[GLOG] Chronomancy

I feel like expanding on the Seclusium of Time the Wizard. Here is what you get for being a Chronomancer, and the spells they use.

You probably can't start as a Chronomancer, but you could perform a ritual to edit your time-line to make it so that you have always been a Chronomancer, and thus replace your Wizard School with Chronomancy.

Time magic is dangerous. Even apart from the normal repercussions abusing time. If you aren't careful, the time police will track you down and throw you in Infinite Jail, which is infinite in every dimension, including and especially, time.


You are always vaguely aware of the time of day and year it is, wherever you are, both locally and wherever you might call home if abroad.
Randomly determined spell durations always affect you for the maximum time.


If you ever see a clock that tells the wrong time, you must fix it.
Randomly determined spell durations always affect you for the maximum time.


1 - You can retroactively consume things you own in the future to gain their benefits in the past. You can set up a time-debt by gaining the benefits of something you consume (such as food, a potion, a damn good book, etc.) whenever you like in the present, but you cannot use this again until you have resolved the time-debt in the future, when you can actually consume the stuff you've already benefited from. Needless to say, you don't get the benefit in the future.
2 - You can pause time for a split-second of real time. Perceptually for you, time continues for 6 seconds during that split second, during which you cannot act or move at all (not even your eyes) but you can still see, smell, touch and taste things (you can't hear because external sound can't move). 
3 - You can write your future self notes, which will appear to you, wherever you are, at a specified time. You can't have more messages waiting to be delivered than you have Wizard templates.

Regular Spells

1 - Haste
R: 50' - T: Object - D: [sum] Rounds
If the target is a creature, they get an extra action on their turns, if they pass a save. Either way, their movement is doubled. Objects move twice as fast.
2 - Slow
R: 50' - T: Object - D: [sum] Rounds
If the target is a creature, they must save each turn or lose their action. Either way, their movement is halved. Objects move half as fast.
3 - Helping Hand
R: 10' - T: Self - D: [sum] Minutes
Reaching into the time-stream, you pull a version of yourself from the future to help you now. Roll all their HD and MD to determine how many of each they have, otherwise for all intents and purposes, they are another you.
However, if the future version of yourself dies before the end of the spell, you have put a time-limit on your own life. Each time you level up, there is a cumulative 1 in 6 chance that you are pulled back in time, and die.
4 - Revert
R: Touch - T: Object - D: Instant
Reset an object to a point in its past, up to a certain amount of time ago based on the dice used:
1 die - 1 hour
2 dice - 1 day
3 dice - 1 year
4 dice -  100 years
The object touched reverts to the state its atoms were arranged in, but life is elusive, and hp (or indeed, life at all) cannot be regain from this spell; though things such as debilitating wounds and bleeding can be removed by this spell.
5 - Provert
R: Touch - T: Object - D: Instant
Proset an object to a point in its future, up to a certain amount of time ahead based on the dice used:
1 die - 1 hour
2 dice - 1 day
3 dice - 1 year
4 dice - 100 years
The object proverts to a state that it would naturally reach without outside interference. Natural processes do not take effect during this advancement, so you won't feel a year' worth of hunger if you are proverted.
6 - Bottled Time
R: Touch - T: A Bottle - D: [dice] Hours
You bottle up some time from your now, and can use it later.
7 - Foresight
R: 0' - T: Self - D: [sum] Minutes
For each die invested in the spell, roll a die of your choice and keep it in front of you. For the duration of the spell, whenever you are called on to a roll a die of the type you have in front of you, instead of rolling, you can use on of the dice generated by the spell.
8 - Hindsight
R: 0' - T: Self - D: [sum] Minutes
You make a closed time-loop that you can test a theory out in. When the time-loop ends, you and everything you interacted with reset back to how you were when you cast the spell. Time rewinds with you too, none of what you did had any lasting consequences. You remember all of the time-loop however, and MD that you spent on the spell are still gone.
If you die whilst in the time-loop, you suffer a Miscast when you reset.
9 - Contingency
R: 0' - T: Self - D: [sum] Minutes
Set a trigger, and a reaction. When the trigger is triggered, the reaction occurs.
10 - Pre-preparations
R: 0' - T: Self - D: [sum] [special]
You send resources of yours into the future, which you can call in later whenever you want, such as a Magic Dice, a number of hit points, or some knowledge. You do not get back resources that you don't call back before the spell ends. If sending dice or objects, you cannot send more than [dice] of those. If sending knowledge or points of a class feature, you cannot send more than [sum] words or points.
Other examples are up to DM interpretation.
The duration of the spell depends on the number of MD used to cast it;
1 die - Hours
2 dice - Days
3 dice - Weeks
4 dice - Years


11 - Permanency
R: 50' - T: A Spell Effect - D: Instant
You make a magical effect permanent, the exact effects of which are up to the DM; some guidance;
- If the spell has a duration, that duration merely becomes permanent.
- Objects and creatures summoned or created by a spell last permanently, though they could still be broken or killed.
- If an object's state is changed (such as being unlocked by a Knock spell) then they can never be changed back to how they were.
- Instantaneous spells (such as fireball) will require a bit more adjudication (e.g. fireball might cause an endless splurge of flame at the point it was cast).
You must use at least the same number of dice to cast this spell, as were used to cast the spell you wish to make permanent. Dice used to cast this spell cannot be retained, and must be regained at dawn, as if they had all rolled a 4 or more.
In addition, roll on the following table to determine the additional costs of the spell:
1 - You lose d6 hp as long as the spell effect lasts.
2 - You lose 1 MD as long as the spell effect lasts.
3 - You can memorise 1 less spell while the spell effect lasts.
4 - You must roll an additional miscast when you do, and suffer all results, as long as the spell effect lasts.
5 - No one in the whole world can cast the spell you made permanent as long as the spell effect lasts.
6 - You cannot postpone or dismiss your Dooms.
12 -  Time Walk
R: 0' - T: Self and up to [dice] other creatures - D: Instant
You fuckin' time travel. Look, it does what you think. If you've let your players become a Chronomancer, and they get their hands on time-walk, let them.


1. Magic Die only return to your pool on a roll of 1 or 2 for 24 hours
2. Take 1d6 damage
3. Random mutation for 1d6 rounds, then make a save. It is permanent if you fail.
4. You cannot cast spells for d6 rounds as they freeze in time.
5. You become unstuck in time; for 1 minute each turn you must a dice of your choice. If it rolls even, you act twice. If it rolls odd, you skip your turn.
6. You freeze in time for d6 turns, in which you cannot do anything, nor can anyone do anything to you or anything you are wearing/carrying.


Chronomancer Dooms are funny, they may not happen in order. When you suffer a Doom, use the first doom if the triple was a 1 or a 2, use the second Doom if the triple was a 3 or a 4, and use the third doom if the triple was a 5 or a 6. If you encounter a Doom earlier than you should, or one you have already encountered, it is possible to convince it to piss off and come back later. It will come back the next time you suffer a Doom along with whatever Doom you roll for that one; duplicating results this way is absolutely a thing. You can still tell them to come back if they are still early, but eventually you must deal with the consequences of all Dooms you have accumulated.

1 - A Causality Angel arrives and demands that you cease your meddling with the time-stream. They slap you with Chrono-Shackles that cannot be removed by anything short of a 5 dice magic spell, and while you wear them, you cannot cast any Chronomancy Spells (though they don't hinder you at all in any other way, and you can still use your cantrips). The Causality Angel will take them off when you have "learned your lesson" and burned a spellbook with a Chronomancy Spell in it.
2 - A future version of you arrive to warn you of the results of meddling with the time stream and drag you out of yours to see the results of it. Whatever strange sights you have to see, you are out of action for d6 days, and will re-appear where you were in the exact same state as you were, despite the apparent passage of time.
3 - The Universe finally gets sick of all your meddling and sends an Inevitable to hunt you down, forever, through time and space, until you are dead. It will not stop and indeed, cannot be stopped.
Unless it has arrived early, in which case it is very gracious and apologetic.

To avoid the Dooms of the Chronomancer, you must either turn over your personal hourglass in the halls of time, where the lifetimes of all mortal things are counted down, or you can eat the heart of a truly immortal being, which is tough given that immortal things cannot be mortally wounded, even by having their hearts hacked out. Especially after you've eaten it.


  1. This is very nice! I really dig the cantrips.

    The spells are good except the whole thing with time travel being a really tough nut to crack in a game. ;)

    And the Dooms are just great!

    1. Thanks! I do think I hit gold a little on the dooms ^ ^
      And I'm glad you liked the Cantrips, they're definitely the part I felt the most unsure about making this.


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