Junkernaughts, Serums, Addiction

In the dark pits of the Misshaper's lairs, metal is grafted onto the bodies of the unwise and the unwary. Their forms are twisted and warped, a Cage of metal built around them, and horrendous drugs and concoctions forced through their screaming veins.
Those that survive emerge reborn, a living nightmare; taller than a man, girded in metal, and dread Serums running through their bodies granting them powers far beyond the natural. They are the warriors of the Misshapers, their great and most terrifying weapon.

Hit Die: d8
Saves: As fighter
Attack Bonus: 1/2 level (rounding up)

At first level, Junkernaughts gain an additional hit die, which is a d4. At further levels, they can gain additional hit die of this sort, but it costs 10% of the xp requirement of that level in gold to create.
HP from these additional hit die cannot be regained normally. They must be rebuilt at a rate of 1 per hour with a cost of 10gp per hit point.
Additionally, Junkernaughts cannot wear most armour, save that which is specially commissioned for their bulky frame, and they can never wear heavy armour at all. Commissioning special armour for a Junkernaught can cost anywhere between double and 10 times the regular cost, depending on the area.

At first level, Junkernaughts have three Vials incorporated into their cage, and can gain an additional vial every third level, with a cost equal in gold pieces equal to half the xp requirement of that level.
Each vial holds a use of a Serum, from the Serum list. At first level, a Junkernaught has three uses of random Serums already in their vials, and an additional use of a random Serum in their inventory.
At any time, a Junkernaught can inject themselves with the Serum in one of their Vials, with no action cost.

Junkernaughts are well adapted to the biological torture of long-term Serum exposure, and can resist the dreadful stains of addiction more easily than common men. When a Junkernaught would turn a Mark into a Stain, they may make a Constituion(/Poison) Save. If they succeed, the Mark does not become a Stain.


All Serums have a duration of 10 minutes.
If a Serum is imbibed whilst under the effects of another Serum, you must succeed on a Constitution(/Poison) save, or roll on the Reflux Table.
Users of Serum are also at risk of Addicition.
None of the effects of a Serum are magical, though spells like Remove Poison, or those with similar effects can suspend or remove the effects.
1 - Rage
For one minute, you gain +3 to your Strength modifier, for the remainder of the duration, you have a -3 penalty to your strength modifier.
2 - Surge
For one minute, you are affected as if by a Haste spell, for the remainder of the duration, you are affected as if by a Slow spell.
3 - Spew
For one minute, for your turn you may make a Constution(/Poison) Saving Throw. If you fail you do a sick-nasty burp. If you succeed, you spew forth a 15 foot breath weapon, dealing 2d6 + level damage, with a save to halve the damage. For the remainder of the duration you have disadvantage on all rolls for physical activity due to weakness. You must also eat an additional day's worth of rations when you next eat.
4 - Spark
For one minute, your touch becomes electric from massive static build-ups. You send people flying with an electric crack from the barest blow, and you can melt small metal objects with prolonged contact. This applies to everything around you, whether you want it to or not. For the remainder of the duration you become heavily polarised, and no metal can touch you at all, except that which is worked into your body, such as your cage.
5 - Mend
For one minute, you regain 1 hit point per hit die each round. For the remainder of the duration, all damage you take is rolled twice, and you take the higher result.
6 - Envision
For one minute, you can see everything! You can also see invisible creatures, spiritual beings, lies, diseases, and murderous thoughts, as long as it isn't behind more than one wall.
For the remainder of the duration, you are blind to everything more than a couple of feet away from you.
7 - Gel
For one minute, you become like, super sticky. You can climb on (almost) any surface, including upside down. Anything that touches you, even limbs and weapons, will require a strength check to remove from you. For the remainder of the duration, you just absolutely reek of glue and alcohol, and anything with a functioning nose can easily track where you have been.
8 - Bouyance
For one minute, you float through the air as long as you aren't over-encumbered, gaining about 10 feet of altitude each round, with only minimal, limb-powered maneuverability. For the remainder of the duration, you sink about 5 feet every round. If you are on the ground, your movement speed is halved as you feel just incredibly heavy.
9 - Spines
For one minute, you can grow spines from your wrists into empty hands, which detach easily, and can be used like throwing knives, though it costs you 1 hit point each time you do. You may do this at most twice per round. For the remainder of the duration, you have a 1 in 6 chance to take 1 damage as spines randomly burst from your flesh, painfully.
10 - Echo
For one minute, you gain delicate echo-location senses. For the remainder of the duration, any loud noise will stun you for a round.


Roll a d10 when instructed to.
1 - The Second Serum imbibed has no effect, and you Mutate.
2 - Refresh the duration of the first Serum you took, and the second has no effect.
3 - Both Serums take effect, though you can't benefit from them again for 1 week.
4 - Both Serums take effect, and you take damage equal to your level.
5 - Both Serums take effect, and you Mutate.
6 - You suffer the negative effects of both Serums for the next 10 minutes.
7 - Cancel the effects of both Serums and Mutate twice.
8 - You benefit from both Serums, but their negative effects last for an hour instead.
9 - Both Serums take effect, and you gain the effects of a random third Serum too.
10 - Neither Serum effects you, you gain the effects of two random Serums (reroll duplicate serums once, but after that the results stand).


Keep a track of which Serum you use the most. If it is a tie between more than one, pick one.
Each time you imbibe a Serum, add a mark to your Addiction Track. When you have a night's sleep, erase half of your Marks, and one of your Marks becomes a Stain, which is a permanent type of Mark.
If your Marks and Stains ever total more than your Constitution Score, you are Addicted to the Serum you use most often. You are Addicted until you have less total Marks than your Constitution Score, and you have no Stains.
While you are addicted, you only remove one Mark each day, and you suffer the effects of a random Addiction Trait. The Serum you imbibe the most is your Addictive Serum.
Addiction Traits
1 - Longing: You are always under your Serum's negative effect, though you suffer no negative effects while Imbibing it.
2 - Voracity: You suffer a hunger, deep and fierce. You require 2d4 day's rations every day. A dose of your Addictive Serum is worth d4 rations. Human flesh, about an arm's worth, sates all of it.
3 - Frailty: The addiction wracks your frame. You suffer 1 damage each time you use a serum that isn't your Addictive Serum, and each time you take damage from another source.
4 - Restlessness: You must take a dose of your Addictive Serum to gain the effects of rest.
5 - Reshaping: Each day that you don't take a dose of your Addictive Serum, Mutate.
6 - Dulled Senses: You always lose initiative if you don't imbibe your Addictive Serum as a part of rolling for initiative. You will always be surprised when the situation demands it unless you imbibe your Addictive Serum.
7 - Crazed Visage: You roll for reaction rolls when interacting personally with people with disadvantage. If you are part of a party whilst rolling for reaction, it is rolled with a -1 modifier instead. This is nullified whilst you are affected by your Addictive Serum.
8 - Benign: You got off lightly. You are irritable, and struggle to sleep, but otherwise there are no adverse effects, except that you don't gain the positive effects of Serums you imbibe while addicted.

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