[GLOG] Numismancers

Numismancers: the wizards of worth

As everyone knows; magic can, will, and inevitably must be taken to every possible application. Money was one of the first, humans being humans.
Numismancers however, are not just money-wizards, though due to the nature of their magic, it is a big part of their domain, humans being humans. Numismancers are the wizards of a thing's worth; they can tell you your heart's desire, alter the odds in their favour, and enforce good-will in negotiation. 
The life-cycle of a Numismancer's stay in any given town is roughly the same;
First, they are greeted with joy at the prosperity they can bring.
Then, the suspicion sets in as people begin to wonder, just how much this wizard is doing that they don't now about.
Finally, they are run out of town when the townsfolk discover what it is that they didn't know. 

Exactly like this?


- You instinctively know if you are being mislead about the worth of an item you are attempting to buy, but you are not aware of the magnitude, or even the nature, of the deception.
- You can pull out a small handful of loose change from a pocket if you give it to someone. The coins are genuine, and they never quite equal one of the standard currency (e.g. a few copper pieces usually). You can do this once for any given person.
- You can instantly assess the value of a pile of coins.


Creatures perceive your coins as being worth just that little bit more than others. They will almost always stop to pick up coins you drop.


Anyone who discovers you have lied or deceived them, has a -1 modifier to all reaction rolls when dealing with a group with you in it, or a -2 when dealing with you alone.


1 - Asking Coins
R: Touch - T: Coins - D: [sum] Days
You weave a secret blessing over [dice] coins. Anyone you give one of these coins too is impelled to answer one question of yours truthfully, though they do get a save. Creatures who pass the save, and have HD equal to or less than [dice] are aware you magically compelled them; creatures who pass the save and have HD greater than [dice] need not answer at all, and are aware you compelled them too.
2 - Arcane Appraisal
R: 50' - T: Any object - D: [sum] Minutes
You create a glamour over an object such that any who behold it deem its value to be up 2[dice] its worth, either multiplied, or divided, which you decide when you cast the spell.
3 - Assess Desire
R: 6' - T: Person - D: Instantaneous
You read the thoughts of a person whose eyes you can meet, for at least an instant. You learn the most pressing thing that person wants. For each die you invest beyond the first, you can either learn a further desire, or discover a piece of information about a desire you are already aware of.
4 - Bend Luck
R: 0' - T: Self - D: [sum] Minutes
For each die invested in the spell, roll a die of your choice and keep it in front of you. For the duration of the spell, whenever you are called on to a roll a die of the type you have in front of you, instead of rolling, you can use on of the dice generated by the spell.
5 - Sacred Negotiations
R: 50' - T: Contract - D: [sum] Minutes
The spell is cast upon a contract of one kind or another, as long as it has not been signed by anyone. The contract can be in the process of being written. For the duration of the spell, no violence of any kind, lies, or deceptions can be perpetrated by any party who will potentially sign the contract, until it has been signed by all parties; or until the contract is torn apart.
6 - Animate Coins
R: Touch - T: A pile of coins - D: 1 minute per caster level
You animate a pile of coins into an ooze or swarm like creature.It can perform any actions an animate pile of coins could feasibly perform, and its statistics are dependent on its size.
It attacks as a monster with HD equal to the Dice invested in the spell.
It has 1 dice of damage for each place value in the number of coins that make up the pile.
It has Hit Points equal to [sum].
Its physical attributes are equal to [dice] + the number of place value positions in the number of coins that make up the pile.
7 - Speak With Coins
R: 50'  - T: A pile of Coins - D: [sum] Minutes
You enchant the targeted coins such that their coin-conscience can communicate with yours. The more coins there are, the more information they can coherently articulate, and the "memory" of the coins for the purposes of this spell is; 1 week [1 die], 1 month [2 dice], 1 year [3 dice], as long as the coins have existed as coins [4 dice].
The coins can usually answer questions about "coininess", such as how many other coins have been with them or taken from them, what environment they have been stored in, where were they minted, etc.
Taxing questions (i.e. anything not to do with being a coin) can only be asked once per minute; such as what they have been spent on, who has kept them, where they have been stored, etc.
8 - Compulsion
R: 50' - T: [dice] creatures - D: [sum] rounds/no. of targets
The enchanted creature is filled with a compulsion to sort a series of objects for the duration of the spell, which they will immediately move to. Non-alert, unaware creatures are not allowed a save. While sorting the objects, they pay no attention to any of their surroundings, unless it interferes with them, or the objects they are sorting.
If there are no objects to sort in the creature's sight, the spell has no effect.
Targeting particularly intelligent creatures, or having especially easy or few objects to sort, can affect the duration of the spell, down to half its normal duration. 
9 - Vault
R: 50' - T: A "room" you can see - D: concentration
As long as you maintain concentration on this spell, all entrances to the targeted room slam shut and lock, and cannot be physically opened, unless they are destroyed. The definition of "door" and "room" are somewhat loose, but any space that is open to the sky such that objects cannot plug the gap, cannot be targeted.
This spell can be used to create shelters, such as by affecting tables to close over a space completely.
If you maintain concentration on this spell for a whole day, the spell becomes permanent.
10 - Obssession
R: 50' - T: 1 creature - D: permanent
The enchanted creature develops an obsession that you specify, and will turn their greatest (feasible) efforts to the achievement of it. The target will never perform anything life-threatening to achieve their obsession (unless they are certain in their mind that they won't die), and each time they must perform a life-altering action (such as going on a long journey) or large expense, they get to make a new save against the spell.
The aim of the obsession must be known to exist by the target (though they do not need to be overly familiar with it), and can be of the following types depending on the number of dice used to cast the spell;
1 die or more - object or location
2 dice or more - person or occupation
3 dice or more - abstract (happiness, love, mastery, etc.)
4 dice - something that only might exist

Signature Spells:

11 - Midas Touch
R: 0 - T: self - D: [sum] rounds
For the duration of the spell, you enchant your hand such that anything you touch, turns to pure gold. Each round your touch can convert the following volume of stuff into gold;
1 die - 3" diameter
2 dice -  1' diameter
3 dice - 6' diameter
4 dice - 60' diameter
Unwilling creatures can save to resist the effects of the spell, and on a success the transformation only lasts for 1 round. Partially transformed creatures suffer a penalty of either -2 to die rolls from the shock and pain, or are incapacitated, according to GM interpretation. Any other penalties also depend on interpretation (you cannot see through gold eyes, as an example).

12 - Distill Worth
R: Touch - T: An object - D: 1 round
Upon casting this spell, you draw out a properties of the target, and render it through mighty magics into a single coin. You can take whatever proportion of the object's property you wish. Once this is done, the target loses whatever you took from it permanently, unless they eat the coin created.
The created coin is recognised by all who see it as carrying the worth of the instilled property instinctively, and any who eat it, or have it ground into them, take on the property.
Alternatively, the coin can be snapped, and rendered worthless.
Unwilling targets can save against the effect, creating a worthless coin on a success and not losing the affected property.
Distilled Properties
1 die - Superficial Physical
2 dice - Superficial Abstract
3 dice - Existential Physical
4 dice - Existential Abstract
Superficial Physical; Colour, Reflectiveness, Tattoos, Shadow
Superficial Abstract; Reputation, Happiness, Dreams, Knowledge
Existential Physical; Weight, Body Parts, Physicality, Bones
Existential Abstract; Time left to live, Titles, Family Ties, Souls


1 - Magic Die only return to your pool on a roll of 1 or 2 for 24 hours
2. Take 1d6 damage
3. Random mutation for 1d6 rounds, then make a save. It is permanent if you fail.
4 - You are compelled to donate 1d100sp to the next person-in-need you meet.
5 - d100 of your coins animate and attempt to escape you for 1 minute.
6 - You hands turn to solid gold for 1 minute. It is painful, but otherwise harmless.


1 - People begin to instinctively distrust you; and most NPCs will have at least a 1 in 6 chance to outright disbelieve anything important you say. All NPCs will double their prices when dealing with you.
2 - The Gods and Spirits of the World begin to instinctively distrust you. Most will simply refuse to deal with you at all, and the ones that will won't do it publicly.
3 - Finally, the Universe itself starts to think you're pulling a fast one on it. A Transcendental Arbiter descends from on high and demands you make an accounting of yourself, and to provide irrefutable proof that everything you have ever done, has been honest; existentially speaking. This is of course, almost impossible to prove.
The price of failure, is transmutation into a coin with your likeness, that you will forever inhabit.

The Numismancer can avoid their doom by betting their life in the game of the Marvellous; a card game played by angels, demons, and all comers for any and every kind of wager. Alternatively the Numismancer could infiltrate the archives of the Divine Bureaucracy and destroy their records, which would have absolutely no adverse side-effects I'm sure.


  1. Is there any way to avoid the final doom? Or is it merely to make the irrefutable proof?

    1. Ah! I knew there was something I was missing. I'll put it in in just a moment


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