Spirits of the Wild and Untamed Places

Hungry Spirits
These poor and lonely creatures perpetuate the cycles of entropy and collapse, formed of dusts and bones if they ever do manifest. Mostly they lurk and stalk, wait for your guard to fall, and then sneak into your belly and your guts and wait for you to eat. Particularly powerful spirits can even drive their hosts insane with hunger and gnawing. Some like to incarnate as hollow and dusty wolves, or maybe a skeletal bear if they are powerful enough, slaking their endless and unslakable thirsts on the blood and fluids of men and beasts.

Wandering Spirits
These mischief makers are antisocially inclined, aimlessly travelling and never finding that one place they could lay their weary heads down and slumber for the growing of new leaves and growing of new shoots. They take their frustrations out on those around them, appearing to others and attempting to appear even to themselves as playful pranksters. Their creaking and withered hearts show otherwise.

Lonely Spirits
These are they that have nothing and no-one, cold and naked and shivering. They are known as Wendigo, and when they latch on to people, they drive their hosts gibbering and screaming with the weight of all the world pressing in and around them. They show most affinity for the sky, high above the earth they seek endlessly for companionship, driving themselves further and further away from the succor they might actually benefit from.

Tectonic Spirits
Slow and calculating, they know the courses of stones and the inevitable shifting of the world. They are the ones who start landslides and avalanches, placing each stone in place for the grand cycles of the world. They drag up islands and mountains, and build up great mesas and pillars of rock. Perhaps if you could propitiate them properly, they might find some small leeway in the grand designs of stone to shape the land for you, even for a little time. Of course, for them a little time is lifetimes of men.

Forest Spirits
Actually, there are a great number of types of Forest Spirits; dryads of the trees, Root-Sowing spirits, Creeping Moss Spirits, Spirits that pull down trees and Spirits that guide steams and brooks through the earth. They go about their various businesses as they are wont to do, but if disturbed or angered, the wrath of the forest is slow and steady, and utterly crushing. The Spirits of the forest have very particular codes and convictions, and it would do you well to pay heed to them.

Shepard Spirits
Like Forest Spirits, there are many types of Shepard Spirits. Each has a thing they guide and guard; storms, mists, tides, winds, lightning, and such. Like all spirits, they can be venerated and propitiated, and thus, you might change and affect their paths. Their temperaments are similar to what it is they guide; as with all things in the spirit world.

The world of the Spirits is based on belief, first and foremost. There are the beliefs of the world, of what it holds itself to be, that provide the framework, and the personal beliefs of the Spirit itself that fill in the Frame. Thus, though the fundamental aspects of each spirit are set, in practice each spirit can be very much different from each other based on how they perceive themselves, and indeed Spirits can and often do change from type to type based on what they perceive themselves as. Some say that there are no real fundamental differences between Angels and Demons and Dryads and Mountain Gods and Wendigo, they are all Spirits, which believe themselves different from each other. Their existence and differences are fueled by the belief that they are different in a vicious (or virtuous) cycle.

Where does that leave Humans and other such mortals? Not entirely at the whim of spirits thankfully. There are many ways for men to interact with the Spirit world using their own faith, and the powers of the World itself. Druids interact with the Spirits of natural things like stones and trees and water. Shamans can communicate with the Spirits of Thinking and Feeling Things. Clerics channel human faith towards the spirit world, often through the intermediary of Powerful Spirits Men like to call Gods. There is even speculation that Wizardry and Sorcery function merely as the extensions of intense, personal belief.

But that is a discussion for another day.

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