Dungeons of the Old Frontier

This is just some conceptual stuff for a Campaign I hope to run soon. Maybe you will like some of the ideas enough to steal and remold them for your own.

Small Hex-crawl, run as my post pretty much.

The Alchemist's Manor
Uses the Foxglove Manor map from Rise of the Rune Lords Probably.
Will eventually be its own post I think, but for now:
The Old Alchemist, Arnault Roftengirt, passed away peacefully in his sleep. His house however, has passed into chaos and horror.
- The Quicksilver Serpent: A Giant Snake made of silver poison
- The Formless One: A Doppelganger, but huge and rotten
- Poor Old Jeeves: The butler, horribly mutated, corroded, misshapen
- The Aqua Regiad: An Acidic Nymph, corrupted by the Alchemist's experiments
- The Menagerie: A big ol' horde of randomly generated mutants
- The Corruption: A growing, night-black fungus that might overtake the whole area
- Destroy the monsters (particularly the corruption)
- Steal the Old Alchemist's heirlooms and treasures
- Recover his Alchemy Notes and Equipment
- Alternatively, burn it all to the ground
- The Distillation Knife (Rather than damage, it seperates into composite parts, same difference to living things really)
- The Alchemy Notes
- The Vessel of Solomon (which the Witch-Finders really, really want for some reason)

Voras - the Wandering Grove
Like the Candlemarsh, as set out in its post. Will wander the forest hexes of the sandbox.

Various from the Bundles of Shrines/Caves/Tombs
For now, I'm going to roll 2 from each table. As such we have:
- 16, 3: An ancient burial mound that druids and spirits frequent.
- 13, 2: A scorched and broken shrine haunted by a demon.
- 6, 1: A crystal-bright and ever sun-lit tomb of a vampire
- 8, 1: A tower of tombs, high up: saints, low down: demons
- 18, 1: Flesk Hole - an over-hang hiding the ruins of an insect-man city
- 7, 3: Wormcrawl Fissure - the old lab of the Worm-That-Walks, where he has abandoned the imperfect, but still potent, vomitorious dead.

Garden of the Briar Hag
Not sure what map to use, probably one of my own creation.
Much inspiration from the Gardens of Ynn I expect. (Which is also fantastic btw, go buy it)
The Briar Hags care only for their schedules, and their plants. You can steal one, and disrupt the other. Care to guess which?
- [Randomly generated?] Ambulatory Plants
- Carnivorous Flesh-Eater Plants
- Dryad Friends of the Hags
- The Briar Hags themselves
- And their Giant Earth Elemental 'nephew'
- Steal all the cool plants there are
- Plants
- Flora
- Vegetation

Honest Martyn's travelling Carnival
This post is really nearly finished, just need to input a table from a note-book which I keep forgetting to pick up.

The Temple on the High-Moors
Also a post that is in the works, the tables are all done, just needs uploading.
A pair of warring factions of the Great Powers of the Might Realm struggle over the Temple on the Highmoors. Cool spirit monsters, which side is in the right?

The House of THEM 
Uses the map of Briarstone Asylum from Pathfinder's Strange Aeons.
THEM are about as close to Lovecraft as I will stray with this one, in the flesh at least.

The War-Grave of the Fireflies
Not sure what map to use for it atm.
A Raggi-Esque Nega-Dungeon. As the name-sake implies, there is only misery and death here.
- A barbed wire spider construct thing
- "Swift Death" it teleports around to enemies it can see at astonishing speeds. Hit and run attacks.
- Flame-Nurses that 'tend' to the fallen
- Ghost soldiers that only bog you down with their semi-corporealness
- Sentient Mud Floods
- Swarms of flying arrows, knives, stones
- Giant-Demon Warlords with telescope fingers they shove down your throats
- Psychopathic adventurers, driven mad by the graves
- Don't die
- Lay the spirits to rest if you really, really have to
- Like none.
- Seriously.
- Okay, maybe a terrible murder weapon that would kill you if you use it too much, is that what you want? More death? Did you learn nothing from the hell you just traversed?

Hive-Fortress of the Myrmidons
Ants. Lots and lots of Ant Monsters.
- Workers: Essentially non-combat non-characters who do ineffable works for the hive
- Soldiers: Fighty bois
- Fire: Burny bois
- Winged: Skirmisher bois
- Queen: The heart of the hive, kill her, and it all falls apart
- Weaver: Weave. What else? Basically a sub-type of worker
- Carpenter: As weaver above, but wood workers
- Bullet: They charge forward at self-obliterative speeds
- Crazy: Berserker Soldier bois
- Electric: Lightningy bois
- Drones: Elite Guards of the Queen, upgrades of other soldier types
When the hive grows big enough they build a giant mechanical Ant-Mech to carry off a Queen-larva to become the basis of a new hive far away.
- Like, stop them colonising the whole world I guess?

The Goblin Tower
Basically a rework to expand the Goblin Tower from 4e's dungeon delve. The Goblin King has stolen a Crown of Sorcery from the Crypts beneath the tower, and turned the whole area into his private "kingdom".

Pickman's Cult of the Exquisite Model
Uses Iris Hill grounds from Pathfinder's Strange Aeons
An artsy doomsday cult, inspired by the short-story, and the Fallout 4 quest.
- Artwork come to life
- Aesthete Cultists
- A Mad Painter that paints life [Might be influenced by a reread of Magnificent Jam van oops, or whatever his bloody name is]
- Uproot the cult
-Reclaim the manor ground
-Recover some really, really off-the-beaten-path artworks
- The Pigments of the Mad Artist: Use to create tiny, abstract gateways to Nevuah, realm of dreams
- The Eye of Judgement: A great painting of a Squid's eye embedded into the wall. Oh, the horror.
- There's probably some nice art in there somewhere...

The Old Forges of the Dukes - Sandpoint Glassworks
Uses Sandpoint Glassworks from Pathfinder's Rise of the Runelords
Might just be a base for a Bandit Group in the Employ of Don Hattori. Maybe not. Needs thunking.
Potentially the path I'm going for here will be its just a cool place to find, with a whole bunch of things the party can 'unlock' eventually, with some traps and a monster or so.
- Something that sleeps in one of the forges
- Collapsing architecture, ancient malfunctioning fail-safes, etc
- Dire-Weapon Spirits, demanding to be wielded once more
- Regain the use of the forges, which would be one way of getting masterwork weapons easily
- Gain a bunch of texts about magic-weapon creation
- Loot it of any Old Empire weapons that may yet remain
- A stash of Masterwork weapons
- The Forges of the Old Dukes
- The Diamond of Steel: A magical rapier made so by centuries of slaughter, seems almost crystal clear, and pierces armour like it is nothing.

Thistle-top Isle
Uses Thistle-top Isle from Pathfinder's Rise of the Runelords, though probably not its dungeons
Might just be a base for a Bandit Group in the Employ of Don Hattori. Maybe not. Needs thunking.
Maybe the Base of the Witch-Finders? Or some other more enemy faction.

Fane of the Oath-In-Iron
The oath in iron are a lost order of exceptionally lawful paladins from the earliest days of man. Sealing themselves in Golems so that their spirits could fight on pay the deaths of their bodies, they have in turn been sealed in a tomb. Enterprising parties might stumble upon such a tomb and so awaken the sleeping paladins of law.
- The Oath in Iron: Immortal, warforged-esque, 40k dreadnought-esque paladins
- The Keepers: ancient, ancient undead caretakers of the paladins. Only a small amount of combat prowess. A few would sacrifice themselves while others ran to awaken their masters
- The Unrighteous: the now - somewhat - demonic prisoners of the Oath, secured in alchemical prisons.
- Stop the Oath coming after you (if you're an adventurer, you can't not do something to piss them off really) once you've released them
- Commune with powerful and knowledgeable Unrighteous
- Stop another group waking up the Oath
- Oath Golem-Tombs fir slain buddies
- Unbreakable Prisons
- Various sacred lawful paraphernalia

The Cathedral of Hate
- The Sisters of Hate: Bandaged, bird-masked warrior women who would slaughter man-kind
- The Yellow Demons: They instill hatred and destructive energy into the Sisters
- The Wreckbond Titans: Massive necromantic constructs built into beasts of war from the corpses of the desecrated
- Stop the Sister's prospective genocide
- Defile the hidden shrine to the Demon Lord X, who stokes the sister's flames
- Recover the Sister's kick-ass weapons

The Garden of Lady Statues
Yo, a Medusa lives here, and she has power over statues. What you want?
Will probably end up using a map of my own design, or possibly the one from Tomb of Annihilation that's basically just this idea right? Let me check. (As a side note, oh man is the map of Omu cool. Totes gonna steal that too. Fight me.) Yeah, nangalore is pretty banging, gunna use that, or heavily steal from it at least. (As a further aside, damn, is the art for DnD 5th wasted on shit adventures sometimes. Especially the stuff they're putting out recently. How about an OSR punk-wave book in the Sabbath/Stuart style with choice pieces of Wotc art ehy? I'd buy that.)
Anyway, back to our regularly scheduled dungeon.
- Lady Statues, the Medusa (maybe the singular medusa of the world, or certainly only one a few.)
- Animated statues moved by the will of Lady Statues
- Some sort of pathetic snake-esque Igor character. Maybe like Engyi from Dark Souls, burdened down by the weight of his own snake-attachments
- Liberate the Garden (and thus its loot) from the grasp of the Medusa
- Rescue those turned to stone by the Medusa
- Gain access to the Waters of the Fountains which are well magical (totally realised each dungeon needs a "Treasures section too, not content anymore to shove it all in Goals anymore, brb)
- The Magical Waters of the Fountains, which cleanse the body of curses (such as petrification, doesn't work so much of Medusification apparently)
- The Medusa's own blood, a powerful alchemical product
- The Adonis of Persepholi, a statue of no small value in the art world (also a petrified angel)

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