[GLOG] Knight of Cydonia

Is this a class based on the music video of one of Muse's all-time best songs?


You gain one random Martial Cowboy Hero Technique per Knight of Cydonia Template you have.
Starting Equipment: A Damn Fine Hat, A Whip, Leather Armour, A Sword, A Bottle of Questionable Liquor, A Sense of Deep Ennui.
Background(d3): 1 - Outlaw, 2 - Vigilante, 3 - Ex-Sheriff

A - Early Riser, Piercing Gaze of the Cosmic Meta-Hawk
B - A Righteous Cause, Secrets of the Immortal Emperor of the Desert
C - Mysteries of the Mystic Mariachi Man,
D - Hour of the White Rider

Martial Cowboy Hero Technique (d8)

1 - Snake Style
You have +2 to hit enemies with a lower speed than you.
2 - Tiger Style
You deal +d6 damage when you attack someone while leaping off elevated terrain as part of your attack.
3 - Flying Eagle Style
You have +2 to hit flying enemies.
4 - Flaming Energy Ball
By doing nothing on your turn, you can launch a ball of flaming energy as your action next turn, which deals 2d6 damage.
5 - Twin Headed Snake
You can attack two creatures who are adjacent to each other with one attack roll, but rolling damage separately. You step each damage die down one step when doing this.
6 - Circle of Death
Creatures you grapple take d4 damage at the start of each of their turns.
7 - Shaolin Bear Strike
Your unarmed attacks deal d4+STR damage.
8- Choose One Style of your choice.

Early Riser

You have a chance in 6 of ignoring any effects of surprise equal to the number of Knight of Cydonia templates you have.

Piercing Glare of the Cosmic Meta-Hawk

While you hold someone's gaze, you always know if they are being untruthful, though you do not know anything about the nature of the deception, only its presence.

A Righteous Cause

When you come across a Villain that opposes one of your convictions, you can declare a Righteous Cause against them. Each time you confront them, you automatically charge your conviction at the beginning and the end of the confrontation. You can only have one Righteous Cause for each conviction, which ends when the Villain is defeated.

Secrets of the Immortal Emperor of the Desert

You get +2 to (both) Combat Maneuver rolls. Additionally, whenever you attack and get exactly the number you needed, you may make a Dex check opposed by the target's Str or Dex (whichever is higher). If you win, you successfully execute a free Combat Maneuver.

Mysteries of the Mystic Mariachi Man

Your sense of timing is impeccable. If you are ever "off-screen" and someone you know is put in a dangerous situation, you can burst back "into scene" in a dramatic fashion, along with one new piece of equipment that you have used to enter the scene, such as a horse, a rope, or a motorcycle (whatever one of those is). This ability is limited by plausibility.

Hour of the White Rider

You gain a bonus on to hit and damage rolls against the Villain of your Righteous Cause and their lackeys equal to the number of times they have escaped your justice!

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