The Seven Souls of Man and Clerics

Not many people know it, but there's more to you than you know.
Most people believe there to be merely one soul. This is true, but there are also six other souls. Various cultures are aware of various numbers of them. It is however, impossible to systematically prove any of it.

The First Soul: The Blood
The purest power of the universe, the most defined and real. There's a reason that demon-altars always ask for sacrifices of blood, and why blood is thicker than water.
Its power is mysterious and abstract, but it fuels all kinds of magics. Everything has blood, except some of the more enigmatic outsiders.
Blood lives, unsurprisingly, in your Blood.

The Second Soul: The Breath
Will, freedom, and choice. Without breath, there is no choice, there is no direction. Also you would asphyxiate and die.
Its power allows you to go where you wish, and choose what you wish.
Breath lives in your Lungs.

The Third Soul: The Body
Existence, physicality, resistance. Simply being is partially (more on that later) the result of having a body, it anchors the rest of your souls together.
Its power allows you to exist in one single space. Without it the composite nature of your being would drift apart.
The Body lives in your Bones.

The Fourth Soul: The Mind
Perception, conception, imagination. This soul is how you connect to the universe around you, how you take in data and interpret it.
Its power allows you to comprehend and calculate. Without it you would know nothing except that which is within you.
The Mind lives in your Eyes.

The Fifth Soul: The Soul
Remembering, feeling, believing. What people commonly believe to be your *Soul* as such.
Its power is what allows you to "grow" as a person, accumulate and develop. Without it, you would be hollow, existing only ever in the moment, remembering nothing.
The Soul lives in your Stomach.

The Sixth Soul: The Shadow
The other part of your physical existence, this soul governs substance and density, without it, you would be like morning mist.
Its power is weight and inertia, and also resistance and solidity.
The Shadow lives in your Liver.

The Seventh Soul: The Name
The most abstract soul. This is how others connect to you, it is a representation of you projected out into the world.
Its power is in identity, and self-actualisation. Without it, others won't remember you, and you would have no choice but to do as you are told.
The Name lives in your Teeth.

Clerics, as the guardians of the Souls of Man against the outer threats like demons and the undead, who would swallow up our being, gain benefits from souls, and use their powers in the fight to preserve the sanctity of our human flesh.
This is an attempt to link a Clerics powers to what they should be and do, with a loose metaphysical link thrown in for the heck of it.

The Circles of the Cleric's Power:
The First Circle: Rebuke
This power is gained by a Cleric's connection to the Name.
By calling upon the names of God and Saint alike, the Cleric causes the unrighteous to flee before them.

The Second Circle: Presence
This power is gained by a Cleric's connection to the Shadow.
By calling on Angels to augment or hide their shadow, the Cleric can become the most or least prominent individual in a room.

The Third Circle: Speak with Dead
This power is gained by a Cleric's connection to the Soul.
By connecting with the last memories remaining in a body, the Cleric can speak with a facsimile of the departed.

The Fourth Circle: True Sight
This power is gained by a Cleric's connection to the Mind.
With eyes wide open, the Cleric can see through any lie, whether created by magic, written, or spoken.

The Fifth Circle: Healing Hands
This power is gained by a Cleric's connection to the Body.
By speaking to the Bones of their duty, the Cleric can heal even the most grievous wounds with a touch.

The Sixth Circle: Disspell
This power is gained by a Cleric's connection to the Breath.
With a bellowing shout, the Cleric shatters the bonds of magic placed upon them and their allies.

The Seventh Circle: Resurrection
This power is gained by a Cleric's connection to the Blood.
The most potent power of all, the Cleric calls out to the powers that be, and by sacrificing a portion of their own life, it is granted to another.

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