Some Caves

Traitor’s Hollow
Site of a siege after the rout of a rebellious Noble’s army.

1 - They lurk there still, deep in the cave where no army could catch them.

2 - Their restless spirits still mourn in the dark after the slaughter.

3 - Some went missing down there, snatched away by demonic saviours....

4 - Now another group upholding the old duke’s cause make their lair there.

Wyr’s Grotto
Site of trees that live and grow without sunlight.

1 - They are fed by the blood and flesh of those buried above, dragged down by questing roots.

2 - They are nourished by Deep Druids, disciples of the earth in mind, body, and soul.

3 - They are alien creatures, and their strange biologies feed on the darkness itself…

4 - A monstrous caretaker tends to them, awaiting the hatching of their weird fruits…

Pikas’ Ward
Home of ancient peoples and beasts that have survived long since their allotted times.

1 - The Troglodyte-men scratch crude writing on the walls, dreaming of their lizard-hunts.

2 - The mighty Dinosaurs still pound the earth, terrible calls echoing through the caverns.

3 - Devious Chameleoids slink their way invisibly through the foliage, clutching cruel knives…

4 - Degenerate Serpent-Men, daubed in blood and muck practice their obscene rituals…

The living cavern, haunted by macro-bacteria and red-run rivers.

1 - Chalky white rubble-warriors patrol the caverns, purging invaders.

2 - In the pulsing heart of the cave, a red rock bleeds crimson fluids.

3 - It merely slumbers beneath the mountains, and one day it will awaken.

4 - Break the rock, and slowly it will grow back. Some rocks are more precious than others…

The Sunrise and Sunset Roads
Improbably, these two caves, though distant from each other, can easily be walked between.

1 - The Elves enchanted them long ago, to link two distant forests.

2 - They are carven Dwarf Roads. And of course, Dwarf Roads are just better than those of man.

3 - The Mad Sage offers them as irrefutable proof of the triangle nature of the world.

4 - Two Sorcerers did battle in the Caves, and the magic warped the space beneath the earth.

Lookout Point
The site of a well hidden, and well guarded, illegal Health Potion distillery.

1 - Run by a disguised Rakshasa, who enchants the potions personally...  

2 - The pots and vials are filled with the blood of unicorns hunted in the forest nearby…

3 - A spring of glowing water deep deep beneath the earth is the basis of the mixture.

4 - The vital fluids of captured trolls are drained each day, and replenish each night…

Unknown to the locals, a hidden laboratory of the Worm-that-Walks lies deep beneath them…

1 - Great pallid worm-beast huff and heave beneath the earth, slowly oozing out a pallid poison.

2 - The maggot-plague squirms softly in the dark, waiting to be released on the surface.

3 - The Vomitorious Dead are shackled for now, they have not yet been perfected.

4 - Endless ranks of Grub-Soldiers await the return of their master and his orders…

Jerodan’s Gorge
A river winds its way lazily through the mountains, back to its source at a hidden shrine to an
obscure God.

1 - Elves jealously guard the gorge, to ensure none reach their Monastery-Catacomb.

2 - The Shrine is abandoned, and it’s deity, dormant. It may yet be awakened.

3 - Cruel creatures have taken the Shrine, and use it as a lair to strike out at nearby villages.

4 - Jerodan himself silently tends the Shrine alone. It is better no-one discovers his hidden shame.

The Passage of the Dead
A deep and dark necropolis of the ancient dead.

1 - Degenerate, crawling soldiers still guard the tombs of their Ancestor-Gods.

2 - The many traps and pits and snares must surely have failed after all this time…

3 - At the very deepest recess of the Passage, it is said lie the vaults of the Ancient Kings…

4 - Vicious Bone-eating beasts war over the choicest catacombs.

The Earth’s Throat
A near completely flooded cavern, rumoured to lead down to the deepest caverns of all the world.

1 - If one to follow the cave down far enough, one would reach the beating heart of the World.

2 - Tales tell of a submerged temple to an old and forgotten Water-Deity in one of the shallower

3 - Supposedly the first Nagas were born in its depths, and the Father of all Nagas lurks there still.

4 - Deep enough, the water runs red, and those that drink of it never die…

Martin’s Dive
A cave once used by a Hermit turned Saint, who favoured it for its calm pools.

1 - He favoured the pools for their medicinal properties, many were treated by him in them.

2 - He once saw visions of the future in the steaming waters of the pools.

3 - They say that not everyone emerged from his “baptisms”.

4 - He claimed in his old age that it was by taking the waters that he achieved his great age.

Murgen Hole
An old storage site for the waste and toxins of the Ancient Empire.

1 - Alien radiations still permeate the rock, and poison those who enter.

2 - It wasn’t only materials and minerals they stored here, but those beasts too vigorous to truly die...

3 - A lich has made his lair there, immune to all the perils that would waste and shrivel the living...

4 - Even the air down there is poisonous, and opening the gates will allow it to spill out into the

Peak Cavern
The scraggly rift between two butting mountains.

1 - The cave is the lair of a Wendigo, and villages at the mountain’s feet, will often hear its echoing

2 - A hidden enclave of wind-worshiping monks has built their temple in the cleft.

3 - It is mentioned in legend as the site that the most potent Dragonborn can go to undertake their apotheosis into true Dragons.

4 - They say that someone, or something, is trapped at the points where the mountains meet.

Gorham’s Cave
Its walls are covered in ancient, unreadable writings.

1 - They are the only remaining marks of the very first men, when men were still friends of the Earth.

2 - They mean nothing, Gorham was merely a mad-men. He is however, still alive, and very dangerous.

3 - When the Traitor-Angels were cast out of heaven, they left these markings full of prophecies of the death of Gods.

4 - The writings are a kind of life, and given the chance, they will tattoo themselves on you.

Kungar Ice Cave
The blue crystal outcroppings hide the entrance to a concealed wizard’s lair.

1 - The crystals contain powerful illusion magics to mask the entrance to the lair.

2 - The wizard's lair that is obvious is merely a decoy, the true lair is accessed through the crystals.

3 - The crystals are the scattered form of a Golem that defends the lair.

4 - The crystals are weak telepathic conduits, that warn the wizard of any intrusion.

Hunter’s Hole
The secluded headquarters of a Ranger conclave, stalkers of the wicked and the wild.

1 - The rangers are all dead, however, betrayed to a fearsome Bear-Demon by one of their own.

2 - The rangers have left all kinds of poisonous mosses and funguses, to discourage intrusion.

3 - The rangers never kill their marks, they always bring them in alive, and screaming...

4 - The rangers have over the years turned wild and feral themselves.

Frerst Caverns
Natural caverns, overflowing with moss, and open to the sun.

1 - They are home to crystalline being, who holds the sun as their deity, and tends its garden.

2 - The moss hides an ancient carving that encodes many secrets into its symbols and frescos.

3 - The moss is more vicious than most of its kin, and hungry for meat...

4 - It is home to a Dryad so beautiful, that to see her risks forgetting all else, and staying in her presence until the moss covers you as well.

Flesk Hole
Created by an overhanging shelf of rock, it offers amazing shelter from the elements.

1 - In its shelter, is the remains of an ancient and powerful city of insect-people, the streets littered with their dried and lifeless husks.

2 - The shelf is unsteady however, and it is only a matter of time before it crushes the monastery built beneath it.

3 - A terrifying Jaguar-demon stalks those that take shelter in the cave from the storms it summons.

4 - The “shelter” actually comes in the form of an Elemental repelling field, as Elementals run rampant in the area.

Whisperer’s Labyrinth
A dizzying maze of tunnels and caverns, supposedly the lair of a terrible monster.

1 - The labyrinth whispers your own worst thoughts in the ears of your comrades.
If you spend too long in this place, the gibbering send you mad

2 - If you tarry too long in the labyrinth, the gibbering of the beast settles in your head, and will never leave.

3 - The whispering is actually caused by the screams of air elementals, taken captive by earth elementals.

4 - The whisperer was in actuality a Warlock of the Great Old Ones, who carved many unknowable truths on the labyrinth’s walls.

Demon’s Den
The site of some diabolical occult ritual long ago.

1. It almost succeeded but now the hell sent creatures are trapped, phasing in and out of some otherworldly plane

2. It was only half finished. Now, 100 years later, the cult’s followers return to finish what their ancestors started.

3. Those who took part still remain, but their humanity has long left.

4. It is said that the ritual brought the first: (d4 roll) 1 - Angels, 2 - Fey, 3 - Demons, 4 - Humans

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