their enchantments.
Tiny spirits of the earth given vessel in mud-moulded forms like that of men. They have been taught that they are the defenders of the King in death, and that they will tolerate no defilers. Their bodies mold as their needs dictate, though unconsciously, and they fight unyieldingly, unaware that there is even such a thing as surrender.
Spirits of Rites
Some of the sacrifices that occur during the funerals of Barrow Kings aren't solely for the glory of the dead. Some bring new spirits into being; or rather, reshape present spirits into new and horrendous forms. They are bound to the implements of ritual, the bloody knife, the stained altar, the drenched pit. They animate them in anger when defilers approach, but they are confused and lost, unaware. They will destroy what they don't understand, and back down against nothing, they are more akin to animals than most spirits. 
Vengeful Beasts
All sorts are sacrificed at the funerals of Barrow Kings, not least of all animals. Oxen, horses, serpents, wolves, dogs, fish, cats, all kinds meet the blade throat-on in honour of the departed. Their spirits remain in their bodies, and their ragged, undead forms are another line of defence between the glorious bones of the Barrow King and those who would defile them.
Elemental Motelings
Just tiny, cute little elementals. Be careful though, in swarms, they have all the capabilities of their greater cousins, a fact of which they are well aware.
Dream Figments
The dead do not rest undreaming in barrows. Sometimes, fragments and shards of dreams slip from their hollow skulls, manifesting as amorphous, indistinct mists, shapes forming and solidifying then dissipating in an instant within the mist. They prey on men, hoping that by taking the spirits of the living, they might make themselves more real. They take on the aspects of what they slay, yet they will never really attain life, and this makes the mightiest of them angry and wrathful.

How Shall Ye Know the Barrow?

Great heaps of earth they may be, yet they do not necessarily stand the tests of time, nor the march of water and wind. Even in elder days, they realised this would be true, and so made arrangements that even after uncountable ages, all would know the place where the Kings of Old still rested.

1 - By the Ring of Standing Stones upon its brow
2 - By the Lonely Dolemn crowning it
3 - By the Bolts of Lightning it calls down from the full moon
4 - By the Guardian Spirit that prowls the grounds by Night
5 - By the Shrine to the many Spirits of the Dead at its peak
6 - By the Extensive Earthworks that surround it
7 - By the Words writ in Bronze upon the Door
8 - By the Mighty Construction of Earth and Stone, it is unmistakable
9 - By the Weald-Tree that crests it
10 - By the many, many Satellite-Tombs that ring it
11 - By the Tales that still speak the Dead King's Ancient Name
12 - By the Clearly Audible Whispers of the Dead, beckoning you
13 - By the Crows that still feed on the small bones
14 - By the Will-O-the-Wisps that dance and cavort about it
15 - By the Incredible and Improbable Stench
16 - By the River that pours forth from it
17 - By the Frosts that cling to it, even in the Light of the Sun
18 - By the Howling of the Spirits at the Witching Hour
19 - By the Bones that stud it like Weeds
20 - By the Lack of anything Living within a hundred feet of it

Aspects of the Barrow

These are additional affects of the Barrow, intentional or not. Most Barrows should have one or two, maybe three for particularly powerful Barrow Kings. 

1 - It is lost in an Artificial Forest
2 - Within the Barrow are strange Moats of Mercury
3 - It is partially hidden in the Mirror-World
4 - A Preserved and Animated Guardian Beast still watches its ancient master
5 - There are many Magicked Water Features within
6 - Many Wandering Spirits take respite here
7 - The Barrow has its own spirit, soaked in magic
8 - It is mightily overtaken by Roots and Thorns
9 - It is riddled with many Primitive Traps and Contraptions
10 - The Barrow is Improbably Frozen
11 - There is a floor made of a multitude of Grasping Hands
12 -There is an Oracle dwelling in the Barrow's Walls
13 - The Air is overtaken with a Hallucinogenic Gas
14 - Within is a stained, Sacrificial Pit, and a stained, Hungry Knife
15 - The Barrow is shrouded in a Hateful Crystal's Curse
16 - It is haunted by the Ghosts of Ancient and Extinct Beasts
17 - The walls of the Barrow are decorated with Uncountable Bones
18 - There are a number of Hot Springs contained within the Barrow
19 - Much of the Barrow is Flooded with Filthy Water
20 - The Locks on the Doors are sealed with Curses
21 - The Tunnels of the Barrow form an Extra-Spatial Labyrinth
22 - The Barrow is slowly, painfully collapsing in many places
23 - There is a Shrine within, overgrown with a multitude of beautiful flowers
24 - Within the Barrow is contained a Primitive Observatory for watching Ancient and Lost Stars
25 - The Barrow is connected to a Cave used by Shamans on Vision Quests
26 - The Barrow is infested with great, man-eating Worms
27 - Many of the Walls contain Spirit-Urns, binding the Ancient Soldiers to their lord still
28 - In a dark nook there is a Curse-Nail Idol, still it seethes with Ancient Hates
29 - The earthen floors are overtaken with Plants that hunger for flesh and blood
30 - The Walls are adorned with Antikythera-esque mechanisms, with inscrutable purposes

Where is the Body of the Barrow King?

All manner of rituals are employed for the dead. Now, nothing can be said of them, save for what we might infer from where the body now rests...

1 - Still sitting in its long-mouldering Throne
2 - Laid down in a grand stone Sarcophagus
3 - Standing in their tarnished and dusty Chariot
4 - Laid out in a rotten and ragged boat
5 - Bundled with their belongings in a mere pit
6 - Resting Serenely in a Crystal-clear pool
7 - Buried Shallowly in the Earth
8 - Dashed to pieces upon an Altar
9 - Suspended in a pillar of Amber
10 - Held up in a Cascade of Roots and Branches
11 - Lying upon the charred ribs of a Funeral Pyre
12 - Cradled by some Inhuman Statue
13 - Arrayed in full Regalia with their Body-Guards
14 - Surrounded by their family in the very picture of the perfect household
15 - Sat about a table with their closest advisors
16 - Laid down in a bed, as if only asleep
17 - Spread carelessly across the room
18 - Held in the jaws of some ancient and monstrous skull
19 - Contained tightly in a patterned and decorated Urn
20 - Hanging from the neck

What is the Form of the Barrow's Interior?

Not a single Barrow is like another in its entirety. These are the patterns they follow, though each be shaped by the mind and lingering will of the dead within them. 

1 - A Long Passage into the Earth
2 - A Grand Hall of Pillars
3 - Muddy and Twisting Tunnels
4 - A Prim and Proper Tomb
5 - An Inverted Tower, sinking down into the Earth
6 - A Grand Arena
7 - It is all contained within a Great, Buried Ship
8 - A maze-like Hive of Tunnels and Chambers
9 - An almighty pit, criss-crossed with bridges
10 - A subterranean field of Sepulchers

Treasures of the Barrow King

All Barrow Kings are richly adorned with treasures and adornments. Many are even magical, as the powers of the earth flowed more freely then.
To create the treasures of the Barrow, roll twice on the Mundane Treasures table for the majority of the riches of the Barrow. Then, for every Hit Die of the Barrow King beyond the first, roll for a Magical Treasure from the Weapons, Tools, Devices, or Wondrous Objects tables either at your discretion, or the discretion of a d4. 

1 - Beautiful ceramic arts
2 - Coins of precious metals
3 - Rough cut and set jewels and gems
4 - Shaped amber and shells
5 - Finely wrought metal weapons
6 - Tapestries of great skill
7 - Carven Bones
8 - Old vehicles, boats and chariots

1 - Dagger of Sacrifices - The Knife that pierces the heart and dredges up all the power of its spirit
2 - Beheading Blade - Many lives has it taken, all helpless and weeping
3 - Mammoth-Hunters Spear - Fly fast, Strike True, Feed my People
4 - Megalith Maul - Built of the Stone of Earth-Pacts, bears all the weight of the world
5 - Ancient Ivory Armour - Stands at the precipice of collapse, but withstands like metal
6 - Sigil Shield - Old Signs borne on Old Wood, turns aside the magics of witches and hexers
7 - Blood-of-the-Earth Blade - Rust that sets the blood ablaze within you, sets you hard like granite
8 - Axe of Ancient Forests - Cut down a tree, and then plant it in a stump, and the tree will be returned unto you.

1 - Bone Soul-Pins - Bind the persons spirit to this place, let them know no peace, no rest
2 - Amber Inlaid Casket - What lies here will never feel the weight of ages or the passing of time
3 - Beast-King Belt - The wearer of this most high trophy will be granted the strength of the beast
4 - Char-Brass Pins - Blackened Bright like coals, they draw in heat
5 - Megalith Ropes - Make weightless the weighty
6 - Azure Adz - Blue like the sky, plant it in wrath and the sky will answer it with thunder
7 - Silver Pendent - Turn aside the attentions of Evil Eye, keep safe thine spirit
8 - Spirit-Ward Jar - Place within the ashes of the dead, and they will never know the touch of evil

Magical Devices
1 - Rune Stone Shards - Stone holds the old dreams of mighty magics, they crackle with power
2 - Stone-Wood Staff - A conduit for magics, plant it in the earth and your words are amplified
3 - Mammoth Scrimshaw - Run all about with old, old runes, they offer protection from spirits
4 - Stone-Glass Wands - They obey any command you give them that they can perform
5 - Pact of Bronze - A promise wrought in incorruptible metal, never shall it be broken
6 - A Brass Mirror - It shows you not as you are, but as they without eyes see you
7 - A Ceramic Promise - Break it and the words writ upon it are no longer words, merely shapes
8 - Amber Bond-Beads - Wear it with one that you love, they suffer as you do, prosper as you do

Wondrous Items
1 - Tree of Binding - In its roots is a prison whose bars cannot be bent, where there are no keys
2 - Rune-Stone Spire - Pin it through the Earth, Pierce the Ley-Lines, Shape them as you Will
3 - Sealed-Wind Urn - Within it lies a sleeping wind, open it and it will issue forth in Strength
4 - Blood-Bronze Manacles - Seal them tight, not even thoughts can escape them
5 - Iron Idol - Annoint it in Oil and Blood, and the Spirit shall hear your Prayers
6 - Char-Brass Brazier - Feed it blood, and quench your blades in its coals, see how they sparkle?
7 - Bloody Altar - Your sacrifices of blood and wine are received all the more favourably
8 - Vessel of Rites - It holds liquids for your rituals, and is built to receive powerful magics in return

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