The Curio Seller

They come and they go, at night, at dawn, settling down the great lizard just outside of town and pulling up the flesh-curtains to reveal the wares secreted within [Only some of the wares were secreted by the lizard through its esoteric glands, the others were just hidden normally]. They (mostly people say say) wear a thick, oily leather coat, strapped together, and huge boots and gloves, misshapen and probably not filled out within. Their face, is wooden, as is the rest of their head. A wooden mask of a smiling she-devil, strapped roughly to a wooden head. It sounded hollow when people threw stones at them at least.
They don't let this get them down. They merely travel from place to place, selling and trading for the misused and misbegotten detritus of history to people nearly as strange as they are.

The Curio Seller usually has 6 'slots' worth of wares for sale, and d4+1 curios.
3 of these slots are for 2d4-1 objects of slightly uncommon origin.
2 of these slots are for d4 objects of curious origin.
And 1 slot is open for a single object of truly special aspect.
You may also spend half an hour searching through the back rooms of the Curio Shop to try and find additional curios to purchase, finding d3-1 for each half hour spent searching.

The Curio Seller has 12 different wares it can sell:
1 - A scrap/fragment/whole spell.
2 - A pamphlet/notebook/codex written on Alchemy.
3 - A tome of uncommon/old/esoteric lore.
4 - A minor/major/extraordinary Work of Art.
5 - Phials of tincture/potions/elixirs
6 - A single crystal/gems/jewels of various colours.
7 - A map of the area/realm/land.
8 - A small/big/huge mirror.
9 - An initiate/journeyman/expert weapon.
10 - A piece of initiate/journeyman/expert scrimshaw.
11 - A small/medium/long totem charm.
12 - A bundle of uncommon/rare/vanishing herbs.

Where the wares have three words separated by slashes, the first word refers to uncommon objects, the second for curious objects, and third for special objects.

The Curio List
1 - A glass key of curious aspect, labelled "4" in an ancient tongue.
2 - The northern half of a star map showing strange stars.
3 - A vial of "Medusa Anti-Venom," stoppered with charred leather.
4 - A ring bearing ruby, within dances a tiny flame.
5 - A bundle of 5 golden feathers, purportedly the Thunderbird's.
6 - The supposed shin-bone of a Land-Whale, or perhaps a Land-Shark.
7 - A jar of liquid with 3 floating, jellied eyes. They follow you.
8 - A pouch of dust from the floor of the Cathedral of the Baptist.
9 - The deed to a castle you've never heard of, or can find on any map.
10 - The broken handle of a sword. Clutch it in sleep, and you dream of the blade.
11 - A pinch or two of ground unicorn horn in a silken bag.
12 - An arrow supposedly fired by the Master of the Wild Hunt. Still poisonous.
13 - The family tree of the 'Von Arngaults' emblazoned on a shield.
14 - A bottle of water blessed by the Gracious Saint Crane.
15 - A book with a pressed, scarlet flower, and a beautiful inscription (in Fae).
16 - A delicate mechanical butterfly, its wings inlaid with unmelting ice.
17 - Three exquisite silver stakes, wrapped in splendid cloth.
18 - A monocle with a cloudy jade lense, runes ring the bronze setting.
19 - A jar full of brittle, carved jet snakes, labelled; 'Burn'.
20 - A pot of particularly pungent ooze, labelled; 'Troll Musk.' Vile.
21 - A dusty bottle of... wine? Labelled; 'For the Banded Prince.'
22 - An ugly stone idol, it squats, leering, and it reeks of meat.
23 - A shred of mirror, though it reflects a strange library interior.
24 - A brass plate etched with burning, hateful symbols; a demon's name.
25 - A piece of bone, blackened and burned, inlaid with gold.
26 - A glass jar, sealed and full of golden liquid preserving a hand.
27 - A vial of blood, dressed in glittering runes and dried herbs.
28 - A shred of a white tree, it smells like tar or pitch.
29 - A locked, sandalwood box, it thumps rhythmically from within.
30 - A cameo depicting a noble-woman, inscribed in burning Infernal.
31 - A plain ebony ring, inscribed; 'This too, shall pass.'
32 - A dried and preserved heart, impaled cross-wise with two wooden nails.
33 - A golden ingot, wrapped in parchment, closed with a wax seal.
34 - A dry and dusty worm in a beautifully embroidered pocket.
35 - A tiny statuette of a praying saint, apparently life-sized.
36 - A scrap of cloth, embroidered; 'Drink of me, that I may drink of thee.'
37 - A shaman's staff, adorned with much bone, tied up with rough twine.
38 - A time-piece with many, many hands of inscrutable purpose.
39 - An urn depicting the 4 Divine Beasts of Daizuku.
40 - A map depicting a series of curious... canals? (Ley Lines)
41 - Half a book depicting many strange and wonderous works, incomplete.
42 - A sealed envelope, bearing the mark of an unknown house.
43 - An opal-adorned snuff box, hiding a key under a false bottom.
44 - A dried and leathery, imp-like corpse of a homunculus.
45 - A poultice of peculiarly pungent herbs, defies identification.
46 - A chain of alternating brass and silver links, ending with leering faces.
47 - A box of salt, engraved; 'For the last sins of Ninevah.'
48 - A shrunken, pickled head, eyes sewed shut, mouth nailed closed.
49 - A roughly humanoid statuette, wrapped in chains, engraved with curses.
50 - A golden apple, engraved; 'For the Fairest of All.'
51 - Lightning struck metal, unrecognisable, warped and twisted.
52 - Dark, dark glass, cloudy like smoke, coiling within, surprisingly cold.
53 - A series of rugged, black stone blocks, bearing runes, not quite dice.
54 - Half a brass pendent, engraved; '-urying a great fortune at the hi-'.
55 - An apparently marble, suspiciously warm, perfectly smooth egg.
56 - A wooden idol of twin, entwined snakes, wickedly sharp teeth.
57 - A halo of iridescent... glass? Crystal? Angelic, in theory.
58 - A key with human teeth, and a metal heart, which beats, improbably.
59 - A bag of thick, slightly yellow teeth, labelled; 'Do not Sow.'
60 - A glass jar, wax-sealed shut, full of roe-like ooze capsules.
61 - A set of 5 lapis lazuli and gold animal brooches, supposedly lucky.
62 - A small bottle of potent, sweet spirit. When over-imbibed, it induces long comas.
63 - A capsule of inordinately rotten... something. Not particularly sturdy.
64 - A pair of old, old hair pins, tarnished, glowing.
65 - An ancient... chart? Map? Only one or two familiar features.
66 - A set of gemstone needles in rainbow colours, and golden thread.
67 - A beautiful flower, carved from bone, clutching a ruby deep within.
68 - A code cipher, rings set in rings, and a strange central sigil.
69 - A withered and dried ring and little finger, glass nails, metal bones.
70 - A clay and silver ying-yang, bearing a solomonic symbol.
71 - A phial of saint's ashes, a particularly potent lucky charm.
72 - A finely wrought compass with a beautiful brass setting.
73 - 7 charcoal-like sticks that produce a heady smoke when broken.
74 - A charm made of the hair of priests, a defence against demons.
75 - A candle of mysterious origins, its smoke induces powerful dreams.
76 - A crude obsidian knight, with colourful feathers bound to it.
77 - A tiny, still articulated wolf-skeleton, the size of a large rat.
78 - A book of prayers, a couple of spells scribbled in the margins.
79 - A beautiful bottle of rust-red wine, apparently a Djinn vintage.
80 - A mask of pale wood with stone teeth and glass eyes.
81 - A pair of old, dull Obols like stormy skies. Offerings for the dead.
82 - A glass animal filled with a thick red syrup, and no apparent opening.
83 - A lump of carved coal, set in an ornate chain. Improbably cold.
84 - A butterfly brooch, though only one of its four settings is filled.
85 - A pendent of an eye, sometimes it blinks, sometimes it weeps.
86 - A book of wilfully blank pages, a gnashing maw on the cover.
87 - A claw hammer, carved entirely of odd blue crystal. Strangely sticky.
88 - An old, old wooden box, roughly carved, holding only dirt.
89 - A scrap of tapestry, depicting a man, a richly ringed hand held aloft.
90 - A small cat statuette, one eye closed, glass claws and teeth.
91 - An exquisite ivory drinking horn, meandered by arcane runes.
92 - An ocarina, apparently sewn together from various leathers.
93 - A somewhat abstract stone bird, talons clenching... something.
94 - A once shattered jade tea-cup, cracks filled in with gold.
95 - A curse-tablet of baked clay, and space for a name.
96 - A penance stone, unnamed, unworn, unbloodied, still potent
97 - A scarf depicting a mountain topped with a great, smoking mirror.
98 - An incense burner shaped like a wolf swallowing a bird.
99 - A blocky, abstract bronze mask of a horned demon, tongue lolling crazily.
100 - A golden disk, ringed with bone and wood, depicting a bleeding sun.

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