Curated Stuff that I think is Rarver Gud

Honest Martyn's Travelling Carnival!
Honest Martyn honestly never knew all that stuff was wrong with all those things. Honestly, you can trust him, he is nothing but Honest!

The 1001 Nights of the Khilaj Almaraad
A legendary desert, replete with danger, wonders, and of course, endless burning sand.

The Troll-Haunted Candlemarsh
A Sand-boxy location rife with Trolls, a Hag, mad Wax-Golems, bloated undead, candles, and feculence.

Vettinskrake, and the Denizens of the Pale-Waste
The Mythic North, once trod by the Hero Ferringred, who left his indelible marks on the dwellers of that cold and unforgiving land on his legendary quest to reignite the Sun.

The Ivory Order: Blood and Bone
In a cold and unwelcoming city on the edge of a bay, a Consortium of Criminals with no respect for the dead rule by fear, and the powers of bone. Stay too long, and you'll probably end up as a Pale-Wight if you're lucky, or a Nerve-Slave if not.

Scrimshaw Charms: The Power of Carven Bone
Harness the power of Bone for yourself! Crunchy and unrefined by play as of yet, I love the idea though. It will find its place eventually.

Liches: Altogether too Long
Like, there's too many words here, but also many, many variations and twists on what a Lich could and should be. Fear the unwholesome Loam Lich, the dreaded Chain, the Lichiarch, the Tangled-Web.
Many tables for Lich paraphernalia too: such as lairs, phylacteries, powers.

Immortality: Everything you ever wanted to know but were too short-lived to ask
Many methods of eternal life, spelled out with pros and cons, even the unsavoury ones...

The Surgeon-Necromancers of Scapula
They will reknit your flesh and change your organs, for a price, on the Fat-blackened isle of Scapula.

Hadestown, and the Isle of the Dead
Not all worlds have one afterlife, and sometimes you can go and visit them.

Part 1 - Intro & Eritheze Hags
Part 2 - Willow, Angler & Brume Hags
Part 3 - Lunar, Murine & Briar Hags
Part 4 - Marrow, Byenic & Red Hags
Part 5 - Skitter, Matron & Scypho
Part 6 - Crose & Whisper Hags, and Retuning 5e's Hags
Perhaps the work I am mmost proud of in terms of effort-in. 20 types of hags with more than just combat abilities, and quirks and madnesses all their own.

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