Elves at War

When the Elves go to war, it is as mysterious, beautiful, and impossible to escape as anything else they do.

They find war a curious pass-time, one of the more intriguing mortal inventions. They do not practice it amongst themselves of course, they have other methods of settling disputes, but when they are brought to anger by the mortal realm, they respond as they believe the mortals would have them respond, in wrath.

And as everything the fey have copied from me, their method of imitation is vexing, unfathomable, and terrifying.

Before you first see the fey, arrayed for battle, there are signs of their approach. First, plants will grow wildly fast, and claw at you feet at the most inopportune times, and from the most improbable places. This should be your warning to pack and leave with all possible haste.

The next sign is the fog that rolls in. No wind will disperse it, no sun will melt it, and while it is a milky white barrier to your sight, it is nothing at all to elven eyes. This is your warning to run without care for what you leave behind.

Finally, it will rain. By now it is too late.

The lesser elves will hunt in the fog like packs of hyenas. They cackle and prowl, just out of sight of their prey. They find this stage particularly hilarious. They will laugh and howl with mirth when anyone is struck dead, even their own, creasing over in hysterics at the fountains of blood. They have no concept of death. The lesser fey elves can match 3, or maybe 4 untrained men in battle. Perhaps more while in the fog. Some have learned to hide behind rain.

The True elves are more terrifying still. They can kill a dozen men at a go. Fighting them is like trying to fight the wind. Each has a name, and each their powers, and their chosen weapons. Perhaps the mightiest of warriors could match a True elf, but then again, perhaps not.

Beware Roses, Hounds, Rust, Bugles, Will o'the Wisps, Bog, these are the signs of the Fey Lords. You should always run. Even you. You are only a man. You could not win.

Fey Knight Title Generator; for Elves at War

[For Clarity, these tables are for True Elves, though some can be applied to lesser, Bastard Elves]
For the Name of the True Elf you face, roll for a Title, and an Epithet to follow it. Lesser elves take their names from nature, such as Wind, Fur, Sable, or Molar. These titles are for True Elves, who leave their Court-Names at court, such that the base carnage of war does not tarnish them on their return.

1 - Knight
2 - Rook
3 - Jack
4 - Ace
5 - Signet
6 - Knave
7 - Gallant
8 - Caballero
9 - Master
10 - Caracal

1 - Roses
2 - Winds
3 - Rains
4 - Clouds
5 - Skies
6 - Flowers
7 - Hearts
8 - Claves
9 - Coins
10 - Pentacles
11 - Diamonds
12 - Staves
13 - Swords
14 - Cups
15 - Lovers
16 - Hermits
17 - Towers
18 - Stars
19 - Moons
20 - Rusts
21 - Dusts
22 - Fools
23 - Rivers
24 - Springs
25 - Lakes
26 - Brooks
27 - Mists
28 - Wolves
29 - Hounds
30 - Feathers
31 - Arrows
32 - Carrion
33 - Forests
34 - Woods
35 - Breaks
36 - Ivies
37 - Swallows
38 - Eagles
39 - Sparrows
40 - Starlings

The weapons of war of the True Elves are beautiful one and all, to a level that mortal craftsmen would gaze upon in despair and weep. They are wielded with effortless grace and terrible strength, and blood does not dare linger on them long. No Elf, lesser or True, will carry a spear. They dance out of the way of metal death like leaves on the wind.

1 - A Spear
2 - A Glaive
3 - Twin Scimitars
4 - A Bow
5 - Twin Flails
6 - A War Pick
7 - Twin War Picks
8 - A Scimitar
9 - A Flail
10 - Many Knives
11 - A Spiked Chain
12 - Magic Alone

Each True Elf Knight will have a pair of powers, marks and gifts from the Fae Lords whom they serve. Some of the Lesser Elf captains might be granted a power for the duration of the conflict, and no longer.
1 - An animal familiar (giant if appropriate) [d6 roll: 1 - bear, 2 - wolf, 3 - hawk, 4 - snake, 5 - elk, 6 - wasp]
2 - Teleportation
3 - Impossible Speed
4 - Mastery of an Element [d4 roll: 1 - fire, 2 - water, 3 - air, 4 - earth]
5 - Blinding Breath
6 - Charming Gaze
7 - Poisonous Weapons [d6 roll: 1 - deadly, 2 - sleeping, 3 - paralysing, 4 - petrifying, 5 - maddening, 6 - polymorphing]
8 - Control over plants
9 - Invisibility
10 - Illusions
11 - Regeneration
12 - Magical Cones
13 - Irresistible Dances
14 - Ethereal Chains, 
15 - Wild Magic Surges
16 - Magic Null Zones
17 - Weapon Sundering
18 - Aging Strikes
19 - Terrifying Visage
20 - Impossible Weapons 

Each True Elf has been twisted subtly by the uncountable aeons they have spent in the Undying Lands of the Fae. These changes manifest in the following ways. Roll once for each Fae Knight.

1 - They wear no armour, for their skin is like bark.
2 - They flow on the wind, they appear as if a tapestry.
3 - Vines cling to them, covering their body, their face.
4 - They are covered in thick fur, like that of a bear.
5 - Their skin is clear and crystal as glass, their blood is a deep and burning red.
6 - They shine from behind like the sun behind a tree.
7 - Water hangs in the air behind them, tracing their path.
8 - Feathers sprout from their arms and legs.
9 - Their limbs are long and beetle-spindly.
10 - This one is nude, with beautiful, chaste, porcelain skin.
11 - This one has a cascade of thistledown hair.
12 - Their form is not of flesh, but a swarm of worms and insects.
13 - Their nails and teeth are like chunks of flint.
14 - Ribbons flow from every join of armour and cloth, from their hair, from their fingers.
15 - Their armour is a beautiful, delicate cage of filigree silver.
16 - Their eyes are moons, the light of stars can be seen all over their night-black skin.
17 - Thorns blister and burst from this one's skin.
18 - This one wears their bones outside of their body like scaffolding.
19 - This one is merely a torrent of blood in shape of man.
20 - This one is covered in tiger-bands.
21 - This one has many eyes and many limbs like a spider of dreams.
22 - This one's fingers are long, thin needles.
23 - This one seems to have be sliced to pieces and sewn back together.
24 - This one has no feet, their legs mold into the material of the earth with each step.
25 - This one hangs in the air, their feet trailing behind in the air.
26 - This one is disturbingly flexible, with limbs like rubber.
27 - This one is covered in oily-rainbow scales.
28 - This one is wreathed in flame.
29 - The skin of this one is like Egg-Shell, and it leaks yolk and albumen from its mouth.
30 - This one stretches off infinitely, surrounded by fractal-clones and illusion-cousins.

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