Cosmology Addendum 1: The Gods

There were 8 gods in the last age; one for each humour of the body, and one for each humour of the mind.

The Red God; named Azathoth.
It lies underneath the Crimson Cathedral of Holy Vesturia.
A thin red figure, one central limp and trailing leg, with many, many fractal arms that constantly move and shift between geometries. Its chest beats like a drum, pulsing red, caged in by bony protrusions like famine-bones. It has a head, but no face.

The Yellow God; named Hastur.
It lies underneath the city of Glorious Babylon.
A figure swathed in yellow robes like feathers, or maybe they are feathers like robes. It is tall, imperious, impervious. Robe-feather wings crest up four ways behind it, and its face is an ever shifting and roiling mask of pale wax.

The Green God; named Tsathoggua.
It lies underneath the First Tree of the Oldest Forest.
It has two legs like tree trunks, and arms to match, only they are fused to its body as if in a straight-jacket. Its face and back are lost in an explosion of limbs of all shapes and forms, ever reaching up towards the sun, a forest of supplication.

The Black God; Shub Niggurath.
It lies underneath the ground, and Station 4 has been built upon it by the Foundation.
Something like a man, its arms trail on the ground next to its feet, and its mouth hang low, dragging down its face into a tear drop shape. Its flesh is lump and misshapen, at the same time appearing like black and oily ooze, and dark, dark sand. Its face and head are studded with many, many eyes.

The White God; Ithaqua.
It forms the deep, deep bones of Cyng Dun, king of all mountains.
A curled, barely-formed foetus shape of pale milky flesh, born aloft on a peacock-spray of spine tentacles which erupt from the nape of its neck. Some tread the ground, some reach round and ahead like arms.

The Blue God; Father Dagon.
It lies at the most precipitous depths of Nevuah.
Its head is like a fleshy skull without eye sockets, with a huge distended jaw like an angler fish, full of needle teeth. Its long, serpent-body is run along with frills of tentacles, endlessly churning the waters around it. Out of the oceans of Nevuah, it merely swims through the air as if it had never left the seas.

The Grey God; Yog-Sothoth.
It is the Ever-Eclipsing Moon of the Lifeless Realms of the Grimm.
It looks like a shade shrouded in a great billowing cloak, hanging straight down over a deathly-thin frame, only there are no bones, no flesh; within the cape is only darkness, and a deep and endless grey fog spills from beneath the bottom of the robes.

The Brass God; Nyarlathoptep.
It lies underneath Mechanus, the great city of the Djinn.
It is a vast, vast computer; endless cogs and capacitors, spindles and spokes, racks of circuits and spider-meshes of wires, endless chaos bound within a brass frame-work of order and logic.

Should the Druids succeed in their goals, the four gods whose bodies lie on earth would be awakened by the blood-sacrifice of cities. Once the first is restored, it would hunt down the others and awaken them too. The chaos would be unimaginable. This would only be the beginning. The gods would continue only as four; the effort to retrieve any of the other four would be considered too costly. They would destroy the world as far as we care, devouring all the blood and souls they can, and then set off for the sun, to see if it was all worth it.
As of yet, I am undecided if it would be.

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