Further Tables for Katawa's Bath-House

Its been a bit, I need to get myself back into this habit.

Here are some tables for my Ghibli-esque by way of strange folk-lore Bath-House.
Food Stalls!
The Actual Baths!

Events at the Guest House

1 - One of the Guests of the Bath-House is hosting a party, they have an Ulterior Motive
2 - An important talk is being hosted in the Bath-House between two Guests, a third Guest is out to disrupt them. If they succeed, the consequences could be dire indeed.
3 - A great Festival of Fire is being hosted at the Bath-House, it is cover for a crucial meeting. Security is extra tight.
4 - A Guest has gone missing in Pod 317, somewhere deep within indeed.
5 - Bath-Tokens are 50% off! A wondrous bargain! The Bath-House throngs with punters.
6 - A fight broke out in the Sake Bar. Milly sadly cleans up the mess.
7 - A special guest-Gourmand is doing business in the Food Court today, the level groans beneath the weight of the guests.
8 - Secretly, the Spring-Spirits are on strike today, the Baths are closed.
9 - A distinctly inhuman guest has come today, their appetites are overwhelming, and they are causing a bit of a scene about it really.
10 - One of the Guests has brought a large number of friends with them today, half of the general patrons are affiliated with the Guest in question.
11 - One of the Flame-Sprites has gone berserk and swollen to the size of an elephant. Servants and staff rush around in a mad panic trying to contain it and clean up after it.
12 - One of the Guests is hosting a soiree, and everyone is invited!

Ulterior Motives
1 - To steal from another guest.
2 - To discover the truth of the Bath-House's heating.
3 - To break into Katawa's office and read a document.
4 - To rob Administrator Goro's safe.
5 - To learn another Guest's secret.
6 - To break up talks between two other Guests.
7 - To ruin another Guest's reputation.
8 - To hunt down a Guest who knows their secret.
9 - To hunt down Katawa and have a stern word with him.
10 - To find the Complaints Statue's records. 


Mundane Rumours - spoken by those unaware of the true nature of the bath-house
1 - The castle out on the lake is haunted by the spirits of the damned.
2 - A witch dwells there and transforms men who trespass into beasts and monsters!
3 - Echidna, mother of monsters, holds her court there on nights of the new moon.
4 - It is a prison for a Demon of monstrous size!
5 - Incredible riches and secret powers are hidden in the deeper dungeons beneath it.
6 - It was used as a meeting ground between ancient man and spirits of the world in elder days.
Extraordinary Rumours - spoken by those who know its nature, but have never been there
7 - A Masked-Spirit serves Sake of breath-taking quality, and magical property! 
8 - A spirit in the old Bath-House has gathered gold for centuries, and hidden it away within!
9 - At least one dragon has to live there right? Deep beneath in hidden caverns I'd wager.
10 - Elf folks hold faerie-courts there to decide the fates of those replaced with changelings.
11 - Humans are like ants to the occupants of the old bath-house! Ants I say!
12 - If you pay a shiny silver Obol to the doorman, you too can enjoy the finest Bath known to man.
Intimate Rumours - spoken by those who frequent the establishment
13 - Any meeting can be arranged there, between man, spirit, and most anything in-between.
14 - The baths are many, and all with especial attributes, some wholesome, some decidedly not.
15 - The Master of Servants holds a bag of many swords, and each can tell an ancient tale.
16 - The food-hall is something to behold! There are so many foods, and so many secrets to sample!
17 - Stay only during the day, at night, the spirits are replaced with foul demons.
18 - Djinni-spirits guard the Bath-House, beasts of flame with cage-metal bodies.
19 - The Master of the Bath-House knows many secrets, but is a mystery himself.
20 - Spirits play a Great Game of power and influence at the Bath House. They trade in secrets.

Secrets of the Bath-House

If a secret about the Bath-House is discovered by some means by the Party or a Guest, roll below to discover what is now known.
1 - The Servantry are enchanted by their contracts; Katawa is aware of everything the servantry see or hear while on duty, this is how he maintains such a close connection to the Great Game.
2 - Goro's Vault also holds the minds of the Water-Pumpers, without which they are docile and pliable. They are like storms in glass jars.
3 - A the meeting rooms have spy-cubbies, in which a watching, listening servant is festooned to eavesdrop on meetings.
4 - There is a cupboard full of paintings, depicting Guests who earned Katawa's ire. Their spirits are trapped within, never to escape without the destruction of the painting.
5 - The Flame-Sprites are small motes of a greater Flame-Being who is currently trapped by Katawa (in one of his paintings). He is decidedly displeased by this, naturally.
6 - A series of exactly five valves, if simultaneously closed, would shatter the Bath-House's entire water-system.
7 - A dormant Demon-Seed lies hidden in the earth in one of the gardens. No-one knows which.
8 - The Koi in the pond are not what they seem, but attempts to discover their true nature have yet proved fruitless.
9 - Mushi foolishly keeps a spare set of his keys inside a hollow lucky cat on his desk. Since he is almost never in his office, they are somewhat unguarded...
10 - Milli has venom in her bite that could kill almost anyone and anything. She is very, very secretive about this. Not even Katawa knows.

The Food-Hall

Everyone loves the food at Katawa's, and competition is fierce to keep one of the limited spaces for stalls. Its a chef-eat-chef world up there, and most everyone has a dirty secret of some kind...
Everyone at the Bath-House has a favourite food, even Katawa himself; find out what it is, and you will most certainly gain at least a small bit of favour with them.

What do the Stalls sell? (2d10)
1 - Curried                     1 - Animals, butchered
2 - Candied                    2 - Bones
3 - Roasted                     3 - Fruit and Veg
4 - Vegan                        4 - Wood
5 - Stewed                      5 - Stones
6 - Frozen                      6 - Insects
7 - Fermented/Pickled   7 - Animals, whole
8 - Dumplings of           8 - Seafood
9 - Raw                          9 - Birds
10 - Votive                     10 - Feces

What secrets do the Stall-Owners hold?
1 - The recipe to their secret spice blend.
2 - The "secret ingredient" which is supposedly well known, is actually something entirely different.
3 - Never flushes the toilet. Rude.
4 - Knows a ruinous rumour about another Stall-Owner.
5 - They can get you heckin' weird spirit-drugs.
6 - Knows how to pick the locks to the Sleeping Pods.
7 - Secretly forges Bath-Tokens.
8 - They know a Guest's secret. Perhaps you could persuade them to tell...
9 - They know a Bath-House secret. They are smart enough to know not to tell frivilously...
10 - Their stall is a drop-point for agents of the Great Game.

The Baths Themselves

The main attraction, the talk of spirits the world-over (probably), the decadent heights of luxury.
Needless to say, even the basic bath-tokens are pricey, and the higher tier ones are positively ruinous.

Bath Tokens:
For a normal bath, roll a d6.
For a more exotic bath, roll a d12.
For a potentially bizarre bath, roll a d20.
1 - White: The Classic; hot water, cleansing soap, wooden duckies.
2 - Black: Anti-scented Bath; removes all smells you might have.
3 - Red: Really Hot Bath; sweat out and neutralise poisons.
4 - Green: Herbal Soak; invigorating, gain 1 temporary hit point per level.
5 - Blue: Ghost Sauna; spiritually cleansing, the next time you roll a MD and it exhausts, it doesn't.
6 - Copper: Exorcist Massage; removes bad spirits, cleanses a random curse.
7 - Silver: The Bath of Princes; all the benefits of 2 d6 rolls, rerolling duplicates.
8 - Gold: The Bath of KINGS; all the benefits of 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.
9 - Feathered: Cloud-Chamber; become light and fluffy, double jump height, half jump speed for 24 hours.
10 - Crystal: Star-Stone Sauna; attune with the universe, and gain a random cantrip you can only cast at night when the stars shine bright. Lasts 1 week.
11 - Speckled: Multi-Coloured Ooze Soak; only slightly dissolves you, you can squeeze through spaces of 4 inch diameter or larger without trouble, though it feels really strange. Lasts 1 week.
12 - Coal: Spider Massage; try not to think about it, advantage on saves against sticking to things for 1 week.
13 - Squishy: Radioactive Sauna; save and mutate; random mutation on a failure, roll thrice and pick once on a success.
14 - Luminous: Aurora Plunge Pool;Your eyes emit light as hooded lanterns for 1 week.
15 - Bark: Mysterious-Moss Masks; your hair and face occasionally sprout plants, but you can also speak with plants three times in total, so there's that.
16 - Glass filled with Smoke: Ultra-Cleanse Vial-Pods; Enter hibernation for 2d4 days, at the end of which, emerge from your cocoon of soap physically restored, even lost limbs return to you.
17 - Rusted Iron: Butcher's Scrub; remove a limb, replace it with another limb if you have one. (You need to bring your own limbs please, the fresher the better)
18 - Tentacle: Hot Eel Rub; okay, this one is really gross, not going to lie. You have advantage on rolls to escape restraints for 1 week.
19 - Bone:Skeletal Sauna; just take all your meat off for a bit, and let your skeleton have a clean for once yeah? Reroll all your hit die and add any modifiers you usually add, if the result is higher than your current hit point maximum, it becomes your hit-point maximum.
20 - Tar: The Black Bath; receive a Revelation from the Beyond.

Revelations from the Beyond
1 - Worship of an Outer-Godling; each time you sacrifice a person to the Outer-Godling, you gain a random Cleric spell you can cast once.
2 - Star-Roads of Heaven; you never get lost as long as you can see the sky. Once per month, you and any who touch you can astrally project.
3 - The True Heart of Man; your mind can never be dominated or affected by the magic of another.
4 - The Path to Heaven; you can instantly ascend to any heaven you wish to go to, your next character gains a level instantly.
5 - Secrets of Time and Space; you can teleport instantly to anywhere you can see or have ever been. If you can see that location at all, it costs one maximum hit point, if you can't, it costs d6 max hp.
6 - ITS ALL TOO MUCH; go insane, for 2d6 days at least.

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