The Shaman of the Old Ways

The Shamans practice the Old Ways, communing with the world and trying to live in harmony with the Spirits of the World. It grows harder with every day as civilisation strangles and cuts off the living earth from man. Some Shaman flee the encroaching of cities, some accept that this is how it must be, and some hide within the villages of man, and fight back. These are tables for the latter.

Spirit Followers

The Shaman has a number of sets of Spirit Followers equal to d3+1. They manifest as glowing ghostly figures, and have the capabilities of mundane animals of their kind, but with double the normal HD, and they serve the Shaman's orders perfectly. They always have Morale 12.

1 - A Bear
2 - A Pair of Wolves
3 - A Flock of Crows
4 - An Elk Stag and Doe
5 - A Trio of Cats
6 - An Eagle
7 - A Stallion
8 - A Trio of Dog-Sized Spiders
9 - A Pair of Owls
10 - A Pair of Serpents

Follower Elemental Attributes

Each Spirit Follower also has their own Elemental Attribute, roll individually for each set of Followers. This feeds into their appearance, and also grants them an addition combat trait.

1 - Lake: While grappling, the target is paralysed
2 - River: When moving past a target, they are pushed 10 feet
3 - Cloud: Can cast Fog Cloud at will, but can only have 1 instance at a time
4 - Flame: Leaves a trail of flames, dealing damage to others that cross it
5 - Mud: Area within 10 feet is difficult terrain
6 - Wind: Can cast Gust as a bonus action
7 - Thunder: Damages enemies is dashes past/through
8 - Stone: Has double the normal amount of HP
9 - Tree: Regenerates a small amount of HP each turn, slows down each turn it does so
10 - Poison: Attacks deal an additional amount of poison damage

Spirit Powers

The Shaman is also invested with pure spirit powers in proportion to the number of Followers they have. The number is equal to 6 - the number of sets of Spirit Followers they have.

1 - Spirit Vision: As True Vision, always active
2 - Barkskin: As the spell, at will
3 - Perfect Senses: They cannot be surprised, and detect anything automatically unless magically hidden
4 - Alter Self: As the spell, three times per day
5 - Wild-Shape: As the Druid Ability, using the Forms of their Spirit Followers
6 - Strength of the Storm: Can cast Thunderous Smite every other turn
7 - Investiture of Ice: As the spell, once per day
8 - Entreat the Earth:
9 - Gifts of Thorns: Can cast Ensaring Strike every other turn
10 - Verdent Blood:

The Shaman's Sacred Space

This is the Shaman's secret retreat, where they go to commune with Nature and the Spirits. They will protect it viciously, like a cornered animal with her pups.

1 - A Secret Spring
2 - A Spirit-Shaped Tree
3 - A Rock-Bound Garden
4 - An Animal Graveyard
5 - A Wind-Swept Hilltop
6 - A Remote Islet

The Shaman's Totem

This is how the Shaman maintains their relationship and transactions with the spirits. Without it, they are nothing. Their offerings are place at its foot, or within it.

1 - A Totem Pole, many animals high
2 - Bone-Carved Charms tied around the fore-arms
3 - A necklace of Animal Charms
4 - A Knotted, Carven Saff
5 - A Cape of many skins, furs, and feathers
6 - A Series of winding, intricate tatoos
7 - A Mural of Nature Scenes and Animals
8 - A Decorated Tree, covered in Dream-catchers and Animal Charms

How Do They Contact Spirits?

This is the method by which they see what cannot be seen by the sight of mortals.

1 - Images in Smoke
2 - Whilst High on Hallucinogenics
3 - In the Depths of Dreams
4 - A Magical Mud Manifestation
5 - In the Flowing of a Waterfall
6 - Through Animated Cave Paintings
7 - In the coiling of Blood in Water
8 - In the Dancing Heart of Flames
9 - Whispers on the Wind
10 - In the Midst of the Drum-Trance

What is their Relationship with the Spirits?

This is how they consort with the spirits.

1 - Domineering: The Spirits regret them
2 - Slavery: The Spirits serve unwillingly
3 - Transactional: The Spirits serve, for a price
4 - Friendly: The Spirits serve willingly
5 - Guardians: The Spirits protect the one they love
6 - Vessel: The Shaman is an instrument of the Spirits

The Shaman's Tasks

These are the ways they fight back against the cancer of civilisation. Once a task has been performed, or otherwise rendered impossible, they will generate a new one. They will attempt them with all stealth if possible. They do not wish to bring too much attention to themselves.

1 - Poison a Well
2 - Set a Rot in a Building's Foundation
3 - Damage a Crop-Field
4 - Ambush a Forest-Patrol
5 - Sabotage a Forest-Hunt
6 - Destroy a Homestead away from the Village
7 - Spread the Trees of the Grove
8 - Plant a Totem-Tree
9 - Cull the Herds of the Farmers
10 - Set a Wildfire
11 - Lay down the Bones of the Dead
12 - Feed a person to the Wilds

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